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Feel the Hot Girl Summer with a Neon Palm Tree Sign

Feeling like summer is the greatest period of the year? We know we do! In fact, we think vacations are so fetch. The better the weather and beach, the more likely you’ll see us there! 

This season, you'll also have the excuse to wear your cute bikini and Neonize your space to help you live your hot girl summer fantasy. 

So what is a hot girl summer, and why does Megan Thee Stallion keep talking about it?

What’s “Hot Girl Summer”?

As its name suggests, hot girl summer is a word with a gendered connotation primarily enjoyed by women. But, like many other cultural trends, its roots may be traced back to black women who have paved the way for sensational catchphrases and glamorous nails. 

Since immemorial, society has permitted and encouraged men to enjoy sex and hustling. It took a couple of years for women to be allowed such things since some people still think they're only good for housework and motherhood. With 'hot girl summer, women get the liberty to have sex and make money without feeling shame. 

The Origins of Hot Girl Summer

The name "Hot Girl Summer" is a play on three topics frequently discussed online: being a girl, having a hot body, and the summer season. 

It serves as a model against which individuals carry out their responsibilities: Spending a relaxing day at the beach? Hot girl summer! Are you going to be alone in your room at home? There’s no shame in being your own definition of hot girl summer!

Fulfill Your Hot Girl Summer Fantasy

To fulfill your hot girl fantasy and live in the constant reminder that you are, in fact, that girl (even if you live somewhere cold like San Francisco or Ontario), we have written a couple of decor ideas for that specific theme. Spoiler alert: it includes a palm tree neon sign and a whole lot of good vibes! 

1) Think about the significance of summer in your life. Is it the beach? A picnic in the park? Maybe it's a hammock under the shade of an old oak tree. Whatever it may be, try to incorporate that feeling into your space by using colours that remind you of summer. Maybe use something blue or green to mimic the ocean or bright orange and yellow to emulate the warmth of sunflowers and sunsets.

2) Bring in some natural elements like flowers or plants that will make your space feel fresh and alive! You can even utilize them as inspiration for embellishing with accessories like vases or bowls.

3) Ensure some interior parts are unrestricted so you can let in as much natural light as you can! 

4) Use many white and light colours against the pop of colour you chose. They will make your space feel fresh, airy, and clean! 

5) Switch out your rug (if you have one) with one that is coloured brown or blue. Tufted rugs are all the rage these days because of their personalization. However, if you can commission an artist for a rug inspired by the beach, that's even better!

6) Get a palm tree neon light to fully capture the good vibes of summer in your space. Take inspiration from the abundant palm trees in Los Angeles, where it always feels like the weekend or the perfect place to get brunch and cocktails. 

Neon Signs: A Hot Girl Summer Staple

A personalized neon palm tree light from Neonize is probably the only thing you'll need to embody the hot girl summer vibe. It might only be a small addition to your space, but it makes a huge difference, especially with the good vibes it brings. Not convinced? Here are more reasons to incorporate this hot girl summer staple into your home: 

Neon Signs Provide Cool Lighting

This sign is the perfect accent for any room in your home, from a relaxing bedroom to an energetic kitchen. It's also great as a nightlight, providing just enough light to see without leaving you feeling blinded when you wake up in the middle of the night.

The palm tree can transform a room into a tropical paradise at any time of year. From snowmen tiptoeing on Christmas Eve (just kidding-we hope) to H20 balloons floating above Tetris blocks during spring break (no need for explanation here), a neon sign can brighten any space with its good vibes and vibrant colours.

Neon Signs Give the Summer Vibe Without the Heat

Imagine feeling the excitement of summer without the actual heat. This is exactly how you can bring summer into your space with a palm tree sign. You can use this palm tree wall decal from the beach to your backyard as an accent piece for your interior design or outdoor decor. You can even take it with you to the beach house and use it there too! 

Neon Signs Supply Greenery to Any Space 

A palm tree sign is a great addition to your space because it's guaranteed to keep the summer vibes flowing into your home all season long! This palm tree sign is also a fun way to decorate for summer and can add greenery to your space. In addition, it's the best way to incorporate plants into your home without worrying about watering them or keeping them alive.

If you're looking for more ways to bring some tropical sunshine into your life (and why wouldn't you be?), a palm tree neon LED sign is the way to do so. If you want to add more greens, we have plenty of greenery options for you on our site! 

Fire It Up with Neonize

Apart from the good old neon light palm tree sign that every hot girl summer should have (yes, even Megan Thee Stallion), our site also offers a wide range of neon lights. You can find what type of art deco you want for your space with a single click. 

Pink Flamingo Neon Sign for Las Vegas Hot Girls

For those who prefer the Las Vegas theme, even if they're from the other side of the United States or the globe, we have colourful and vivid designs, like this pink flamingo sign from our very own selection. It's pink and definitely matches the whole Las Vegas theme.

New York Neon Sign for Hardworking Hot Girls

As for those hot girls who work hard and dream even harder, a New York light is all they need to make them hustle harder for their dreams. Who knows? Maybe today's North Carolina, but tomorrow it's Times Square. So keep thriving, hot girl! 

Follow the Call of the Disco Ball for Retro Hot Girls

Are you the type of girl who loves the 70s and 80s? You're all about the groovy throwback, and you take inspiration from fashion icons like Farrah Fawcett. We have a neon sign that reads, 'Follow The Call Of The Disco Ball.' Fulfill that disco hot girl fantasy with this neon light! 

Your Hot Girl Summer Starts with Neonize

If you are looking for a way to add some tropical fun to your home, then this neon palm tree sign is a perfect choice. It's not only super cute but also practical! This palm tree will be perfect if you don't have room for a real plant or just don't feel like watering it. You'll love how easy it is to hang up, and it comes with a warranty, so this investment won't become another impulse buy in vain. 

Check out our other designs and neon sign reviews to find the perfect LED neon light to complement your vibe!

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