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Make Your Own Spa at Home With Zen Lights and “This Must Be the Place” Neon Sign

Do you always look forward to having a spa after days of putting your hundred percent at work? Feeling the soothing warmth of a steam bath, the soft bubbling of the water, and the sweet smell of essential oils in the air? If so, this blog post is for you! 

In this article, we'll help you make your own home spa—from picking out the perfect location, choosing the right supplies, and using the This Must Be The Place light sign to give a relaxing glow to your space. So sit back, relax, and let us show you how to turn your home into a spa oasis.

The Essentials in Creating a DIY Spa

Pampering yourself after a long day must be a norm for you, but let us level up the experience by turning a corner of your home into a zen spot. You do not need a home renovation—just a few home design tweaks and adding some spa essentials. Here is what you'll need. 

A Dedicated Zen Area

The best spot you can choose as your spa area is the bathroom, as it is close to the shower and the tub. You can turn the space into a spa by redecorating it. Add some natural elements like a wooden basket, a timber shelf, and greens from indoor plants. Invest in a relaxing chair you can sit on as you do your pampering routine. 

Organized Spa Essentials

Use the rustic-looking shelves as robe and towels storage and the wooden basket to organize the essential oils, creams, scrubs, and other spa essentials. A decluttered space is the first step to relaxation, and with the plenty of products you use for your wellness, keeping them organized ensures that you know where to find them when you need them and replenish them.

Calm Rhythms and Tunes

Another element that will set your DIY spa from a regular bathroom is the presence of zen music and sounds. You can go for a natural ambiance by putting up a mini fountain or wind chimes in your bathroom for a relaxing flowing water sound and additional aesthetics. 

You can also relax your tired mind and body by listening to relaxing and healing music, which is readily available online. 

Scent for the Soul

Unwind and relax your mind through the help of scented candles or humidifiers infused with relaxing essential oils. Jasmine, rosemary, lavender, vanilla, and sage are good calming oils. You can also go for the soothing scent of cinnamon, peppermint, and sweet basil. 

Aside from diffusing the smell in your spa area, you can also add it to your bath. Apply some on your skin, or put some on your pillow. 

Soft and Relaxing Lighting

Set the lighting apart from the rest of the bathroom by choosing warmer tones. If you want to add something posh and contemporary, that's when the This Must Be The Place LED neon sign comes in. 

Dim the bathroom lights and set the LED neon light in a dimmed tone too. Let the relaxation sink in. This spa area is the place, the space where you find your calm. 

this must be the place neon

Spa Ideas to Do at Home

With a space beautifully set up for your Me time, you'll be more inspired to pamper yourself. Sit back on your ergonomic spa chair, let the This Must Be The Place neon light decoration glow, and turn on the zen sounds. Zone out from your worries and treat yourself with any of these spa ideas. 

Soaked in goodness: Utilize your tub by bathing in goodness. Add oatmeal, honey, lavender oil, coconut oil, baking soda, or Epsom salt to rejuvenate, exfoliate, or pamper your skin. 

Focus on the skin: Invest in a skin brush for dry rubs, which helps induce proper blood circulation and exfoliate the skin. Wet rubs are equally refreshing.

Foot pampering: You must be tired doing errands, walking back and forth all day. Give your feet the relaxation it deserves through a foot rub and massage. 

Hand, arm, and leg massage: Apply some soothing muscle gel on top of the extremity acupressure treat. Your exhausted hands, arms, and legs deserve it. 

Show some face love: Maintain a happy glow through a refreshing mask, dirt removing peels, and moisturizing creams. Pick ingredients in your kitchen for natural face pampering. 

Shining crowning glory: Long, short, straight, curly, and no matter what the shade of your hair is, they also deserve a break through a scalp massage and relaxing brush strokes. 

Beautify your nails: Achieve healthy and clean nails by adding into your spa routine a treat for them. You'll have the confidence to do handshakes, for sure!

Nourished from within: Aside from the treat that maintains an attractive appearance, sip or munch on something healthy as you relax. Protein shakes, fresh fruits, or some tea would be great. 

this must be the place light sign

Get Your Home Spa Zen Lighting From Neonize!

Creating a spa at home is easier than you think and can be incredibly affordable, too. With just a few simple essentials, some organization, and a little creativity, you can have your oasis to escape to any time you need. From foot baths and face masks to hand massages and scalp treatments, there are plenty of ways to relax and rejuvenate at home.

If you need lighting to decorate and emanate relaxation in your zen spot, check out our collections here at Neonize! You can begin with the This Must Be The Place neon sign or browse through more of our inspiring quotes or posh beauty symbols. 

If you have anything in mind which isn't available in our traditional neon designs, worry not, as we also do custom neon sign! Just send in your design and let us bring them to life. Check our website now to achieve the home spa you have been dreaming of!

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