A home decoration sign in neon red that reads “Stay at home”

Accentuate Your Lighting Using a Neon Home Decoration Sign

A home is a place where you should feel comfortable and relaxed. And with neon home decoration signs, you can make your house a place that truly feels like home. So whether you are looking to add some light to a dark corner or want to bring in some extra style, these signs are the perfect way to do it! 

Not sure where to start? This guide will give you neon inspiration and ideas. But first, let’s begin by knowing the benefits of good home lighting to encourage you to get your illuminations right. 

Benefits of Good Home Lighting

What does good lighting mean for home improvement? Is it useful beyond its interior design purposes?

Lighting plays an essential role in our home life. It does not only contribute to the overall beauty of your home, but it also affects your well-being. It can even bring out your creativity and boost your productivity.

Check out the benefits of good home lighting before changing your decor. 

  • It highlights your best decoration pieces. If you want to emphasize your home decor—be it your trophy shelf, eccentric furniture, or a prized antique—put the spotlight on them. Brightening them up with great lighting adds life and texture to your space.
  • It optimizes your environment. Lighting gives you cues on how to use a room. For instance, a home office or study room should be well-lit for you to be productive. A relaxation room, on the other hand, needs to be dim and shadowy for you to relax. 
  • It improves your mood. Brighten up your home if you want a dose of energy and positive vibes. A warm lighting temperature is best if you want to feel cozy and ward off the gloom.
  • It promotes sleep. The body follows the circadian cycle, waking when the sun rises and dozing off as it gets dark. You can mimic this rhythm of light and darkness through lighting.

Accentuate Your Home with a Neon Home Sign Decoration

If you are looking for a contemporary light fixture that will add spark to a rather plain room, a lighted home decoration sign is a great option. Check out these tips to help you choose one. 

Pick a Design Matching the Space’s Theme

Neon light signs come in different designs that can fit different themes. You will find unique lighting for any of the following themes:

  • Superheroes
  • Letters
  • Funny quotes
  • Famous movies and tv shows
  • Silhouettes of popular artists
  • Bar- and sports-themed lights
  • Love and romance lights
  • Holiday lights

Do you have another theme in mind? You can always have a custom sign!

Find the Perfect Size

After picking a design, determine the size of the neon sign you want to have. The bigger the size, the brighter the light. Larger signs are best if you are throwing parties and holding events. Meanwhile, small to medium LED signs are best if you are using them indoors, especially with limited space. They can add just the right amount of light and color to the room.

Consider Where You’ll Display the Sign

You can display the sign in different parts of the home. You can use it to decorate your bedroom, man cave, home bar, home office, and even your garden or farmhouse outdoors! 

Since these lights are easy to mount and unmount, you can redecorate now and then.

Be Wise in Choosing the Colors

Your choice of light color will affect the space’s personality and the mood you want to create. Thus, choose your color scheme wisely. 

Check out the mood and feelings each color exudes.

  • Red: Emanates love, passion, energy, and excitement
  • Yellow: Gives a boost of happiness and energy
  • Blue: Exudes a peaceful feeling as well as trust
  • Green: The color of greenery, nature, and healing
  • Pink: A sweet color that shows sophistication and compassion
  • Purple: The color of royalty and luxury
  • White: A neutral color that is simple, clean, and honest

It would also be best to consider the other sources of light in the room, so all the lights match and jive. 

Make Sure It’s Affordable

Last but not least, consider your budget. You will find many affordable neon signs out there, but make sure to check the quality of the materials. The sign should be ready with mounting holes and have an acrylic backing that you can easily display. It should also include a remote control, dimmer, power adapter, and receiver with a transparent cable. These features ensure you will get a high-quality neon sign that stands out.

Get a Home Decoration Sign by Neonize

Good lighting is key to a warm and inviting house. It affects mood, sleep, and productivity. Lighted home sign decor also accentuates certain spaces and showcases other decoration items you have at home. Thus, be sure to pick a sign that matches the location and the theme. Also, choose its color wisely. 

If you're looking for an eye-catching way to light up your home, consider the neon light signs we offer here at Neonize! Our collections are of great quality, and you can choose from a wide variety of designs. 

We also create customized neon signs if you want to bring to life something unique. Upload your design to our website, and we’ll craft them. 

Get your neon sign and add spark to your home today!

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