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7 Neon Business Signs Your Restaurant Needs Right Now

Give your business the jolt it deserves with neon light signs!

Neon light signs are bright, colorful artwork that can turn any shop into a vibrant, eye-catching destination. Whether you hang them on the walls or place them on your window display, neon light signs are a creative way to brighten up your space.

From encouraging words and shapes to detailed graphics and abstract images, there are endless possibilities for these glowing works of art. 

In this blog, we’re spotlighting the 7 powerful benefits of neon signs and what unique neon business signs can give your restaurant the boost it needs!

How Can My Business Benefit From Neon Light Signs?

Neon light signs have been a popular choice for businesses for decades, and with good reason. Check out all the ways your restaurant can benefit from neon light signs:

1. Eye-catching

Neon business signs are uniquely eye-catching, which helps to attract attention to your business. Traditional signs, such as those made from wood or metal, can be easy to overlook. 

On the other hand, using outdoor neon signs for business is a bright and colorful way to make your store visible from afar. This can draw the attention of your potential customers to your restaurant, ultimately bringing in more sales.

2. Durable

Neon signs are also more durable than any other type of sign. This is because they are made from glass tubes filled with gas, making them resistant to weathering and damage. Additionally, neon signs can last for years with proper maintenance.

3. Energy-Efficient

LED neon business signs are more energy-efficient than any other type of sign. They use less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs, making them more cost-effective. Also, neon signs do not produce as much heat as traditional bulbs, making them safer.

4. Customizable

Traditional signs are limited in design, making it challenging to create a sign that truly represents your brand. Another advantage of neon business signs is that they are highly customizable. You can choose various colors and shapes to design a unique look for your neon sign. 

Different food neon business signs.

7 Attractive Neon Business Signs for Your Restaurant

Ready to make your restaurant stand out from the competition? These bold and colorful signs are perfect for building a solid brand image and adding flair to your establishment while attracting attention from potential customers.

#1 Barbeque Neon Sign

The Barbeque Neon Sign is well-designed and the perfect way to draw attention to your business. This unique sign is customizable to create a visual statement appealing to guests. The shape is appealing and has an eye-catching color combo that will grab people's attention.

Letting customers know they're in for an exciting and tasty experience starts with a well-designed neon sign. With these signs, you can make your restaurant stick out from hundreds and thousands of competition without breaking the bank. 

#2 Bistro Neon Sign

Get the lights shining and the walls glowing by adding a simple "Bistro" Neon Sign for your restaurant! This trendy minimalist piece of wall art will set the mood, making any dining experience that much better.

Whether you're looking for a subtle touch that lights up the night or something with an extra sparkle, this neon light sign is perfect. Install this neon sign by the restaurant door or on your wall, and your customers will line up and enjoy a meal with a glowing ambiance.

#3 Cheeseburger Neon Sign

This neon sign of a cheeseburger is thick, juicy, and satisfying. The green and yellow neon light will surely catch the eye of anyone craving cheesy goodness. Brighten up your restaurant and add that splash of fun and creativity with a beautiful Cheeseburger Neon Sign!

Position this neon sign on the wall near your restaurant's entrance or set it up at the front window–either way, it's sure to make an impactful impression on passersby. 

#4 Hungry Neon Sign

Illuminate your restaurant's message with a classic, eye-catching "HUNGRY" Neon Sign. These iconic lights burn bright, beckoning hungry diners in for a meal. With coordinating fonts, vibrant colors, and personalized designs, it's sure to make an unforgettable impression.

By putting up this neon sign, you'll be able to attract customers who are already craving something delicious and those looking for something new to try.

#5 I am Only Here for the Food Neon Sign

The trendy “I'm Only Here for the Food" LED neon sign is a stylish decor piece that creates a contemporary atmosphere, making it an excellent tool for attracting younger patrons. With so many food establishments around, eye-catching neon signs related to food will undoubtedly grab the attention of those seeking a culinary adventure.

Whether you hang this light indoors or outdoors, it'll bring charm and energy to your restaurant. Showcase your brand personality with these lights and watch your customer base grow!

#6 Spoon and Fork Neon Sign

If you want to attract customers' attention and create an inviting atmosphere in your restaurant, consider incorporating a Spoon and Fork Neon Sign into your decor. The neon sign of a Spoon and Fork will serve as a clear indicator for diners that they have arrived at the right place and time to savor a delicious meal.

This sign is perfect for restaurants and dining areas as it conveys the message effectively, leaving no room for confusion. A subtle way to tell your customers that "It's time for food" without actually telling it!

#7 Custom Neon Sign

Showcase your creativity and stand out from the food market by submitting a personalized design! Unleash your inner artist–show them what you got!

Neonize is your one-stop shop for creating custom neon signs for promoting businesses. Our experts design unique, eye-catching wall, door, and window signs that will bring people flocking right through your doors. From the most straightforward business logo to relatable signage - we've got you covered with our glowing creations of awesomeness!

You don't have to stick with the status quo. Let us take you beyond what's expected and help your business reach its full potential with our customizer tool!

Light Your Way to the Top With Neon Signs for Business

Make an impact at your place of business with the stunning glow of neon signs! Perfect for drawing people in and adding some sparkle to your atmosphere, these enchanting illuminations create a distinctive mood with customers feeling at home. 

Our collections feature many options to fit any decor or theme. Can't nail down that special something? No need to worry–we can help craft custom signage tailored just for you, so you don't have to settle when it comes time for business signs. Step into the light and find your perfect, high-quality neon sign with Neonize!

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