Christmas Neon Signs You Can Use All Year Round

When Taylor Swift said, "we can leave the Christmas lights up until January," we felt that! Who brings down their Christmas decorations after December anyway? Moreso, if these are really cute Christmas neon lights, who'd want to bring them down, right?

Holiday neon signs are colorful and cheerful, so don't be ashamed of wanting to use them all year round. Some people put up their holiday decor because it reminds them of the happy Christmas season, while there are some who are simply too busy or lazy to put them down. Whatever your reasons are, know that these are all valid. No one can tell you how you should decorate your space, especially if it brings you peace. 

Choosing Christmas Neon Lights to Hang All Year Long

When choosing the right holiday decor, most people are worried about it being too generic or festive. Some decor, particularly Christmas neon lights, are too seasonal to be hung around all year long. However, you can address this by choosing neon light signs that will fit well with your aesthetic.

Don't fret—there are hundreds of neon light signs you can choose from! You can even get personalized neon signs if you want something to be tailor-fit for your needs. But if you're running out of ideas, we've compiled some of the best Christmas neon signs that will fit your wall all year long. 

merry christmas neon sign

Traditional Christmas Neon Signs

Whenever "Christmas" comes to mind, you most likely associate tradition with it. So if you're looking for more traditional decor, a Santa or Merry Christmas neon signs will do. Although it might feel awkward for you to hang it around months after Christmas ends, sometimes, you just have to roll with it! If it brings you joy whenever you see a lighted Santa neon sign, then go for it.

Pro tip: You can have a little Christmas corner in your home or space. It doesn't have to take up the whole room. A simple table with cute decor will do! Since this is a Christmas-themed space, you don't have to rationalize whatever month or holiday it is. You can wrap gifts and leave them in this area for that extra touch. If you're feeling down, you can open the presents (yes, even if you buy them yourself) and it will instantly brighten up your day!

christmas gift neon light

Minimalist Christmas Neon Signs

Traditional Christmas signs are more blunt, and they usually have Christmas written all over them. If you prefer something more simple, minimalist neon signs are perfect for you. You won't have any trouble hanging these up on your wall even after the holidays are over since these aren’t too obvious: usually symbols related to Christmas.

Some of these neon lights are images of gifts in red and green colors. Although it doesn't say "Christmas presents" out loud, the symbols are recognizable enough to be associated with the holiday. However, if you're looking for minimalist Christmas decor that still subtly but surely indicates the holidays, you can go for a Christmas tree silhouette like this one. Again, it may not have the "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" text on it, but everyone can easily associate the neon signs with the season. 

Here are other Christmas-related symbols you can use as minimalist decorations:

  • Christmas stockings
  • Gingerbread man
  • Sleds
  • Skating shoes
  • Snowflakes
  • Snow globes
  • Bells
  • Christmas balls
  • Mittens or gloves

Aside from Christmas-related symbols, you can also hang up signs that give off a festive feeling. Think of the things that will give you a sense of celebration. It can be a martini glass or a "Cheers" sign. After all, who doesn't serve and drink alcohol on holidays? Since these are also very general signs for celebrations, you may use these neon lights for parties. 

Romantic Christmas Neon Signs

Christmas is a holiday you don't only spend with family and friends; you also spend this day with your special someone. There's something about Christmas that makes you want to fall in love, and it might be the reason why there are hundreds of romantic Christmas flicks. Take this idea and turn it into a decorative piece!

"Kiss under the mistletoe" is a good catchphrase. You can get personalized neon signs and customize them depending on the color and size you want them to be. You may also choose to hang a mistletoe neon sign on your wall and ask visitors to kiss under it. It's a great conversation-starter for your space!

Candy canes are also greatly associated with the holidays. You can take this idea and have two angled candy canes turn towards each other to form a heart. This is a very creative and cute neon sign idea. However, since it’s very general and has a sweet touch, you wouldn't think that it is exclusively related to Christmas.

merry christmas neon light

Custom Christmas Neon Signs

If the other neon signs don't work for you, you can always have one customized to your liking. With a personalized neon sign, you can choose the design, font, size, and colors your sign will have. So if you have a particular symbol or saying that reminds you of the season, you can have it made

Pro tip: Christmas movies will always be on the classics list. One idea is you can get a quote from your favorite Christmas movie and hang it on your wall. Here are some famous quotes from well-known movies you might draw out some inspiration from:

  • "Merry Christmas, you filthy animal." - Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
  • "I believe, I believe. It's silly, but I believe" - Miracle on 34th Street
  • "Seeing isn't believing. Believing is seeing." - The Santa Clause

What's great about getting your signs customized is that you can put anything you want on them! If you're looking for a reputable custom neon sign maker, we at Neonize can do it for you. The process is also extremely easy: we’ll design it for you based on the brief you send us, and we'll have it shipped to you right away!

Maximize The Use of Your Christmas Neon Lights

Who says you should only use your Christmas-themed neon signs during the holidays? Don't store them right away! If you're not exactly keen on hanging them up all year long, here are some ideas on how you can maximize their use.

1. Use it as bedroom decor

You can further maximize these neon signs by hanging them up in your bedroom. This setup works if you don't have neon lights in your room yet. These lights are dimmable and can create a very nice vibe when turned on. If the signs are not too "Christmassy," or you don't mind having a Christmas-themed neon sign in your room, you may want to consider this!

2. Organize Christmas-themed photoshoots

Are you fond of organizing photoshoots with your friends? Then, you may want to try planning a Christmas-themed shoot. Since you're using neon signs as a part of your backdrop, the lighting should be dimmed so you can get the effect you're looking for! You may even use the photos generated from this shoot as your Christmas cards for the season.

If you're not up for Christmas-themed shoots, you can always go for a neon-themed one. Put up all the signs that you have, light them up, and shoot silhouette photos. You're not only getting IG-worthy images, but you also get to bond with your friends and make use of your Christmas neon lights!

3. Hang it up as party decorations

Whether these are for a birthday or Halloween party, neon signs are always a great addition as decor. If you're running out of ideas on which decor pieces to buy, you may want to consider using your Christmas neon lights as background designs. On the other hand, if you're worried that it may feel out of place or your guests might notice them, you can add more signs and go with the theme of a neon lights party. 

Have everyone dressed in neon shirts and glow-in-the-dark accessories. The great thing about planning a neon-themed party is that there’s no such thing as over the top. You can decorate the room as much as you like with balloons that react with ultraviolet light, along with the neon signs on the wall, and no one will think that the place is overly decorated!

Conclusion: There Are a Lot of Ways to Maximize Your Christmas Neon Lights

Don't store your Christmas-themed neon signs right after the holidays. Outlined above are signs you can hang up on your wall regardless of the season. Get the most of what you paid for by maximizing its use. Don't wait for the holidays so you can buy neon light decor for Christmas. Be ahead of the curve and start decorating your space today!

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