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Feel the Beauty of Nature at Home Through a Butterfly Neon Sign

Taking a stroll along the park leaves us daydreaming, falling into a trance of what-ifs, dreams, and aspirations. Sometimes, it only takes a calming morning walkabout, a relaxing late afternoon walk, or a rejuvenating evening stroll, coupled with nature's smell and close proximity, to feel a sense of belonging. You can have a close-to-nature vibe in the comfort of your own bedroom with a beautiful butterfly neon sign or wall decoration.

Butterflies bring color to the already breathtaking beauty of nature. The beautiful shades of their wings captivate you almost instantly. Just as butterflies add color to your daily walks, dreams can enthrall you and fill your life with purpose and meaning. Once you grasp what you aspire to be, you start to feel driven—your passion igniting to take flight.

But why should you choose butterfly neon signs? Learn more about these beautiful agents of color and perfection.

What You Should Know About Butterflies

Walking outdoors in nature, you can never take your eyes off butterflies flitting above the grass and meadows. Seeing a butterfly fluttering over sweet-smelling flowers can already brighten up your day. Even in the toughest times, just basking outdoors in the presence of butterflies can lift your spirits.

Here are things you should know about these eye-catching instruments for nature’s beauty.

Butterflies have transparent wings.

You might think you are hallucinating as you see the green grass through a butterfly’s wings—these are thousands of miniature scales and chitin, the same protein that forms the butterfly’s exoskeletal system. This transparent feature also serves as their guard against nearby predators, allowing them to camouflage with their environment. In addition, the structure of their wings is strong enough to withstand mild to average winds and temperatures.

Butterflies live for only a few weeks.

As beautiful as these species fly across the yard, their average lifespan is only around four weeks, with two to eight months for their entire life cycle. However, some butterfly species live for only 24 hours, while others can survive up to eight months, such as migratory butterflies.

Butterfly wings protect them against predators.

As their lifespan is averagely short, butterflies strive to survive for as long as they can to mate and continue the existence of their species. When butterflies are at their peak, they are only some of the most fragile insects known. Thus, they use their wings to blend in with their surrounding environment or wear another spectrum of bright colors to drive predators away. It is said that butterfly wings are their best protection. Contrary to common knowledge, butterflies have four separate wings—not just two. The wings closest to their head are called forewings, and the ones near the tail are called hindwings. 

With predators present at all times, you can only imagine how many times these insects have to defend themselves just to live longer.

Butterflies use a different method to taste.

Unlike most insects and animals, butterflies use their feet to taste their food. Butterflies land to mate and find food—no matter how brief they stay in one place. Their taste receptors help them locate plants that provide the right nutrients for their survival.

Fun fact, butterflies have a liquid form of diet. The reason for that is because they don’t have the right apparatus for chewing. Thus, they use their proboscis as some straw to drink nectar or other variations of liquid substances for their daily sustenance. So, the next time you see a butterfly land on you, they might probably be hungry.

Butterflies have almost 20,000 species.

Despite seeing almost the same-looking butterflies around you, there are actually up to 20,000 species in the world today. So it is quite interesting to know that there is still more to them than just a couple hundred butterflies you have seen flitting by.

Now you know these few facts about butterflies, you have something to share with your family or friends and show how much butterflies fascinate you. You can also add neon butterfly signs in your living room wall to give that refreshing nature vibe—even while staying indoors.

Why You Should Grab Your Own Neon Butterfly Sign

Adding a wall decor in your room can help you get your mind off some things and simply focus on what’s up ahead. Thus, getting a butterfly neon sign can boost your mood and creative mind, along with the option to choose a different color and brightness level to fit your emotions.

Here are reasons why you should grab a butterfly neon light for your space at home.

It ignites your passion.

When you set your eyes on the beautiful wings of the butterfly, it makes you think deeper. Questions such as “What do I want?”, “How do I get there?”, “Why do I want it?” would enter your mind. While you are in that trance, you get to reassess yourself and determine what really matters most for you. Once you grasp that, it ignites the calling within you to go and chase your goals and dreams.

It awakens your creative mind.

Seeing the different color hues, choosing a LED neon light with flashing patterns helps give your creative side a push. When this happens, you can see things from a different point of view, allowing more room for you to figure things out. Furthermore, your creativity is one way to think of different strategies and approaches to achieving your dreams and aspirations. On top of that, having a butterfly neon sign will inspire you to spread your wings, grab your destiny, and pave the path of your dreams.

It adds color to melancholic times.

When things seem to be going downhill, you might feel blue and empty. And that’s alright. Embracing your sadness does not mean you don’t have what it takes to reach your goals—you’ve just gotten tired and acknowledged that you are human and that you need some rest. So while you have your alone time, you can indulge your eyes on the lovely vibrant wall decor, reconnect with yourself, and make amends—compromise and decide to gear up and try again.

Let your colors and personalities shine through the monochrome negativity of your thoughts.

It helps you unwind and reconnect with your inner being.

There are times when you feel like the world is caving in on you, leaving you to feel bombarded with pressure and stress. During times like these, you can take that opportunity to disconnect, unwind, and reconnect with your inner being. Basking at the sight of custom LED light signs that serve as a motivational boost can make a lot of difference. Once you find your center, you will gain clarity and balance within yourself, allowing you to find your purpose and set better goals for yourself.

Butterflies symbolize hope, rebirth, and bravery. Thus, adding a butterfly neon sign in your workspace, bedroom, or any wall at your home can give you a boost every time you lay your eyes on it.

It inspires you to seize the moment.

Just as butterflies have only a short amount of time to live and fly freely, you can find inspiration in making the most of life. By chasing your dreams, you will find yourself living happily despite the challenges you encounter just to grab your destiny. Looking at this meaningful symbol constantly reminds you that there is still hope for absolutely everything and that the endless world of possibilities still lies up ahead. This will motivate you to keep striving and standing your ground to achieve your dreams.

Seize the day and give it what you got to reach your goals—as if today is your last.

It keeps you connected with nature.

Along with your potted plants or mini-garden, you can still feel close to nature with a butterfly neon sign. Adding a custom neon sign of your choice can make you feel like nature is within your reach even while you stay at home. Resting your eyes upon the beautiful butterfly design on your wall will ease your worries and drive your negative thoughts away, knowing you are just a few steps away from nature.

It helps express your emotions.

Knowing what you live for and how determined you are to reach your goals is a great foundation to start your journey, paving the way to get there. If you want to express or convey a message about something, you can add wall decor in your room to display how passionate you are.

Expressing your dreams through a butterfly neon sign can help you sort things out on your end, clearing the fog of doubts and insecurities.

Having a butterfly neon light brings a beautiful ambiance to your space. With Neonize It’s easy installation for LED neon light signs, you can add more color and light by having a neon light as a beautiful bedroom wall decor. Each neon light comes with top-quality LED light, mounting hardware, remote control, battery, transparent wires, and power cord for a long-lasting decor set for your room.

Final Thoughts About Butterfly Neon Signs

Getting your butterfly neon sign can help boost your confidence, curiosity, and drive to achieve your aspirations. Always remember to give yourself some rest whenever you need it, reconnect with nature to replenish the optimism in your soul.

Do you have a custom neon light design in mind? We’d love to process those for you!

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