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These 11 Harry Potter Neon Signs Are Must-Haves For Every Potterhead

It's one thing for a story to capture the interest of many readers, but the Harry Potter franchise has touched many lives and reawakened their creativity inside.

The majority of the Harry Potter fans grew up reading the book. That same generation gets to experience the same excitement with its film version. Although, not many book fans compliment the live-version of the characters they know. But the movies did pretty well and encouraged nonreaders to join in the fandom.

And while the books and movies are over, the magic continues through its merchandise, and one of the must-have Harry Potter merchandise out there is a Harry Potter neon sign. If you're one of the many Potterheads who wants the magic closer, read on and find out which one of these neon wall lights speaks to you.

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Harry Potter Neon Signs That You Might Love

With so many iconic moments in the Harry Potter franchise, picking your favorite neon sign harry potter- related is an enjoyable task. This list of neon lights is perfect for every Potterhead, whether they prefer the books or the films. 

  • 9 ¾ Neon Light

Before you enter the magical world of the wizarding world, you first need to find Platform 9 ¾. Although the books and movies show other ways to go back and forth from Hogwarts, apparently, students still need to use this route by the beginning of the semester. Maybe because train rides encourage forming friendships, which in any school is helpful.

Imagine if Ron, Harry, and Hermione didn't sit in the same cabin. We wouldn't have the magical trio that we have today. So get this 9 ¾ neon light and pretend your wall is a walk away from the Hogwarts Express!

  • Glasses Neon Light

Put some Teashades glasses on a white background, and people will imagine it's Harry. Now put a bolt of lightning near it, and people will be sure it is Harry. The young wizard's eyewear is as notable as his scar. His shades are round and are mainly used for sight correction because, unfortunately, the chosen one does have bad eyesight. 

However, if you're blessed with good eyesight unlike our main hero, then you can just hang neon harry potter glasses on your wall to get the same vibe.

  • Harry Potter Neon Light 

The name Harry Potter is now a household name. Who doesn't know the boy who lived? Fun fact: he was named after his grandfather Henry Potter— “Harry” to his closest peers. The current Harry Potter has his grandfather's bravery and his legendary name.

In homage to the chosen, you can put his name in neon light on your wall. You can spell out his full name or just use HP if you want to save space. Nothing says you're a fan more than displaying the character's name in lights in your home.

  • Snitch Neon Light

JK Rowling specially wrote a fictional sport, known as Quidditch, that appeared many times throughout the series. In this fictional sport, the seeker's position is the most coveted but hard to get out of the seven members. Harry was scouted by Professor McGonagall herself, who endorsed Harry for the seeker's position to the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, Oliver Wood. Before him, Harry's dad used to be a seeker, too. 

The seeker's job is to catch the small and swift ball called the snitch. Harry caught the snitch on his first official game and brought instant victory to the House of Gryffindor. But you don't have to worry about catching flying snitches. Neonize has a golden snitch that would stick into your wall and won't fly away.

  • Lumos Neon Light

The Lumos light spell requires a wand and an urgent need for light. It is cast by saying Lumos Maxima, and the tip of the wand would glow up. Harry, Ron, and Hermione would often chant this spell to use their wands as a torch whenever they sneak around the dark halls of Hogwarts.

Lumos is also a useful spell to remember when you feel like sneaking into the woods with your buddies looking for Unicorn Blood. Use this spell wherever you go, even in your room!

With the Lumos neon light, your room will light up anytime you want— no incantations needed!

  • The Deathly Hallows Symbol Sign Neon Light

The Deathly Hallows are the three powerful mortal instruments created by a figure known as Death. One day, three brothers wanted to cross a deadly river, so they waved their wands and made a bridge. 

But Death showed up feeling cheated since all those who passed should have died in the river. But instead of punishing them, he tricked them by rewarding each brother with the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility, which would then be the cause of the brothers' untimely deaths, except for the youngest one who lived until old age. After many years, Harry would then inherit the cloak. 

Source: Unsplash

Show Off Your House!

Many Potterheads are curious as to which House they belong to. Luckily, Hogwarts seems to have adapted to technology and made a digital version of the sorting hat. Have you tried it yet? If not, know your House by getting sorted here. 

Did you agree with the House that the sorting hat chose for you? Don't worry if you don't. Here are the four Houses and their character traits that you might relate with so you can better pick which House you will proudly display in neon lights:

  • Hufflepuff Neon Light

Let's start with the House nearest to the kitchen: Hufflepuff. And because their House is situated near the kitchen, it's speculated that the sweet food aroma that they can smell every day is their secret to being happier, compared to the other three Houses. Founded by Helga Hufflepuff, the House's students are a kind, loyal, and hardworking bunch. Some might say they are more laid back, too!

A badger is used as their logo. Badgers are usually calm and not aggressive unless real danger arises. Their colors are yellow and black. Order a Hufflepuff Neon Light in yellow and make Cedric Diggory proud!

  • Gryffindor Neon Light

Gryffindor, founded by Godric Gryffindor, houses the majority of the main characters. They are the ones who are brave, tough, and courageous enough to march right into battle. Their logo, a lion, represents their courage and fire to fight. In addition, several notable witches and wizards from this House are mostly those who oppose the Dark Lord and his followers.

This is the House that most of our heroes are in— including Harry, Hermione, Ron, and all the Weasleys, ever! Show off your bravery by getting a Gryffindor neon wall sign in red.

  • Ravenclaw Neon Light

Despite having a raven in its name, the Ravenclaw House is represented by an eagle. The name comes from the founder Rowena Ravenclaw. The House mascot, the eagle, was chosen because they stand for intelligence, wit, and wisdom. They love to learn and always seize an opportunity to be creative.

If you're a Ravenclaw, you are one of the smartest and most talented people in all of Hogwarts. Be a proud Ravenclaw with a Ravenclaw neon sign in blue!

  • Slytherin Neon Light

Lastly, we have the House that's near the pipelines. Founded by Salazar Slytherin, the House is located in a cold and wet area, but that doesn't stop them from being ambitious and cunning. They are born leaders and will do absolutely anything to get what they want. Although most of the Dark Wizards did come from Slytherin, it doesn't mean that the House breeds evil. Remember Professor Snape? He was a good guy!

Rise to be the leader and do what needs to be done in your own way. Show what makes you a Slytherin by displaying it on your wall! Are you dreaming of your own Slytherin neon sign? Get one in green!

...Or Customize Your Own Design

The Harry Potter Franchise has hundreds of note-worthy moments that you can hang up on your wall. There might be a few hundred neon signs out there that you can choose from other than this list. Not finding what you're looking for? We got you covered. Here at Neonize, you can turn your ideas into reality! Here are two ideas that you can choose to customize alongside your design.

You can get your favorite dark wizard's name on your wall, like Bellatrix! Or put up a Ridikulus neon light sign to remind yourself to face your most ridiculous fears. With 7 books and 8 movies to choose a design from, you'll surely have many ideas to give us!

  • Dementors 

Dementors are said to be the worst creatures in the Wizarding World. They are floating soul-like beings that feed on a human's happiness, hope, and love. When dementors surround an establishment, it immediately creates a gloomy atmosphere. Because of how powerful and foul they are, they are the ones who are put around Azkaban prison so that when a prisoner attempts to escape, their soul will be a Dementor's snack. Don't worry, though; there is a way to defeat one or even a hoard of them simultaneously.

For those like the Death Eaters, try customizing the neon designs that suit the Dark Wizard in you.

  • Patronus Sign

If the Dementor is too dark for you, illuminate your room with a purer form of energy— your very own Patronus!

A Patronus is somewhat like a light Guardian that appears when a wizard or witch casts the "Expecto Patronum" spell. When they appear, the purity of their light kills the Dementors. However, not just any wizard or witch can successfully summon a Patronus. Once they appear, they usually take an animal form that says a little something about the caster. 

Do you know your Patronus? If not, discover your Patronus here and see the reason behind each Patronus.

Your Personal Design Here At Neonize

If you already have an HP-themed design on your sleeves, you can submit it at Neonize for a more personalized or custom neon sign. Check out Neonize if you want to know more fandom turned into a neon sign and have fun creating your own customized designs that you can proudly show off to your friends or even other Potterheads!

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