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Have a Good Laugh With These 5 Funny Neon Signs

We all have the same 24 hours daily, but it’s up to us to decide how we use that time. Too often, we get caught up in the mundane tasks of daily life and lose sight of the present moment we’re in. Instead of letting life pass us by, we should seize the day, embrace every minute, and laugh every second!

It may sound cliché, but having a barrel of laughs lightens your day. And if you want some inspiration to cheer your spirits up, neon signs can help! These colorful signs can be an excellent source of motivation, as they help to remind us to slow down in life and have a hearty laugh.

Featuring a variety of tongue-in-cheek phrases, these bright wall signs are sure to brighten up your space and help you have a great time. So take a break from work, step outside, and soak up some sunshine while checking out these fun neon signs. They’ll make you smile and encourage you to enjoy the moment.

From Humor to Décor: Check These 5 Funny Neon Light Signs!

Got a case of the blues? Sick of looking at the same four walls day in and day out? Integrating humor into your décor adds some lightheartedness to your life. It can go a long way toward enlightening your mood and creating a friendlier atmosphere in your home or business.

And one entertaining approach to do this is with custom funny neon lights. These days, a wide variety of entertaining and amusing custom neon lights are available. Here are some funny neon signs you can hang on your walls:

#1: “No Coffee, No Workee” Neon Sign

Coffee is the fuel that powers us through the day. This cool neon signage is ideal if you’re into a cup of joe. It’s terrific to let everyone know you need coffee in the morning—no exceptions.

Hang it in your kitchen or office and let everyone know that without coffee, there’s just no workee! Everyone who sees this fun neon sign will surely get your personality.

#2: “Noice!” Neon Sign

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a hit comedy series that follows the antics of Detective Jake Peralta and his colleagues as they solve crimes and keep the city safe. Among the series's most recognizable elements is Jake’s catchphrase, “Noice!”.

He typically utters this in every scene, and it never fails to amuse viewers and give a laugh. So, why not bring the same level of joy to your home by turning this catchphrase into a neon sign? 

That’s right! It’s the perfect way to show your love for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Jake Peralta would definitely approve!

#3: “Status: Romantically Challenged” Neon Sign

Are you “romantically challenged?” Do you find yourself perpetually single? Well, don’t despair! By displaying this hilarious neon sign, you can let everyone know you’re available and looking for love.

Personalizing a statement like this will draw attention whether you put it in your window or hang it on your door. And who knows? Your potential partner may notice this fun neon bar sign and decide to take the risk. So don’t give up! It might help you find the love of your life.

#4: “Now Watching: Cat Videos” Neon Sign

Everyone has been there: you’re killing time going through your Facebook account when you suddenly see that one video that brings out your emotions. All we can do is watch. And before we realize it, we have squandered a whole hour on cat videos. 

But what if we could embrace our love of cat videos and make them a part of our everyday lives? You can do just that with a "Now Watching: Cat Videos" neon sign! 

This fun and imaginative neon design is a wonderful way to express your appreciation of all things feline. Whether watching your favorite clips or streaming a new web series, this bright neon sign is the purr-fect way to let everyone know you're a fan!

#5: “Welcome to My Lair” Neon Sign

Have you ever felt like you’re the villain in your own story? Perhaps you take too much delight in being naughty or have a dark sense of humor. Either way, embrace your inner villain with this fun neon sign. 

The bright, eye-catching neon will make it clear to everyone that this is your domain. And the provocative message is guaranteed to elicit some giggles (or at least some raised eyebrows). But, hey, at least you’re honest. 

So put up this sign and let your wicked side shine. After all, it’s just a good laugh!

More Bright and Cheerful Accents from Neonize It! 

Neonize is all about illuminating and freshening up the world. Everyone deserves to live in a place that makes them happy, and we’re on a quest to get it done.

Neon signs are our specialty and will put a smile on your face. We have the right sign for your vibe, from witty one-liners to inside jokes. And if you still can’t find what you want, we can incorporate your preference into stunning neon artwork. 
Ready to add some brightness and fun? Go around our website and let us help you add a little light to your life.

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