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Beer Festival Hangover: Bring Home a Glowing Remembrance Through Neon Beer Signs

Is there anything better than attending a beer festival with your closest friends? The range of options, the educational aspect, and of course—the beer! But if you’re like us, the aftermath of a beer festival often includes an unpleasant hangover. This year, combat your post-festival blues by bringing home a neon beer sign. Not only will it add some much-needed brightness to your home décor, but it will also serve as a lasting reminder of the great time you had. Before that, let us first get into making the most out of beer festivals and the best beers to try. 

Making The Most of Beer Festivals

Oktoberfest is one of the world’s most famous beer festivals, but the celebration can be done all year round. Anyone can hold such an event, from big beer brands to small groups of local brewers. What matters is that all the brewers convene in one place—a haven for beer lovers like you. Make the most of the beer festival through these tips. 

Arrive with your stomach full.

Fill your belly with carbohydrates and protein before arriving at a beer festival to ward off the unwanted effects of drinking beer with an empty stomach. You have a whole day of beer tasting, so make sure to nibble on some snacks during the event too. While many beer festivals do not allow outside food, there will always be snacks sold inside the venue. Try pretzels for a classic and easy-to-access munch! 

Stay hydrated.

Aside from the solids, make sure to have plenty of water too. Although beer is made up of 95% water, this is not the hydration you are looking for. Go for fresh water. It keeps your bad hangovers at bay the day after because it helps flush the alcohol out of your system. After washing down a glass of beer, drinking water cleanses the taste buds, allowing you to appreciate the flavor of other beers you’ll be drinking. 

Dress comfortably.

You have a whole day of hopping from beer stall to beer stall, sometimes under the hot sun. You’ll thank yourself later when you wear an outfit that is simple and breezy. Even when the beer festival has a dress theme, always go for something you can wear easily. If you’re aiming for the best dressed award, be sure to have extra clothes you can change into after the contest. Footwear matters too. Wear comfortable shoes like sneakers or flats so that you can get from one keg to another with ease. 

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Prioritize your favorites.

With the amount of breweries and brands present in beer festivals, it’s almost impossible to taste them all. With that, make sure to plan your itinerary. Prioritize your favorite beers and brewers. Another thing to spot in beer festivals are special kegs. These kegs are made especially by brewers for the occasion. They might not serve it right away, so make sure to take note of the time when they will so you can set an alarm and have a taste of perfectly brewed beer. 

Be open to new tastes.

Meanwhile, beer festivals are also moments when you can become more adventurous by tasting beers you haven't tasted before. Prepare your beer mugs and sample the new beers you see. Just be courteous enough not to react badly with drinks you do not like. Remember that each beer is a fruit of the brewer’s labor. Expect that you won’t like everything.

Have a plan to get home safely.

After enjoying ounces of beer, you’ll surely be tipsy. You can arrive at the beer fest without planning which brewery to go to first, but you cannot attend this event without a plan to get home safely. Never drive drunk, so carpool with friends (and a designated driver) or grab a rideshare after all the drinks. If you are going home with a group, make sure to set a meeting place before you start drinking. This ensures that you know where to go after, even if you drink a little too much. 

The Best Beers to Look Forward to

There are so many different types of beer, which you’ll soon discover after attending a festival. Here are just a few popular types to look forward to. 


Do you watch films set in medieval times? You often see people in pubs ordering ale. The portrayal is accurate as ale is one of the oldest beers. Today, you can enjoy blonde, brown, pale, and sour ales. 


If you are the type that takes beer festivals seriously, visiting one place or country after another sampling their beers, you’ll know that lagers are common in European countries. Visit Canadian, German, and Dutch beer fests, and you can have the best lagers there are. 


If you like your beer to be on the fruity side, you can try porters. They might be dark but behind the color is the fruity taste. They can be a bit too dry, however the fruity notes keep them refreshing.


Beer is commonly portrayed as a drink with a creamy foam top in the marketing world. This portrayal will come to life when you have a glass of stout. The dark color looks like coffee, and even tastes like it too, with bitter notes that might not be to everyone’s taste. 


Every beer has its signature taste, and wheat beers are no different.They taste like citrus fruits with spices. This is the beer to consume if you want something to drink while chilling, as it’s very light.

neon light beer signs

Neon Beer Signs: A Glowing Remembrance

Every beer festival is fun and can be a roller coaster ride when there are various beers to taste. Aside from the good drinks, the event is also a moment to create new acquaintances. Good food, tasty beer, and great conversations with fellow beer enthusiasts are memories to keep. Don’t forget these moments, as you can have glowing remembrance through neon lights

Room Decoration

Create a room with a symbol of your personality as a beer lover. Neon light beers signs are the perfect decoration. You can light them in various blue, red, green, pink, or purple hues. You can pick a classic beer mug sign, a bucket of beer, or even go more personal by picking your favorite beer brand or brewery. 

Bar Design

Meanwhile, add a contemporary design to your bar through neon signs in your business establishment. This decoration fits whether you have a modern-looking bar or a rustic one. They complement modern looks because of the LED light, while rustic bars are given a modern touch because of the pop light. 

While many beer festivals last only for a few days, you can remember the good memories through cool neon beer signs.

Get your LED Neon Beer Signs from Neonize It!

Beer festivals are a great way to introduce new flavors to your taste buds and learn about different beers. They are also moments to meet new friends, or a fun time to bond with old ones. Ensure that you have a good time and avoid the dreaded hangover through these tips we shared. If you’re looking for a unique way to remember your festival experience, consider bringing home one of our neon light beer signs. We offer many different designs perfect for any bar or room. If you ever have more cool ideas in mind, know that we can also bring them to life with custom neon signs. Browse through our collection today to find the perfect beer sign for your home and bar.

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