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Keep Calm and Make Your Space Warm With Tunes, Plants, and Cool Neon Signs

Some days just don't go well. You fetch for a badly needed cup of coffee, only to find an empty pack. You're excited to dress up for a long-awaited reunion, only to be canceled. You get a terrible score from an exam, or you end up getting stuck with someone you can't get along with. 

Surely, you have your share of bad days, and it will always be like that for everyone else. Yes, it's frustrating because these days are inevitable. In tough times like the pandemic, bad days are even more rampant. 

But wait a minute! It sounds cliche, but you can still find light in your darkest days. The best thing about it is that there's no need to do or spend so much to relax. Instead, you can find comfort in the smallest things around you for free. 

If you find it hard to keep a cool space (and head), we have exciting suggestions to keep your little world peaceful. We have everything you need in this quick guide— from soft, calming tunes to cool neon signs! 

4 Ways to Build a Relaxing Space at Home

The space you return to for rest or recovery must stay true to its purpose. Unfortunately, when work and school have been pushed to the remote setting, some find that combining two worlds (home and work/school) can be stressful. 

Frustrating as it may seem, it's not the end of the world for you. You can still bring your peaceful space back. Check out these four ways to keep a calm space at home

Add a Touch of Green

Many people are turning to green life these days to cope up with the pandemic blues. Bringing in some houseplants improves the air quality at home and relieves your stress. Additionally, they make wonderful and natural home decor. 

Plants give a natural and lovely look to your home. Sometimes, just the sight of little leaves and petals slightly swaying can make you smile. Don't forget to give them enough water and sunlight!

Light Up the Room With Cool Neon Sign Designs

A timeless interior design trend is becoming more and more popular in the modern-day setting— neon signs! With their cool and ergonomic construction, neon lights have become a favorite. You'll find so many cool neon signs ideas for your room in the form of symbols and fancy text. 

Look for a LED neon sign with the word "Cool" in it or a similar word/quote that reminds you to relax. Another idea would be a symbol of your favorite TV show character, food, or lyrics of a song. Neon signs are extremely versatile, so you'll find a design that fits your taste. 

Listen to Music With Soothing Tunes

Like other forms of art, music has a huge influence on mental health. It emotionally affects the brain by causing it to produce certain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. It gives you the energy you need, but it also works for relaxation purposes. Slower tunes slow down your pulse and heart rate and blood pressure. 

Moreover, soothing music isn't limited to melodies only. You can also play the comforting sounds of rain, calm ocean waves, faint background chatter, or any other sound you find pleasant and calming to listen to. Nowadays, people even make playlists of these sounds and share them in public.

Declutter and Rearrange for a Change

Small changes in your space here and there won't hurt. Cleaning, rearranging, or replacing furniture can be therapeutic for your mental health. For example, decluttering to avoid overcrowding items decreases your stress levels. 

You can also change the placements of objects or furniture and find it a refreshing change. Some people would even reorganize their things based on sentimental value. There's no right or wrong here; it all depends on what you find comfortable and gives you good vibes.

Keep Calm and Stay Bright Until Night With Neonize

A calm mind won't solve your problems directly, but it helps you deal with life's challenges wiser and better. To nurture a calm mind, build an environment that promotes tranquillity. We hope that the tips we've outlined above can help you develop the relaxing space you need.

Keep the calming effects running 24/7 by hanging up cool neon signs for your bedroom, living room, kitchen wall, or other spaces at home! Our LED neon lights are ergonomically designed, safe, and easy to install so that you can use them immediately. We offer different colours and designs, so take your time exploring and finding one that captures your heart the most.
If the existing signs are not enough, we offer customized LED neon lights to ensure you'll get the neon light sign you want. Simply upload an image or customize a text on our platform, and we'll neonize the design for you. Upgrade your healing space today!

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