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Create Your Own Mother's Day Tradition with a Flower Neon Sign

Mother’s Day is celebrated in many different ways around the world, and some countries have unique traditions that are worth exploring. If you’re looking for a way to show your mother some love this Mother’s Day, why not try out one of these traditions? And if you’re looking for a special gift or something to light up your event's decoration, how about something that shines as bright as her smile, like a flower LED sign, a woman neon sign, or a mom neon sign? As you enjoy the gorgeous celebratory decor, you can share the facts we have here as a back story of how and why you chose the theme. 

Classic Celebration in the United States

In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Mother’s Day festivities include giving mothers flowers, cards, and chocolates. The celebration's origin has many versions, but the names of Julia Ward Howe, Anna M. Jarvis, and Juliet Calhoun Blakely—the women who initiated a day for mothers—will surely be in all of them. 

United Kingdom’s Mothering Sunday

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has “Mothering Sunday.” On the fourth Sunday of Lent, families, especially children who work and live in different places, go home to where their mother churches are to celebrate Mother’s Day and attend mass. To support the practice, churches give away daffodils to kids so they have something to give their moms. 

Fetes de meres in France

“Fetes de meres” is celebrated in France every fourth Sunday of May. Back in the day, mothers with large families were given medals as a token to help the French population recover from World War I. Today, flower-shaped cakes are present in every French Mother’s Day celebration as a traditional gift. 

Mexico’s Las Mañanitas

Hear the song “Las Mañanitas” echo in the Mexican air every 10th of May, paying tribute to all mothers. Mariachi singers serenade mothers in homes, schools, restaurants, and streets to celebrate Dias de las Madres. On top of the songs are church masses, Mexican food, and family reunions for the special day. 

Durga Festival in India

Other countries dedicate one day to celebrating mothers, but in India, particularly in the Hindu religion, there is a 10-day festival. Aside from mothers, Hindus honor the goddess of mothers, Durga, every October. Families come together to decorate their homes, prepare special food, and observe Hindu rituals.

Russia’s November Mother’s Day

In Russia, Mother’s day is celebrated on two different dates: March 8, International Women’s Day and the last Sunday of November. On these days, schools encourage the young ones to make crafts to give to their moms. Programs and concerts are also arranged in celebration.

Queen Sirikit and Thailand

Mother’s Day celebrations in many countries are held in May, but Thailand celebrates it on August 12, the birthday of the revered Thai queen, Sirikit, the “Mother of all Thai people.” Children kneel before their mothers to pay tribute to them on this day. They also hand their moms jasmine flowers and garlands as a part of the tradition. 

Japan’s Carnation Flowers

In Japan, Mother’s Day used to be a day to console mothers who lost their children during World War II. The tradition of giving white or red carnation flowers still lives on until today. Another Japanese practice is holding a “My Mother” drawing exhibit featuring kids’ drawings about mothers or the celebration. 

Ethiopia’s Anthrosht Festival

Ethiopia also has their traditional way of celebrating Mother’s Day. In the early fall, Ethiopians hold the Anthrosht festival, where daughters bring vegetables and cheese and sons bring meat into their mothers’ homes to be cooked for a feast. Songs, dances, and lore about family heroes are shared with every bite during the celebration. 

A Unique Celebration in Yugoslavia

Mothers worldwide are treated with care on Mother’s Day, but in Yugoslavia, the celebration took an out-of-the-box twist. Traditionally, on a day in December, Yugoslavian kids would tie their mothers down as they slept. When they woke up, they would exchange their freedom with gifts for their children hidden all over the house. 

Plastic Flowers of Sweden

While many countries go for fresh carnation and jasmine flowers, Sweden opts for plastic flowers. Children sell these, and the earnings go to mothers who have big families. The receiving mothers must spend the money for a Mother’s Day vacation to give themselves a well-deserved break and relaxation for all the hard work they do.

flower neon light

Celebrate Anywhere with a Flower Neon Sign

A lot goes on around the world to celebrate Mother’s Day, and you surely want to have something special for your mother too. You can celebrate by getting ideas from how other cultures do it, or you can also try out the suggestions below incorporating a neon flower sign.

Country-Inspired Celebration

Flex your knowledge of how other countries celebrate Mother’s Day, and present something new to your mother during the celebration by picking a tradition above. For example, you can have a hip flower wall with a neon sign of a jasmine or a carnation to mimic Thailand’s and Japan’s celebrations. Flower cakes from France are also a good idea. 

Classic Mother’s Day Package

You can also never go wrong by going classic to celebrate Mother’s Day. Wake your mom up with breakfast in bed, slip in a surprise card, and get your chocolates and flowers ready—she’ll appreciate all this. Don’t forget to give her a warm hug and tell her that you love her!

A Surprise Party

Planning a surprise party where the special people in her life are invited is a great idea. Illuminate the event with a Happy Mother’s Day neon sign or a Takashi Murakami flower neon sign for a fresh and joyful vibe, and just let your mom enjoy, relax, and catch up with her family and friends on her special day. 

Customized Neon Sign Portrait

Give your mom something to keep and a memento they can see every day. If you want to give her something fun and contemporary, check out the custom neon sign portraits we have here at Neonize. Send your mom’s photo to us, and we’ll turn them into a glowing neon sign—a perfect decoration for your mom’s bedroom. We can do family photos too!

Celebrate with Neon Signs by Neonize

Although the way we celebrate Mother’s Day may vary from country to country, one thing is for sure—mothers are loved and appreciated worldwide. We hope that this post has inspired you to create a unique celebration just for your mom. Regardless of which country you’re in or where your mother is from, Mother’s Day is a time to make her feel special.

So, if you plan to throw a party or give a special memento to your mom, you can check out the LED neon signs we have here at Neonize It. We have a ready-made flower neon light and a script Happy Mother’s Day neon light. 

We customize too! We can create a neon sign from any image, whether it’s a solo portrait of your mom or a family photo. Just send us the photo, and we’ll give you a free mockup

We would love to help make your Mother’s Day dreams come true, so shop from our collections or send us a portrait, and watch us bring your celebration to life!

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