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Better Together Neon Sign and 6 Other Memorable Ways to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

It may feel like you exchanged vows only yesterday, but you’ve been married to your partner for a whole year now. The pressure is on, and you have to think of perfect ways to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

Why not celebrate it by creating memorable experiences instead? In this article, we've listed some suggestions to make your first-year anniversary one of a kind.

6 Unforgettable Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

You've made it through the most difficult period of marriage—the first year. That calls for a celebration! Make your first wedding anniversary unforgettable by incorporating these exciting ideas.

Relive Your First Date

For sure, you and your partner have been on several dates together. However, nothing beats your first date as a couple. You might not have spent much on it then, but you went home with memories you will treasure forever.

This time, why not recreate it? You can visit the place where you had your first date and remember all the little things that led to your marriage. Celebrating this way will also help restore your love for each other in its original form. 

Learn Something New Together

Want to spend some creative time with your partner? Then, why not try to learn a skill that both of you have no idea how to do? For example, you can enroll in cooking or dance classes. Doing this will allow you to develop your skills while spending time together, benefiting both of you.

Romantic Getaway

We get it: the first year of your marriage had been tough, and you had many things to do and deal with. Thus, you need to set aside some time for relaxation on your anniversary.

Take a break from your daily routine and have a romantic trip for yourself and your partner. You can go to the beach, walk in a botanical garden, or visit the small towns close by. It doesn't have to be luxurious as long as you’ll enjoy each other's company for a couple of days. Give it a try!

Get Couple Tattoos 

Your first wedding anniversary is the perfect time to get matching tattoos. It is a great way to rediscover your love and dedication for one another. You can choose any symbol that means something to the two of you, or you can ask the artist to create something unique for you. 

Go Hiking or Backpacking

If you're a couple who loves challenges, this is the perfect celebration for you! Try doing adrenaline-inducing activities together, like going hiking or backpacking. These activities will require you to work as a team and allow you to treasure each obstacle you conquer with your partner. 

Write a Letter

One of the most thoughtful things you can do on your first anniversary is to write a letter to your partner. In this letter, you can express how much they mean to you. You can also share your hopes and dreams for the future. A letter is a lasting reminder of your love, and it will be a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Plan an Anniversary Party

Do you want to enjoy your special day with your loved ones? We say, go for it! Throwing an anniversary party is an incredible way to honor the first year you spent together as a married couple. If both of you are busy and want an intimate celebration with just your friends and family, this is the perfect occasion to catch up with them.

Keep your guests happy by preparing food and drinks paired with great music. Make your first wedding anniversary more memorable by taking photos or hiring a photographer to capture all of the happiest moments.

Decorate Your Party with Better Together Neon Sign

If you want to brighten up your anniversary party and make it more stylish, try decorating the venue with LED neon signs. Here are some ways to maximize neon lights, particularly a love neon sign.

As Lighting

At your wedding anniversary party, you can use neon signs as dimmed lights for the dance floor. An overlit room can kill the intimate and relaxed atmosphere. On the other hand, dimmed neon lights are perfect for your dance night, and guests will surely love them! 

Perfect for Photo Op

Your wedding anniversary party is the best time to take fun photos with your partner! Make them more vibrant and more meaningful with the Better Together neon sign in the background. Guests will also love taking selfies all night long with the sign’s colorful light!

Symbol of Your Vows

Instead of the usual paper banner or letter balloons, why not make your day even more special by hanging up the Better Together wedding neon sign? It's the perfect quote that reflects your vow to stay together for better or worse. The Better Together LED neon sign also conveys the message that both of you can make it through any challenge as long as you are together, a powerful promise of eternal love

Daily Reminder

You can have a custom neon sign made with symbols and quotes that are meaningful to you. You can hang it on your wall to serve as a daily reminder of your aspirations, dreams, and goals as a couple.  Even if it’s past your wedding anniversary, you can still light up the LED neon sign in the living room or hang it over your bed. 

To More Memorable Days with Neon Signs by Neonize

So, those are some ways you can make your first wedding anniversary unforgettable. Regardless of how you’re celebrating it, remember to have fun and show how much you mean to each other. Make the most of your first anniversary because it only happens once!

To make it more memorable, check out the high-quality LED wedding neon lights and customized neon signs we offer at Neonize. 

What more could you ask for? Neon signs’ glow can make your event pop with color. You can only use decorations like flowers, candles, or tablecloths during the celebration, but neon lights are timeless. They can be a sweet reminder of your lifelong commitment.

Finding the perfect LED neon sign does not have to be difficult. So go ahead and browse our collection for your neon sign needs. 

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