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Bring The World’s Most Famous Event in Your Sports Bar Using a Chiefs Super Bowl Neon Sign

If you are a sports bar owner, you know that the Super Bowl is one of the most significant events in the sports world. Whether you are a fan or not, the Super Bowl is an exciting event worth celebrating in your sports bar. So why not have a Super Bowl-inspired interior design to make your establishment relevant to the sports enthusiasts visiting your place? 

This will show your customers that you are as enthusiastic as them for the big game. It will help you attract new customers and build patrons and bar regulars. This blog will help you realize why the Super Bowl is a great bar concept and how to do it using neon signs

The Story Behind Super Bowls Popularity

The Super Bowl has a long and colorful history that dates back to the 1920s—the beginning of the National Football League (NFL) foundation. In 1960, a group of businessmen was declined a football franchise, so they established a league separate from the NFL, the American Football League (AFL). Nevertheless, the two institutions decided to merge in the end, which gave birth to the now world-famous Super Bowl. 

The Super Bowl hosts the contest between football’s best of the bests: the champions from the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). It even rose to popularity because of the superb performances from artists like Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and J.Lo during the halftime breaks. Any sports fan will know this event, and if they don’t, it is always a good conversation to share. 

Why the Super Bowl is a Great Concept 

Among the many concepts for a sports bar, like having a rustic look or going super modern, why stick to the Super Bowl concept? Aside from being a fan yourself, why is it worth it to share the enthusiasm and passion with people who visit your bar?

Beat the Competitors

All other sports bars have the same rustic, minimalist, or contemporary interior design. A Super Bowl-themed bar is one of a kind. In a lane of pubs that offer almost the same thing on the menu, your unique theme and neon business signs will outshine all competitors. 

Popular Across Nations

The Super Bowl is a theme that communicates across nations. As the world’s most famous sports show, anyone would have heard of the Super Bowl, regardless of a person’s race, color, or nationality. Your bar can appeal to locals and foreigners alike, widening your market. 

Attractive to Sports and Entertainment Enthusiasts

A sports bar is meant to be a haven for individuals and groups who seek a place to watch their favorite sports games, have a drink, and hang out with friends at the same time. You can satisfy all these three in your bar with the bonus of giving your customers a place they can truly channel their inner sports lover. 

super bowl neon sign

Super Bowl-Inspired Sports Bar Interior Design

Share the interesting story of the Super Bowl to bar-goers as they appease their eyes and imbibe the sports-filled ambiance of your bar. There are plenty of creative ways to do it, but here are some ideas you can consider. 

The Remarkable Teams

Super Bowl’s famous teams in your sports bar will surely stir so many stories and opinions from fans. A glowing Chiefs Super Bowl neon sign would be a great start, in tribute to the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers as the ones to play for the first-ever Super Bowl.

You can also put up a glowing Super Bowl champions neon bar sign featuring the New York Jets, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers, and other old and new winners in your bar. 

Unforgettable Halftime Performances

Ask one of your bar visitors what their favorite Super Bowl halftime break performances are, and they will have varying opinions. Some will go classic and say it is Michael Jackson dancing to the beat of his famous songs and, of course, his legendary moonwalks. Others will hail J.Lo and Shakira’s song and dance number. 

Why not ignite the same energy in your bar through your choice of music and LED lighting from neon signs? The two together will make people want to go from chill to party vibes. 

Super Bowl Emblems

Go with the minimalist vibe using the emblems of the Super Bowl and football. A football helmet, text version of the Super Bowl neon sign, the Super Bowl logo, or a football are some symbols you can use. 

This will make enthusiasts remember their favorite games, players, and even the matches they got frustrated with the most. The emblems will add a vibrant glow to your space when transformed into neon signs because of the yellow, blue, green, red, purple, white, and pink hues. 

A Creative Menu

Aside from the interior design, why not tickle your imagination a little more by providing a delightful and “tasteful” journey for your visitors? For example, you can serve food and drinks named after Super Bowl teams or players. You can also serve big meals that a tired football player will eat.

This idea can set your bar apart from all sports bars that serve the same thing, so get ready to welcome curious customers who would like to give your Chiefs burger a try. At the same time, you can light your place with a Bud Light Super Bowl neon sign.

Flaunting the Antiques

Are you an avid Super Bowl fan that owns plenty of NFC, AFC, and Super Bowl collectibles through the years? Why not share your fandom and use your collection to accentuate your sports bar? 

Have antique tickets and collectibles framed and mounted on the walls. The signed posters, helmets, and footballs are also eye-catchers, so make sure to spotlight them. They provide an excellent balance to the modern-looking neon bar signs

Projecting Great Games and Shows

Of course, a sports bar would not be complete without the huge LED televisions and the surround sound, which makes any live game as good as when you are watching on a field. Use these channels to project the greatest Super Bowl games and halftime performances to keep your clients entertained. 

Everything in your sports bar should be perfectly matched, from the Super Bowl-inspired menu, the neon LED signs, and the amusement. Your visitors will surely have a great experience and want to come back. 

super bowl champions neon bar sign

Get Your Sports and Chiefs Super Bowl Neon Sign at Neonize It!

Super Bowl has been popular across nations for many years. Sports and entertainment enthusiasts would not miss it for the world, making it the perfect opportunity to attract new customers to your bar or establishment. 

With Neonize’s sports neon signs, we can help you create the ideal atmosphere for your Super Bowl party. You can bring the excitement of the big game right to your business and stand out against your competitors. Ordering our LED neon signs is easy and requires a few clicks, and if you have any unique design ideas in mind, you can also check out our custom neon signs

Get your signs now to get started!

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