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Music Neon Sign & 5 Other Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Music-Loving Partner

The day of love is near. The clock is endlessly ticking, and you still don’t know what to give your partner this February 14th. Sure, you can always give them a bouquet of red roses, a box of chocolates, or a bottle of the finest champagne. But those gifts are a little overrated and overdone.

A Valentine’s gift must be special and memorable, something that can intensify the fire in your beloved’s soul and make their heart pound just as loud as it did when you first met. 

Whether your partner is an aspiring musician, a hardcore fan, or a simple music enthusiast, we are here to show you how a music neon sign and five other gifts can charm their socks off this Valentine’s. But first, let’s briefly discuss the psychology behind gift-giving. 

The Practice of Meaningful Gift-Giving

Perhaps you aren’t convinced and are still adamant about giving regular Valentine's gifts like flowers and chocolates. But such presents become bland and feel effortless as the years go by. 

Gift-giving allows you to create and reinforce a relationship with someone. Giving presents can help you express genuine feelings about someone when words fail you. Gifts allow you to communicate how much you love and value someone’s existence. 

Society heavily associates gifts with wealth and prestige, but just because the present is more expensive doesn’t always make it better.

How your gift is received has less to do with the gift’s price, design, and presentation. Instead, it depends more on how much thought you put into it and the closeness between you

We naturally create and attach symbolic meanings to gifts. So it’s helpful to imagine how your partner would feel when they unwrap your gift. Avoid going for generic gifts that would feel inauthentic to the person you’re giving them to.

During the month of love, keep these tips in mind before shopping for your beloved’s Valentine’s gifts:

  • Observe, listen, and pay attention to the things they prefer.
  • Choose a gift that can convey your feelings and thoughts.
  • Plan within your budget. 
  • If you can, try making DIY presents.
  • Rather than a tangible gift, give them a memorable experience.
close-up shot of two people wearing white and red sweaters holding a small red gift box, exchanging gifts

6 Musical Gifts You Can Give Your Special Someone

If you followed tip number 1 and noticed how much your significant other adores music, giving them a music-related gift seems logical. If they’re a hardcore stan of an artist or band, perhaps you can buy merchandise, like a Taylor Swift sweater or a Paramore t-shirt.

But if you’re looking for something more thoughtful, we’ve got six gift ideas. 

Right in the Recording Studio: High-Quality Headphones

Let your partner enjoy and fully immerse themselves in their favorite songs with high-quality headphones, whether the noise-canceling type or just the classic headset.

Depending on your lover’s preference, there are plenty of options: in-ear, on-ear, over-ear, open-back, closed-back, earbuds, Bluetooth, and noise-canceling. 

Remember these features as you shop for your partner’s gift:

  • Overall design
  • Level of comfort while wearing 
  • Sensitivity or how loud the speakers can be
  • Frequency response or how well the headphones produce bass and treble notes
  • Connectivity (Wired or Bluetooth headphones)
  • Battery life for wireless headphones.

Back in Time: Vinyl Records

Nothing screams romantic like old-school and vintage trinkets, wouldn’t you agree? Rather than regular plain albums, perhaps your partner would appreciate vinyl records more.

Despite looking old-fashioned and outdated, vinyl records actually offer a better and more unique listening experience than any medium. Vinyls reportedly have a warm, dynamic, and distinct sound that CDs or digital streaming platforms cannot emulate. 

You can always gift your partner their favorite albums on vinyl. But suppose they are open to listening to various genres. In that case, they may appreciate tracks from the following artists:

  • The Beatles
  • Michael Jackson
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Elton John
  • James Brown
  • Kate Bush
  • Queen,
  • Adele.

Love Scan: Soundwave Art

After the vinyl record and all things retro talk, we better head back to the future and discuss more modern gift ideas. If vinyl records are too out-of-date for you and your partner, soundwave art could be right up your alley. 

Whether on a scannable framed print, engraved on a necklace, or printed on a shirt, soundwave art is a clever, memorable, and romantic way to let your partner know your appreciation. 

Which song should you choose? You can create a soundwave art of your partner’s favorite song or, if you have one, perhaps your (you and your partner’s) song. If you’re worried about how much it costs, available tools and tutorials online can help you create a soundwave art gift. 

Live in the Moment: Concert Tickets

Rather than gifting them something tangible, why don’t you give them a memory that will last a lifetime? Nothing is more fulfilling than giving your lover an experience you can both enjoy. 

Going to an amusement park, visiting various art museums, skydiving: the list goes on. Since your partner is a certified music lover, the perfect gift would be a concert experience. You can buy tickets for their favorite artist’s concert

Perhaps your partner is fond of musicals and broadway shows. In that case, you better secure those tickets. If those aren’t their cup of tea, you can both appreciate classical music by attending opera and philharmonic shows.

Sing Your Piece: A Self-Written Song

We mentioned how crucial gifts are for self-expression. What better way to express your true feelings and show your profound devotion to your partner than a self-written song

Even if you’re inexperienced in writing and composing songs, you might just make your beloved swoon if you pour your whole heart into it. Perhaps you can set your song to a simple tune, like the Em-C-G-D guitar chord progression, to get it started.

Light Up Their World: Neon Signs

Your love might be able to light up your partner’s entire world, but it won’t be enough to light up their room. If your valentine is musically inclined and needs a durable light source, a music neon light and other LED neon signs might just be their cup of tea.

You can go for the generic route and give a music note neon sign to illuminate their space. But if you want something more personal, you can create or choose a specific design and customize their neon sign.

To spark some inspiration in you, you can design their neon sign to

  • The lyrics of their favorite song,
  • The lyrics of your song as a couple,
  • The symbol or logo of their favorite band,
  • The name or initials of their favorite artist,
  • The soundwave art of their favorite song.
shot of a yellow guitar neon sign with several musical note neon signs surrounding it against a dark background

Celebrate Love With an LED Neon Sign From Neonize

Gifts are a wonderful way to express your love, devotion, and passion to your partner, whether they’re for Valentine’s day celebrations or not. Keeping a close eye on your beloved’s preferences is key to finding the perfect Valentine’s gift. 

Let your partner hear the song that your heart sings with Neonize.

Neonize has a collection of neon signs and lights with diverse designs, from fandom-related symbols and memorable quotes to business signage. Made with LED neon flex, PVC, and acrylic materials, our neon lights and signs are guaranteed to be durable and high-quality.

You can also send your custom design and have your neon signs personalized.

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