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Liven Up Your Big Summer Beach Blowout with a Beach Neon Sign

Imagine breathing in the sweet summer breeze by the shore with the hypnotizing glow of a beach neon sign against your sun-kissed skin. To let loose and have fun at the beach with your dearest friends is an excellent way to spend the hottest time of the year

Summer is still a few months away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning your fabulous beach party now. From the prep to the actual party, let’s learn how to set up the biggest summertime celebration with neon beach signs and other party ideas.

Beach Party Prep: What does it take to plan a beach party?

Instead of staying in your room all day doing nothing but lying in a pool of sweat because of the sweltering summer heat, you could set up a simple gathering with your close friends. Better yet, you can throw a party by the beach to beat the heat!

Of course, a successful beach party doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to arrange a party, no matter how small. And if you have no experience organizing any gathering, you’ve come to the right place.

Reserving the location

The first concern is where the beach party will be held. You must select a location that fits your and your guests’ needs. A beach near your area would be convenient. You can reserve a secluded beach to give you and your friends privacy or host a party on a public beach.

Depending on the beach’s state or location, get the proper permits to hold a gathering there. You must contact local authorities about reservation requirements and permits before you let loose by the shore.

Selecting an appropriate theme

The next phase is to choose your party’s theme. An overarching theme will dictate the course of the party. Everything about the celebration will revolve around the theme, from the refreshments and food to the decorations and activities. Planning the whole event becomes much easier after the theme selection.

Your beach party theme could even be an inside joke you have with your friends or something your entire friend group agrees upon. Below is a list of some themes for a summertime celebration by the beach:

  • Hawaiian luau 
  • The Lost City of Atlantis theme
  • Disney-themed party featuring sea- or summer-related characters (The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Phineas & Ferb, etc.)
  • Spongebob Squarepants theme
  • Pirate theme.

Planning the activities

After picking the theme, it’s time to plan how you’ll entertain your guests. Sure, a get-together is fine with just booze and food. But encouraging your guests to play beach-related activities is where you up the ante and bring the real heat.

Again, your party activities will primarily depend on your chosen theme. For instance, a mysterious treasure hunt game will suit a pirate-themed party nicely. A round of karaoke will fit a Disney-themed beach party. 

You can also play simple beach sports, such as beach volleyball, frisbee, and sand soccer, or have a sandcastle-building competition. Projecting a movie by the shore is also a great way to wind the energy down as the party ends.

shot of a friend group doing cheers at a night beach party

3 Party Ideas to Spice Up Your Summertime Soiree

You’ve reserved the location for a specific date and already chosen activities that will go along well with your selected party theme. All that’s left to do is to get things into motion and set up your summertime beach blowout on D-Day.

Here are three party ideas and decorations to spark some inspiration in you.

Let loose at the tiki bar.

What’s fun at a beach party without booze? Setting up a tiki bar to sell and serve endless fruity refreshments for you and your guests during the party will be an excellent idea to amp up the excitement. A tiki bar’s fun Hawaiian-themed decorations will suit the beach aesthetic.

If setting up a tiki bar is outside your budget, you can serve the tropical cocktails yourself. To give you a few ideas, here is a list of alcoholic beverages that are perfect for a beach party:

  • Piña Coladas
  • Martinis
  • Margaritas
  • Mimosas.

What’s on the menu?

Another party necessity is food. Because the event is at the beach, the most apparent menu meals are seafood-based recipes. Crab cakes, lobster rolls, fish and chips, and similar dishes are excellent options for beach party food.

If you aren’t too fond of seafood, having a barbeque by the beach is also a great idea. You can grill steaks, burgers, pork cuts, chicken, bacon, vegetables, and fish for your guests. 

Snap a picture with a neon beach sign.

With proper planning, a beach party can be truly memorable. However, simple memories in our minds wouldn’t last forever. Keep the summertime magic alive and create priceless memories by installing a photo booth at your beach party. 

You can place various accessories in your photo booth that your guests can use while taking pictures, such as party hats, colorful wigs, goofy glasses, and more. You can also hang several party decorations in the booth to make it more lively and eye-catching, like a beach wave neon sign or balloons.

Let LED Neon Signs Be the Light of Your Party

Our tips and ideas will help you prepare and organize an unforgettable summertime party with your friends. Switch your beach neon light on, and set off your summer party to a great start with Neonize!

Neonize has a wide array of eye-catching neon sign designs you can choose from. Our energy-efficient neon lights, made with PVC, LED neon flex, and acrylic materials, are perfect for business signage, common rooms, and house decor.

Are you worried about overly expensive shipping costs? Don’t be! Neonize offers free shipping for customers in Canada and USA. 

Customize the neon sign of your dreams with Neonize today!

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