Moon Matters: The Curious Meanings and Symbolisms of a Moon Neon Sign

Aside from being the brightest light in the dark, the moon has always been a popular design object. Featured in pretty jewelry, accessories, clothing, and even tattoos, the moon carries with it various meanings associated with religion, art, and literature. The moon's symbolism varies in different cultures, with some of the earliest lore dating back a millennium. 

The moon's meaning sometimes closely resonates with an individual's feelings or personality, which is why many bear this symbol as a representation of themselves. You, too, may find wisdom in the different phases of the moon. Let's dive deep into the most popular representations surrounding the moon. 

The moon represents the natural cycle of life.   

If you frequently stare at the night sky, you'll notice the moon is never the same every night. Sometimes it is half, other times whole; sometimes it's barely a silver line in the night sky. The changes of the moon represent the ever-changing human life, the many phases we find ourselves in throughout our lifetime. 

It also represents the natural cycle; each day has a beginning and an end. For example, we start the day early in the morning, go to work in the day and afternoon, and rest at night. Additionally, many people believe that the moon's phases represent a person's highest point and lowest point in life. Sometimes people shine, like the brightest phase of the moon, and other times, they’re not as lucky.

The moon represents femininity. 

The sun and the moon represent the complete gender opposite, where the sun is hot and bright, representing the male. The moon has a gentle and kind glow that represents the female. Although even in literature, many famous writers reference the moon as a female, many use the moon's silver glow to compare to a woman's alabaster skin. The full moon phase represents the shape of a woman’s body during pregnancy.

In religion, particularly Christianity, the moon is also closely linked to a woman. In the Bible, the Book of Revelations states, "a woman is clothed in the sun and the moon under her feet." This passage is often symbolized as the Virgin Mary standing on a half-moon. 

It’s a great idea for teenage girls to have a moon neon light sign decoration on their rooms to represent their feminine side. That pale glow the LED neon sign will shine on your room will surely set the mood. 

The moon represents Greek goddesses.

Greek culture and mythologies greatly influence another popular symbolism of the moon. The moon is represented by three different personas. The first is the goddess Luna which the Greeks know as the goddess of heaven and full moon. Another is the Olympian Artemis,  known as the twin of Apollo, the sun god. Artemis also represents fertility and the hunt. Lastly, there’s Hecate, who represents the dark side. Many Greeks believe the Hecate is the goddess of the dark moon and underworld, closely related to witchcraft. Whatever perspective you look at it from, the moon is often symbolized by strong woman warriors. Maybe a moon neon light will remind you that you are strong like one of these moon counterparts. 

The moon represents wild and uncontrollable human behavior. 

In literature, the moon represents a wild side of human behavior. For example, in the many literary pieces during the full moon, man transforms into werewolves, a vicious beast representing a whole different personality of the person. 

Other poets also relate the moon to lunacy. They believe the moon is something divine and mysterious. Every time the moon shines its brightest, it makes people dizzy and acts strangely. 

The different phases of the moon

We often see people bearing different phases of the moon in their accessories, but what do the moon phases really mean? Let's look into it more closely and see which one closely reflects your personality right now. 

  • Full moon. The full moon symbolizes completeness—that you are whole and you are at your peak, doing your best and enjoying your achievements. The full moon represents all the things you have achieved, little or small; there's always a reason to look back and celebrate it. 
  • New moon. During this phase, the moon is at its darkest. The new moon is often interpreted as the start of something new. According to beliefs, people should plan accordingly and get ready for a new beginning in their life. 
  • Waning moon. During this phase, the moon is the faintest sliver of light. Many people believe that the crescent moon is a time to slow down. Instead, it's a time to reflect on your actions and start cleaning yourself and your environment from negativity. 

Other moon designs and their meaning 

There are many meanings behind moons, especially when you couple them with other icons. Also, you can have a custom neon moon sign mounted in your room to represent what speaks to your personality the most. We'll give you some ideas of custom neon sign lights to brighten up and decorate your living spaces. 

  • Sun and moon intertwined. This design is very common but holds a lot of meaning. You often see the sun and moon bonded together. This is perfect if you have a "sunny side" that's playful and outgoing and a "dark side" that’s more passive and mysterious. Also a great home decor for couples, it can mean a harmonious life despite the differences.
  • Triple moon design. The triple moon design originated from Pagan traditions and is usually worn by a priestess. The three moons represent a goddess known as the Mother, Maiden, and Crone. The mother represents maturity and the caring and protecting side of an individual. The maiden represents youthfulness and new beginnings, and the crone represents the completion of one's life and wisdom forged through the test of time. All together, these three represent life and death, the cycle of life. 
  • Sun and moon yin yang design. This design originated from Chinese culture. The yin yang represents the existence of good and evil, and together they bring balance to the world.  
  • Phases of the moon design. Another popular design for the moon is having all the phases shown. This is a great symbolism of the people going through changes in life. Sometimes we are at our brightest, and sometimes we are at our lowest, but no matter the phase we are in, it’s great to remind ourselves every now and then that we are always whole. 

Get Your Moon Neon Sign at Neonize! 

Now that you know the many moon representations, you can get your own LED light to decorate your space. At Neonize, we offer the best neon LED light you find in the market. We have gorgeous pre-made designs or customize your neon light that speaks to your personality. 

Why get your LED neon light with us?

  • Our designs are available in different vibrant colors. You can choose one that perfectly matches your space, so every time you use it, it gives a warm and lively glow to your surroundings. 
  • You can put it up yourself. Each neon light packaging also contains free screw kits for convenient installation. It's also easy to use. Just plug it in, and it is ready to use. You can also adjust the light's brightness with the dimmer remote that comes with the LED lights. 
  • You guarantee that your neon lights are securely packed, so you can guarantee that you will receive them in perfect condition. 

What's stopping you from getting your first neon light sign? We hope these moon symbolisms help you develop a design you like. For your neon sign needs, contact us now!  

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