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Christmas Neon Signs and 7 Other Gift Ideas for Grown-Up Children

Kids grow up fast. All of a sudden, you're spending your first Christmas with an adult son or daughter. While the holiday season is something to celebrate with your loved ones, there is also the stress of picking out gifts, especially for grown-up kids that are hard to please.

Your child is already in a stage where they juggle multiple jobs to pay bills and try to achieve the life they want. A simple Christmas toy will no longer be enough. If they receive a gift they can hardly use, they might even consider passing it to someone else.

Figuring out what your child wants if they live far away can also be challenging. Worry not! It is for these reasons that we wrote this article for you. Here's a quick guide to the best Christmas gift ideas for grown-up children, from Christmas neon signs to household items!

Christmas Neon Lights and 7 Other Gift Ideas for Adult Kids

Let's cut to the chase! Here's a quick and helpful list of Christmas gift ideas for your grown-up kid.

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#1: Christmas Neon Lights

The first item on our list is something people of all ages will enjoy. Have you ever thought of choosing Christmas neon lights as a present? Why not? It's a highly versatile item that will surely please a grown-up child. We'll tell you why.

  • Neon lights are customizable. If you know your child's favorite quote, symbol, or TV show/movie character, you can find one to display on their bedroom wall.
  • You can use neon lights for commercial purposes. If your adult child is running a store, give them neon signs to help spice up the shop's atmosphere!
  • LED neon lights are energy-efficient (thanks to the low voltage) and low maintenance. A busy adult will appreciate these mood boosters with minimal upkeep.
  • You can leave neon lights on 24/7. If your child had a long day and forgot to switch it off before sleep, that is fine! In fact, neon signs last better that way.
  • Adults can enjoy a Merry Christmas neon sign all year round! You can repurpose neon lights with minimal designs in different ways (more on this later).
  • Some neon lights are designed to be weatherproof. If your child wants to set up an outdoor holiday party, these can make fantastic decorative pieces.

#2: Household Items

As you age, you may spend more time looking at household items while shopping. You want to invest in practical things more, and your grown-up kid probably feels the same. So when picking a Christmas gift, choose a valuable item for their home. We can guarantee you that a useful gift is always, always well-received!

These gifts are great, especially if your adult son or daughter lives separately from the family. Did they just move into a new house this year? PERFECT. Think cookware, kitchen appliances (air fryer is king!), home decorations, and cleaning tools and products.

#3: Self-Care Essentials With a Christmas Card

The world appears to be increasingly burdened with stress lately, so self-care items are more important than ever! Don't miss this option when choosing a Christmas gift for your grown-up child. They love and deserve to feel pampered and will surely appreciate your caring for their physical and mental well-being.

Ensure that the gift has a minimalistic, Christmas-themed design or is a limited edition holiday item. Think fluffy spa slippers, robes, mugs, beauty products, scented candles, tumblers, or journals. And for the final heartwarming touch, include a Christmas card with a heartfelt letter written on it!

#4: Food Vouchers

Food is life; eating is a form of therapy! We're sure your adult son or daughter wholeheartedly agrees. Why not give them a coupon for their favorite restaurant during the holiday season? This implies that you actually listen when they talk to you.

Food nourishes not only our body but also our soul. Sharing a meal with loved ones is a fantastic way to make memories for a lifetime. These are some of the most priceless experiences that come with age. Giving the gift of a fantastic holiday dining experience can be an excellent way to strengthen your relationship with your child.

#5: Custom Christmas Presents

Show your thoughtfulness on another level by personalizing your Christmas gift! Whether neon Christmas signs, self-care packs, clothes, or household items, add a personal touch to your gift in various ways! For example, adding your child's name or favorite word/symbol will make a charming personalized gift.

You can also do something more moving that requires little to no money. Get a blanket, then print or write a long letter on it. It's like giving your child a giant heartfelt letter! There are plenty of other personalization options for holiday-related gifts. Spark your imagination to create a unique gift and surprise your grown-up little one.

#6: Experience Gift Cards

Your adult child may feel like they don't have enough time for hobbies or relaxation. Sometimes, they would choose to stay home and rest the day away to save money. This can be beneficial, but too much is not good for their well-being. Be that person who will encourage them to try something new!

This is where 'experience' gift cards make great Christmas gifts. Give them the most fun and relaxing experience during the holiday season with membership cards for cooking classes, gym sessions, dance classes, spa services, theater plays, or even a dreamy hot air balloon ride! These will give them an exhilarating and relaxing time. You can also do these activities together.

#7: Work Essentials

Here's another useful gift idea that is always well-received. If you see your son or daughter still using old, partially damaged work equipment, gifting them a new one would make them happy. Some work essentials can be expensive, so they will appreciate gifts like these significantly.

#8: Checking Out Their Wishlist

Your grown-up child's Christmas wish may be stored in their Amazon wishlist or shopping cart. That would be a fantastic idea for a Christmas gift! They may be unable to buy them due to the price, or they are just too occupied with work that they forgot to do something about it.

Imagine the look on your adult kiddo's face when they receive a present they wanted for so long but couldn't buy. They might even shed some tears of joy!

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6 Ways to Repurpose Christmas Neon Lights

Suppose you've made up your mind to give your adult child neon Christmas decorations like LED neon signs but are concerned about the cost. You want to ensure that the gift will be something that they can enjoy for a long time.

In that case, check out these tips and share them with your grown-up kid so that they can make the most of pretty neon lights!

Invest in Minimalist Neon Signs

If you want to use the Christmas neon signs all year round, pick ones with subtle designs. Look for words or symbols that aren't too obviously linked with the holidays. Some examples are snowflakes, a gingerbread man, bells, and mittens or gloves. This way, you can keep them at home even after Christmas.

Use Them for Mood Lighting

Neon light signs make excellent tools for creating an atmosphere at home. Try hanging them on the ceiling or placing them on side tables to inject a modern or retro feel to your space. Watch the significant change it can make without needing an extra decorative piece.

Use Them to Decorate Any Room or Shop

The primary purpose of LED neon lights is decoration. Use them to spice up the interior design of your space. For those who own a 24/7 store, these lights can be extremely beneficial because you can leave them on without any issues. This can actually enhance their durability.

Use Them Every Year (Because Why Not?)

Don't worry if your Christmas neon signs are obviously designed for the holiday; you can still reuse them for the next holiday season! It may even add to the thrill of celebrating the special occasion every year.

Use it for In-Store Events

Neon signs can be used for professional purposes. If you work at a shop that often holds in-store events, repurpose Christmas neon lights to reflect the spirit of the event, create a photo booth area, or decorate posters to get more attention. Doing so will help gather more footfall and increase sales. This, of course, depends on the relevance of the neon light's design.

You Are Never Too Old for Christmas

Christmas is a festive season, but the reality is that shopping for gifts is stressful for many. This is true for parents looking for presents for their grown-up children, whose preferences for gifts drastically change.

Our suggestions can help you choose an ideal holiday gift for your grown-up child. We also strongly suggest considering a Christmas neon sign as they are more versatile and durable than most options. Plus, they are not always affordable for your child and may not immediately come to their mind when shopping. Surprise them in the brightest way possible!

That said, not all holiday gifts for grown-up children are hard to figure out. And they don't have to be expensive, either. The best gifts in the world are those that truly hit home!

Christmas All Year Round For All Ages With Neon Lights from Neonize

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