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Best Neon Sign Quotes To Bring You Solace During Quarantine Season

The battle is not over yet—unfortunately, we live in a world that still experiences the effects of the pandemic. While the vaccines are already out, we still need to follow strict safety protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. As a result, many of us choose or are instructed to isolate. You try to get through each day, making the best of living within the limited space you're in, and we understand how it can sometimes feel like a lonely journey. 

You miss the bliss that nature and company bring. Hence, it gets sad when you can't freely go out without having to worry about social distancing and airborne infections. So if you have to stay in one space for a long while, we want to send you a little gift of encouragement: neon sign quotes.

5 Neon Light Quotes to Bring Positivity Into Your Space

LED neon signs are one of the hottest interior design trends today. The easy-to-install, safe, and aesthetically pleasing decorations enhance the atmosphere of any indoor space. It beats other types of home decor with its 24/7 functionality―it gets even better and useful at night! Moreover, it offers an extensive range of neon light sayings, from your favorite icons and symbols to motivational quotes! 

Here are the five best neon sign sayings to bring you consolation and positive vibes while enduring the quarantine season! Additionally, you can use them as inspiration when planning to purchase custom LED light signs!

"Stay at Home, Save the World!"

Not all heroes wear cool capes or have extraordinary powers―you can be an incredible hero just by trying your best to stay at home! This way, you're making the job easier for our front-line warriors: as much as possible, we don't want hospitals to reach their limit. Additionally, you're reducing the risk of becoming a spreader, so pat yourself on the back for helping the world in your own little way!


Are you the type of person who likes shorter words with great impact? Neon sign quotes can also be as brief as a "#blessed" sign lighting up your wall art! With just one word, you're reminded of the good things that surround you. You can't control many things in this world, but remember to appreciate the blessings you have right now―the little to large things in life that make you smile, never take them for granted. 

"Be a Warrior, Not a Worrier!"

If you need a stronger neon text to help you get by, here's a good quote for the life warrior! It's okay to worry about life's uncertainty; we can't help but feel like that from time to time. However, too much worrying doesn't do you any good, especially when fretting over unnecessary things. 

Instead, focus on the things you can control and give your best; you can even encourage other people with your optimistic spirit! We also understand that this happens to the best of us, so let this neon sign serve as a reminder.

"If You Get Tired, Learn How To Rest But Not To Quit"

Sometimes, all you need is emotional validation, and then you can move forward. It's not always about looking at the bright side of things; first, acknowledge that you're human, just like everyone else. There are times when you may feel tired, and that is absolutely valid. Therefore, allow yourself to take a well-deserved rest. Note that it's not similar to quitting―real-life warriors don't give up easily! 

"Same Shit, Different Day"

How about a refreshing, sugarless custom neon sign quote for you and your friends? This realistic neon quote boldly acknowledges the terrible days we're all trying so hard to live through. After a long day at work or in school, invite one or a few of your preferred companions, get a drink, and share your stories with this quote neon sign reflecting on the wall. Sometimes, a consoling conversation is all you need to gain motivation for the days to come.


Words can be a great source of motivation to give life a more positive try. Life has always been a mixture of ups and downs; after all those years of facing various obstacles, you're still here, alive and kicking! The quarantine period might be unbearable, but keep going and do your best to stay safe, healthy, and happy. We hope LED neon lights can bring a beautiful ray of light in your darkest days!

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