Spread the Holiday Cheer With These Christmas Neon Lights

Christmas is just around the corner!

It’s time to bring the old dusty boxes of Christmas ornaments out of the attic. There’s no greater feeling than putting up sparkling tinsels and festive lights around the house. We’d never forget about the yuletide centerpiece, of course—the Christmas tree!

For this year, why not up the ante a little bit? Give your holiday decorations a bright neon twist! You’ve been hanging the same garlands, tinsels, and balls year after year anyway. So let’s switch it up with neon Christmas ornaments!

Scroll through the different Christmas neon signs below and take your pick!

Christmas Gift Neon Light

Christmas Gift Neon Light

It’s the season of gift giving! They say that the tradition of exchanging presents on Christmas day traces its origins back to the birth of Jesus at Bethlehem. According to the traditional narrative, three wise men visited the baby Jesus and presented three gifts: frankincense, gold, and myrrh.

These days, however, Santa Claus has become the most iconic and recognizable figure of the yuletide season. As the all-too-familiar story goes, Santa visits every child in the world to give them presents. Just imagine how hectic Christmas eve would be for Santa and his elves!

But you don’t have to be one of the three wise men or Santa Claus to have a reason to give gifts! So let your loved ones know how much they mean to you by sending them presents. Your friends and family will surely appreciate the effort!

With the Christmas Gift Neon Light, get yourself in the gift-giving mood! Its gift-wrapped boxes design will be a perfect fit among your Christmas ornaments. You can even send this LED neon sign to your special someone as a way to say that they’re the best gift that you have ever received!

Christmas Tree Neon Light

Christmas Tree Neon Light

The pièce de résistance of any festive home during the Christmas season is the Christmas tree! But did you know when and how the tradition of putting up Christmas trees inside our homes started?

The evergreen tree has always held a special meaning to different cultures around the world. Despite being separated by oceans and continents, ancient civilizations had similar traditions revolving around the ornamental use of evergreen boughs. 

For the ancient Egyptians, the evergreen means victory of death. Meanwhile, the early Romans marked the beginning of a bountiful season by putting up lush boughs. Even the ferocious Vikings thought that evergreen trees were the plant held most dear by their sun god.

So let’s bring this age-old tradition to the 21st century by turning it into a neon sign! The Christmas Tree Neon Light features a simple silhouette of a pine tree with a star atop it. Don’t let its plain appearance fool you; it will stand out as your home’s centerpiece!

Happy Holidays Neon Light

Happy Holidays Neon Light

Are you a store owner looking for a great way to welcome your customers this yuletide season?

Look no further and grab this Happy Holidays Neon Light sign! Its curly yet classy typography gives off a festive and vibrant mood. Any customer passing by your storefront will surely be invited in by its yellow neon glow.

Let this LED light show potential customers the merry way to your store!

Jingle Bells Neon Light

Jingle Bells Neon Light

If you hear jingle bells ringing, you already know it’s Christmas time!

Go all the way by putting up this Jingle Bells Neon Light in your home. This neon sign will fill your living room with its soft glow. Its yellow, green, and red colors fit any Christmas-themed motif that you’re planning to decorate your house with.

Here's a suggestion: Why not put these LED neon bells on your front door?

Merry Christmas Neon Sign

Merry Christmas Neon Sign

Greet your customers a Merry Christmas with this stylish neon sign!

Whether you own a tranquil bookshop or a rowdy bar, your patrons will appreciate this Merry Christmas Neon Sign. The sign will be a nice touch to your interiors without looking awkwardly out of place. So let its neon turquoise hue put a smile on their faces!

You can even put up this LED neon sign and line up the interiors of your house with bright rope light. Visiting your home will be an absolute treat!

Snowflake Neon Light

snowflake Neon Light

Did you miss the first snowfall of the season?

Don’t worry; we got you! Bring a bright (and humongous) snowflake right inside your home with this Snowflake Neon Light! It features a simple snowflake pattern and a light blue neon glow. Enjoy this beautiful snowflake without ever trudging through the snow!

You can even pair this with other Christmas neon lights and fill an entire wall with holiday cheer!

Final Thoughts

Neon Christmas ornaments are the latest craze right now!

First, make your home Santa-approved by using a healthy combination of traditional ornaments and vibrant neon lights. Then, you can put up a rope light along with your evergreen garlands. But as fun as decorating your home with festive lights and ornaments can be, don’t go overboard—leave some room for the holiday cheer as your family gathers!

Amaze your friends and family as they bask in your neon lights' soft glow! Christmas neon lights bring the best out of your festive home.

Do you have more Christmas-themed designs in mind? If you do, no matter what creative idea you came with, we can turn it into an LED neon sign! With a few taps and clicks, you can have your very own custom neon sign delivered right to your doorstep.

Make your Christmas extra brighter with Neonize It!

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