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Make Your Izakaya Authentic with a Japanese Neon Sign

Izakayas are a popular type of bar in Japanese culture. They serve a variety of small dishes and snacks that go well with alcohol, and they're known for their friendly atmosphere. They are also popular for their Japanese neon sign aesthetic. It's common to find big groups of people eating and drinking together while chatting away over their meal.

A good izakaya sign can help set the tone for your business by showing off your style and personality—something you want to do right when potential customers walk through the door! Of course, there are many different styles available, but there are some things everyone should keep in mind before choosing one.

  • Is it going to be mounted on the wall or hovered overhead?
  • What colour scheme works best with my decor?
  • Do I want something modern or traditional? 
  • Do I have to go with the nightlife trend and mimic nightlife artwork?

These are all essential queries that need answers before making an important purchase.

About Izakaya

The word izakaya refers to a type of Japanese drinking establishment. Izakayas are known for their casual atmosphere, small size, and focus on food instead of alcohol. The word itself is said to be derived from the phrase "to stay (izanai) and drink (sake)" about the practice of eating after drinking sake.

Unlike traditional bars that serve only alcohol and sometimes snacks, an izakaya usually offers a variety of appetizers or tapas-style dishes alongside their drink menu. 

If you’re lucky, some establishments even offer karaoke services! In addition, Izakayas usually features counter seating rather than tables and chairs, ideal for quick conversation over small plates with friends or coworkers after work or during happy hour at lunchtime.

It's easy to see why izakayas have become so popular: they provide an intimate setting where people can gather together over food and drink without feeling rushed or pressured into ordering anything more than what they want at that moment in time, whether it be a glass of wine by itself or one paired with delicious chicken wings!

A Brief History of Japanese Neon Signs

Japan's post-World War II economic growth has been closely correlated with LED neon signs. An occasion, the Tokyo Olympics, came to be seen as a representation of Japan's highly developed economy.

After they were hosted in 1964, the appetite for outdoor advertising skyrocketed. Since then, images of neon-lit urban vistas have also been included whenever economic expansion is depicted visually. The Japanese neon light has evolved into a representation of prosperity and harmony.

Designing with a Neon Japanese Sign

Neon signs have been around since the 1920s worldwide, but they've grown increasingly popular as a way to add character to your store. The traditional designs are still visible today, but there has also been a surge in interest in more modern takes on the style.

To capitalize on this growing trend, many design companies now offer customizable options that let you personalize your neon sign with anything from your favourite movie quote to an image of your dog (or cat). 

These types of signs are perfect for businesses that want something unique while still maintaining their authenticity and staying true to their roots.

How Do I Pick a Good Design for My Sign?

When designing your neon sign, the first thing to do is select a design that echoes your label. You want something that will stand out and make an impression but also be easy for customers to read and identify with you. 

If you run a bar with anime features to welcome your otaku customers, a Sailor Moon or Naruto-themed light is a good neon style. On another note, if you operate a gay bar, a neon version of a pride flag is optimal. Or suppose you host wedding functions in your space; a light source of love is an option to consider.

Neon signs can be very meaningful in Japanese culture in terms of their use of colour and shape, so be sure you understand the meaning behind them. Also, if you have any specific requests or requirements, like having English on the sign or even Japanese characters (for example), make sure they're accounted for when designing it!

It would be best if you also considered how big of an impact this neon sign will have on your establishment. If it will look prominently displayed over the entrance wall or tucked away somewhere off-center, consider getting something really large! 

The size of your space will dictate whether or not having more than one letter would work best. If there's only room for several characters per side, pick something brief but witty, so everyone who sees it immediately gets its meaning; otherwise, go wild!

Where Can I Get a Custom Neon Sign? 

We are committed to creating a custom sign that reflects your business. We have a team of graphic designers and craftsmen ready to help you find the perfect design for your restaurant or izakaya and a custom Japanese neon light sign that will complement your design. 

At Neonize, we can create your neon sign in as fast as five minutes! All you have to do is upload your preferred neon style and wait for it to render. Then, in a couple of days, we'll have your high-quality custom neon sign delivered to your doorstep. 

Get Your Japanese Neon Sign at Neonize

We're here to help you find the best sign for your izakaya, whether it's a bright and colourful one that will attract customers from all over town or a traditional piece of Japanese art that will give your restaurant an authentic feel. No matter which type fits your needs best, we can create something special for you at a price that won't break the bank! No matter if your bar is inspired by the nightlife of Hong Kong, New York or Morroco, we'll have the best custom LED neon sign for your establishment. Subscribe to Neonize for more LED neon light ideas, discount codes, and special offers!

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