Crypto Neon Sign

Cryptocurrency x Creativity: Light Up Your Store with a Colorful Crypto Neon Sign

Shoppers are all about convenience, and you, as a seller, are all about giving them only the best. In terms of payment, you must offer various options, including cash, cards, and even cryptocurrencies. 

Let cryptocurrency users know you accept this form of payment in a visually appealing way. To ensure they won’t miss it, use a crypto neon light! 

We can help you incorporate this radiant sign into your store. Check out these ideas where cryptocurrency and creativity meet. 

Crypto neon sign = welcome sign

Steer away from mainstream welcome store signs, and replace them with a more appealing crypto neon LED light. Individuals looking for stores accepting cryptocurrency can easily see that you are the one they’re looking for when they see your colourful sign. 

Place it in your store door or window—the same areas where you place a welcome sign—and light it all day to catch the attention of even passersby. If you particularly want to attract cryptocurrency users to your store, the neon light can also be a thrifty and truly creative way of marketing!

Right at the payment booth

Gone are the days when checkout lanes were only filled with candies and trinkets customers could pick just before paying. Welcome to the era of payment booths joyfully lit with neon lights! Your cashier will never have any boring moments as the happy rays illuminate their booth. 

Your customers will not only be informed about the payment modes you are accepting, but they will also leave with positive vibes and good thoughts. The light colors they see upon paying are a perfect sight before they exit.

In most visited store spots

Do you have a convenience store or a department store with corners and nooks for specific products? Why not make the most visited aisle even more welcoming to patrons? 

Add Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, or Dash cryptocurrency neon lights that radiate red, yellow, green, violet, blue, orange, pink, or white rays. These signs are not only for aesthetics, but they also inform your clients of the payment method. Thus, when it’s payment time, they know they can use their token or coin to pay for the items they bought. No need to open the cash register!

In your bar

Do you run a restaurant or a bar business? Attract customers not only with your superb dishes and concoctions but also with your store’s interior design and ambiance. 

Decorate your bar with simple yet captivating neon lights with cryptocurrency design. They can serve as an artistic emblem that is modern, hip, and chill. If you accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, they’re perfect! No need for boring signs saying, “We accept cryptocurrencies.” The neon light says it all. 

An Instagrammable corner

Neon light signs are picture-perfect on their own, but of course, they are always better with you and your clients posing in front of them. In today’s culture where everyone loves posting on social media, make your store “Instagrammable” by having a corner where customers can take pictures. 

If you run a cafe, why not dedicate a table and a chair with a posh neon light accentuating it? Your visitors will enjoy it. If you have an apparel store, on the other hand, your fitting rooms will be more attractive with the mirror reflecting the colors of a neon light. Get free tags and mentions from your customers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Customize your neon signs with Neonize It!

In this era where most people make buying decisions based on what they see, stand out with a crypto neon sign! Lead the pack, and make steady or soaring sales by having an interior decoration that keeps shoppers coming back. You can also use the light of Bitcoin and digital currency signs to inform customers that you accept this payment mode. 

Let Neonize It be a part of these goals. Check out our collections, and take your pick. 

If you are looking for a custom neon sign, count us in too! Let us know how you want your cryptocurrency neon sign to look like or if you have other lovely designs in mind. Here at Neonize It, we make customized neon light signs, whether it is in text or image. 

Just send a photo of your design here on our website, and we will work on it and bring it to life. You will get a complete set with mounting/hanging holes, acrylic backing, remote control dimmer, transparent cable, power adapter, receiver, and the custom LED neon sign.

Contact us today; we’d love to assist you!

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