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7 Cactus Neon Lights To “Prickle” Your Fancy

Fun fact of the day: did you know that what the early Greeks referred to as "Kaktus" back in the day was actually an artichoke? The word "cactus" is a Spanish word used to describe a prickly or spikey artichoke. This means the cactus we know today is not the same as what the people knew then.

Cacti are one unique species of plants. They have so many significant differences from regular plants, including the fact that they lack leaves and can hold up to 200 gallons of water (for Saguaro cacti). There are about 1866 species of flowering cacti and 131 genera under the Cactaceae family. Additionally, many of those can be taken care of as a houseplant.

If you are a fan of these diverse and wonderful plants, you might like these cactus neon lights as an added decoration to your house or business. Check out seven neon lights that might "prickle" your fancy below.

Vibrant Neon Signs for Anything and Everything

Neon signs are not new. They have been used as eye-catchers since the 1920s for business establishments that want to attract their customers. The difference is that now, you can have a neon size with a custom size and design for the interior and exterior of your home or anywhere you like to spruce up using these vibrant decors.

Whether you want to add a little touch of color to your already cactus-filled home or you want to get an LED sign for your business, consider browsing through the Neonize It cactus neon lights collection. Here is a sneak peek of the designs available in that collection.

  1. Simple Cactus in a Pot Neon Light

If you have a green thumb and love collecting and caring for plants, you might already have a few pots of succulents and cacti in your greenhouse. Your indoor cacti collection might include old lady cactus, barrel cactus, bunny ear cactus, blue columnar cactus, moon cactus, ladyfinger cactus, and bishop's cap cactus.

That might seem a lot for a non-collector, but it feels like it is not enough. You feel like something is missing. Maybe you want to add the Saguaro cactus, but they are too big to fit your house. If you relate to this dilemma, your solution can be cactus decorations like this simple cactus in a pot.

This neon design is very similar to the Saguaro cactus. It has two arms facing up, as if trying to say hello to the sun while sitting in a cozy red pot. It has a straightforward and minimal design that could fit your plant room aesthetic.

  1. Cactus with Blue Flower Neon Sign

There are almost 2 thousand species of cacti that bloom vibrant flowers. Different cacti species produce different types and sizes of flowers, and almost in every color, too! For example, some cacti are covered in small red blooms at the right conditions, and others bloom only one to two flowers at a time. What makes it special is that some flowers then turn into edible fruits!

Although this neon cactus wall decoration does not have any edible cactus fruit, it has a pretty blue flower resting on top of a cactus. This dainty design would look great near your office table or maybe on the walls near your outdoor garden. 

Yes, you can put this sign outside, especially if you pick the waterproof feature in one of the choices on the website. Of course, additional payment is required, but imagine a group of cacti neon signs with different colored flowers blooming on your garden walls.

  1. Minimalist Cactus Neon Light

This neon sign looks similar from the design above, but they have a few differences. The previous cactus with a pot looked a bit more stout than this one. This neon light has a longer cactus with longer arms. Also, it has an orange pot instead of red, and it has a little space between the plant and the pot.

The single-line design is perfect for those interested in minimal designs. It is a great statement piece in your minimalist home, standing out while staying on theme. Although simple in design, this plant sign speaks more to those who like a neat and minimalistic home.

  1. Mexican Cactus With Quote LED Light

This fun Mexican cactus stands straight and says, "We are not authentic, we are original." This neon cactus sign would be perfect for brands that want to make a statement or create a fun atmosphere. It has a fun sombrero or a Mexican hat and a mustache. Hats are fun, right?

If you find this cactus funny, quirky, or you feel like it fits your style, then order this Mexican cactus neon sign in Neonize It!

  1. Cactus with Red Flower Neon Light Sign

Are you busy working at home and have no time to tend to plants, but you want to have one as a decoration? Well, we got you a solution because there is one plant that does not need watering at all—a neon cactus! Add this chic wall decor to your home office so you can say you have an office plant without the actual responsibility of keeping it alive. All you have to do is plug and unplug it whenever you please.

This sign's green and red combination offers a vibrant addition to your walls, especially if they need a touch of color on them.

  1. Small Cactus Design

Are you going for a more minimal and monochrome design? This small cute cactus could be your style. Small neon signs are a cute addition to walls that already have wall decors on them. It can also be added to areas or spots in your house or office that feel bland. Add color to your gym area, kitchen, bathroom, breakfast nook, or foyer to add more ambiance to your home.

Although this design looks cute, you can choose a bigger size if small signs are not your style. You can choose from small (45 cm), medium (60 cm), large (76 cm), and extra-large (91 cm). Choose which size fits the area you plan on hanging it up.

  1. Cactus Jack Neon Light

If you are looking for a particular neon cactus related to the music industry, you might be looking for a cactus jack neon sign. Travis Scott's Cactus Jack Record Company is a company that was founded by Travis Scott himself and his mentor, John Janick, in 2013 and has been successful ever since. The cactus jack logo can be seen on clothing and merchandise from the record company and many other places such as websites or even tattoos.

The cactus jack logo signifies the tenacity of this business that never gives up no matter what obstacles are in front of them. If you are a fan of Travis, his albums, or his record company, then this neon light is for you!

Customize Your Cactus Design in Neonize It!

Cacti come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. So, if you want a specific cactus made into a LED sign that is not on the catalog, we got you! Neonize takes many orders all the time, even custom ones. As long as you have the design ready, then so are we.

All you have to do is:

  • save a reference photo of a cactus design that you like
  • click customize button on the right side
  • upload the photo
  • pick the color and size you prefer
  • and the rest is filling in the information needed for shipment

So, do not fret when your favorite spiky plant is not on our website because getting a customized neon sign is always an option. Take the cactus with the sombrero as an example. Its quote was custom and sent to us by the customer. 

You can also take any of the existing designs and add your flare or custom quote. Our lines are always open, so if you have trouble getting customized signs from us, you can always reach out to us so we can assist you with whatever you need!

We Have More Plants For Your Different Needs!

Cacti are not the only plants on our website. We have plants from different catalogs, such as the monstera, in our cute neon signs collection. We have fruits and vegetables too, such as eggplants and bananas! And if you want a tropical theme, we also have a coconut with a bendy straw. 

In addition, if you look around the site, you can find cute puns, plant designs, and plant-related quotes that you might enjoy. So, if you are curious about other plant neon art, you can check the cute neon signs and food neon signs collections to look through more options.

If you are running a business related to cacti, plants, or fruits and vegetables, we have signs for that, too. A great idea would be to have your business logo or name made along with your choice of cactus plant design. You can choose from the twelve colors available or mix and match colors you want for an additional payment.

Get Your Own Neon Signs Only Here At Neonize It!

Cacti are unique plants with multiple purposes, such as food and water, and recently, they have become a source of vegan fabric. Who would have thought that an otherwise dangerous-looking plant could be so flexible and important?

If you are looking for a sign to buy a cactus neon light, this is it. Plants make your living space livelier and more appealing. Whether it is a real plant, a fake plant, or a neon plant, they make a difference in the ambiance of your home. You do not even have to limit yourself to having a green cactus neon. You can have other vibrant colors such as pink, blue, red, violet, white, or whatever is tickling your fancy.If you are looking for more neon signs to decorate your walls, Neonize It has a dozen categories to browse through. From more recent pop culture to nostalgia-inducing signs to a specific interest, we have a lot! Also, keep an eye out for promos like neon cactus for sale! Take your time looking for that one neon light that speaks to your soul, only here in Neonize It.

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