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These 7 Common Types of Light Up Signs for Business are Guaranteed to Boost Store Traffic!

Imagine this: As the night fell, Main Street storefronts faded into the background, except for one—a small shop with a beautifully lit sign that caught the eye of every passerby. Strategically placed lighted signs revealed intricate details and textures, attracting more customers.

Soon, the store was bustling with activity. And that store is none other than your very own.

While it may seem like a scenario straight out of a novel, it is entirely achievable in real life with a suitable and well-designed light-up sign for business stores!

Let's explore the different types of lighted signs and how they can help your business shine.

What is a Lighted Sign?

Lighted or illuminated signs refer to any text or symbol crafted on a specific material and designed with a specific form of lighting, such as LED, fluorescent, or neon. These lights are then strategically placed in various parts, ranging from edge-lit to back-lit areas.

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7 Common Types of Light-Up Signs for Your Commercial Space

Start bringing your novel-like store fantasy into reality with these seven common types of lighted signs:

  1. Lightbox Signs
  2. Monument Signs
  3. Channel Letter Signs
  4. Digital Signs
  5. Pylon Signs
  6. LED Signs
  7. Neon signs

Let's explore them individually and find out which works best for your store!

#1: Lightbox Signs

Lightbox signs feature a straightforward structure. The light shines from the inside of a transparent panel with a print of your shop's logo, name, phone number, or any other information you want to display on the surface. You can use them indoors and outdoors; they are versatile in shape, size, type of lighting, and design.

#2: Monument Signs

You are likely familiar with those huge signs naming parking lot gateways, subdivisions, apartment complexes, schools, parks, churches, shopping centers, and institutions. These are called monument signs, typically supported by a stone or brick base, comprise an elegant design, and incorporate a lighted panel.

Monument signs help visitors feel welcome or guide them to the correct location. You may use them to advertise your business and attract attention even when surrounded by competitors. However, these are large fixtures, so you might need a permit before installing them.

#3: Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter light signs have internal lights per letter instead of relying on a lit panel or base for support. These signs are typically crafted from metals and acrylic fibers and are sometimes referred to as halo-lit signs due to the LED effect forming around the letters. Use these signs to spell out your store's name and shine brightly in the evenings.

#4: Digital Signs

Do you prefer to explore the programmable digital world and attract modern-day customers? Then, digital light signs might be perfect for you. Communicate more information about your business repeatedly through a screen mounted to your store's interior or exterior wall or as a standalone sign.

#5: Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are tall, freestanding lighted signs attached to a pole or two. They are similar to lightbox signs because they feature an illuminated or LED panel with printed graphics or messages. A pylon sign is often higher than most buildings, so people can see them hundreds of feet away. These are large sign boards like monument light signs. You may need permission from certain municipalities first.

#6: Neon Signs

Neon signs are arguably the oldest type of lighted signage, often used in diners, bars, or grocery stores. In the past, they were kept in glass tubes that generated light with an inert gas to release energy, resulting in a fluorescent color. But nowadays, most neon signs are made of LED lights to address safety, durability, and maintenance concerns.

A modern-day business neon sign is more versatile, energy-efficient, safe to use, and requires minimal upkeep. For these reasons, many businesses choose them for decorating and attracting more footfall to their store. You should, too! Choose from various designs, colors, and installment options.

4 Lighting Techniques to Leverage Lighted Signs for Your Store

In addition to finding the perfect illuminated sign for your shop, here are four lighting techniques to make the most of these signs in your commercial space!

#1: Product Highlighting

Do you want more people to focus on your best sellers, seasonal goods, or new product launches? Determine your key products, then use lighted signs to give them a visual push! Use symbols, words, or phrases related to your brand or marketing in general.

#2: Backlighting

This technique illuminates and adds depth and mystique from behind, around, or underneath the object's focal point. Apply this technique along a lighted sign with a mysterious symbol or word printed on it!

#3: Color Power

Colors influence people's sensory and psychological perceptions. Use this opportunity to incorporate hues that match your brand personality and messaging. Think neon red or blue lighted signs for a relaxed and passionate atmosphere in a bar or pastels for a cute and charming ambiance in a dessert shop.

#4: Table Lighting

Attaching or placing illuminated signs on tables serves two purposes: decoration and functionality. It enhances the atmosphere and helps people when they do stuff at the table, such as reading menus and magazines or filling out forms.

Shine After Sunset With a Lighted Sign

As the sun begins to set, brick-and-mortar stores face the challenge of standing out. They must discover a way to illuminate their establishment in a dark environment, making it noticeable to passersby and increasing the possibility of store visits.

An illuminated sign can help you achieve this! By using the correct type of lighted sign, you can successfully communicate your brand message, attempt to win the hearts of customers and outshine your competitors.

Considering Neon Signs for Business? Get One From Neonize!

Assuming you've chosen neon light signs to spice up your commercial establishment, consider browsing neon sign collections from Neonize! If you want something else that doesn't exist in our premade products, you can choose custom light-up signs for business instead.

Why purchase from Neonize?

  • Our neon signs are made from LED neon flex, PVC, and acrylic materials, which make them lightweight, safe, environmentally friendly, and durable.
  • More affordable than most brands!
  • They include a remote control with nine dynamic modes.
  • No extra charge for quotes or mockups!
  • We offer a weatherproof and watertight outdoor neon light option.
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