The Supreme logo outside one of their store in the Soho district, London

4 Hypebeast Neon Sign For the Cool Kid Inside

A hypebeast, or HB for short, loves trendy streetwear brands. They wear brand-name clothing and accessories with pride, often spending a lot of money on their wardrobe. The word comes from the combination of two words: hipster and beast. Hypebeasts don't care about what other people think of them because they know they have awesome clothes!

Hypebeasts are the people who follow brands, collect their products, and buy them when they come out. Brands like Supreme or Nike are popular among Hypebeasts. Most of these people have a "hype" mentality where they wait in line for hours to get the product that just came out.

Bring out the Hypebeast in you through fashion and home decoration! Check out these 4 Hypebeast neon sign that you might find cool.

Anti Social Social Club LED Sign

Anti Social Social Club is a clothing brand that Neek Lurk created. First started in 2015, he got inspiration from his anti-social personality traits. The name of the brand comes from the fact that Neek used to be shy as a child, but at some point, he realized being introverted could help him get over his anxiety, which made him feel more confident about himself overall. 

It is important to note, though, that anti-social is different from asocial. Anti-social was the commonly misused word for being avoidant of social interactions. However, the correct term is asocial. Anti-social means something completely different.

Neek Lurk himself has a very mysterious personality which adds to his overall popularity. Neek stated that even though he was born and raised in Vegas, he still has no friends and spends most of his time indoors. He expresses his thoughts and feelings through his brand, which makes it very personal.

Overall, Anti Social Social Club is one of the top brands for hypebeasts who love streetwear fashion. So, if you are a fan of Neek, the brand, or simply the Anti Social Social club design, you might like to get this and other neon LED light sign!

Dig Old Bicks Neon Sign From Solar Opposites

If you are a fan of Justin Roiland, the Rick and Morty TV series co-creator, you should look at Solar Opposites. If you have, you probably already know this iconic Dig Old Bicks neon sign referenced in the show Solar Opposites. This is from when Kevin was struggling to lift a neon sign he bought for his man cave that says "Tig Old Bitties." Korvo and Terry got curious and asked about what man-caves are.

So in their pursuit to create their man cave, they bought and recreated whatever Kevin had in his man cave, including the sign. Korvo stated that he didn't know what "Dig Old Bicks" meant and thought it was a secret human code. He originally wanted the "Tig Old Bitties" sign, but the store ran out of the design and gave them the eggplant neon sign instead by convincing them that it was the same thing as the bitties LED sign.

It's a funny episode that gave birth to two iconic neon signs. Even if you are not a fan of the show, you've got to admit this sign is witty and cool. Witty statement pieces are some of the staples in Hypebeast culture. So, if you want to tell the world that you have or like dig old bicks, then this neon sign wall art is for you!

Just Do It

Nike is one of the most popular clothing brands out there. Even though they are more expensive than other streetwear clothes, their quality is definitely worth paying that extra price because Nike uses high-quality materials for all their designs.

The 'Just Do It' slogan is very famous among hypebeasts who love streetwear fashion because Nike has been promoting through many shirt designs. Additionally, the slogan fits perfectly with the Nike checkmark logo.

Nike is promoted by many athletes and sporty celebrities, making the brand an image of activewear. Despite that, many still wear Nike clothes, shoes, and accessories for leisure fashion. So, if you are a sneakerhead, a Nike fan, or someone who wants a quote to remind themselves to "just do it," then this neon sign is for you!

Penrose Triangle Neon Light

Lev Tanju from London created PALACE, but he made his company in Japan because there's a very strong streetwear scene over there. The first time people saw him selling clothes on Instagram, they thought that everything was fake until someone bought one of those items, which forced other companies to start investing in social media marketing too! After that, Palace slowly became more famous among young adults worldwide, thanks to its unique designs and low prices.

Palace has been worn by celebrities such as A$AP Rocky and Rihanna. Their shirts are very high-end with many cool designs, such as their famous Penrose triangle logo. If you fancy this puzzling and unique design, its neon sign equivalent would be a great addition to your living space. Unfortunately, only a few people get the design right away. So, purchase this neon light sign for room decor that can also become a unique conversation starter!

Customize a Hypebeast Neon Light Sign

One brand is missing in this list, and it is the brand that many associate with the Hypebeast culture—Supreme. Unfortunately, Neonize has yet to make Supreme neon designs for fans of the brand. So, take the chance to be one of the first to customize neon LED signs of Supreme from us!

The best thing about it is that you can get any design or logo brand you want to make into the sign. You can even have the word "Hypebeast" made into any design, color, or style you please. 

Bring the Hypebeast Culture Inside Your Home with Neonize

Being a Hypebeast shouldn't just stop once you come home and change into your loungewear. You can follow the trend outside and inside your home. If brands associated with the Hypebeast culture aren't your style, you can always browse away through our hundreds of designs in Neonize!Moreover, you can get signs ranging from anime to Christmas decor, such as a neon star sign. So, don't be afraid to check more designs on our website!

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