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White Neon Aesthetic for a Clean Girl Look in Your Room

One thing you can count on the Internet is to create a whole new aesthetic for netizens to try or obsess over. 

If you're always online, chances are you've heard of the “clean girl” aesthetic. It references young women who wear only clean makeup and minimalistic clothing. But it is not just a trend in fashion and makeup. It’s emerging in interior design too. 

You can achieve the clean girl aesthetic in your sanctuary—your bedroom. If you want to give your room this trendy look, you need a few essentials, plus a white neon aesthetic.

The Clean Girl Aesthetic

The clean girl aesthetic is all about sensibility with a tinge of a minimalistic approach to interior design. It doesn't have to be void of colors or accessories to fit into the theme. It only needs to exude sophistication, class, and leisure. 

How to Make Your Bedroom Fit the Clean Girl Aesthetic

Think of the off-duty model look but for your bedroom. That’s the clean girl aesthetic. It is more popular than ever, and it's time to try it out in your own space. Here's how to achieve it.

Vanity Table and Side Table

Your vanity and side table are probably the hardest to overhaul when changing your bedroom’s theme. They contain so many makeup, skin care, and beauty products that it's hard to declutter them, especially if they're expensive.

Neonize pro tip: Start by decluttering the expired products on these tables. We bet you’ll be throwing a lot away. If it's too hard to let go, consider that these products no longer work or are harmful to use.

Let's say you finally have a clean slate. You can now display your favorite makeup products on your vanity table as decoration and for easy access.

As for your side table, add texture to the blank canvas. For example, you can put a smooth gold plate and place different items such as jewelry, candles, raw stones, or a Himalayan salt lamp.


We get it: the closet rods you use to hang your clothes might have been a good idea initially. Once upon a time, it was all the rage, but the Internet moves fast, so it isn't as relevant now.

With the clean girl aesthetic, it's time to change it up. Remember: the keyword for this style is “neat.” If your open wardrobe highlights the clutter of your clothes or their clashing colors and the mere sight of it gives you a headache, you may need an actual closet. 

Opt for something simple, muted, and structured. It should complement your room, not draw attention to itself. What you should highlight instead are the decor and focal pieces you hang. 


If you're a bookworm, you probably think it's hard to achieve a clean-girl room, especially with a wide selection of books with colorful covers.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you.

Neonize pro tip #1: To create a cohesive look, you can organize your books by the color of their spines. Keep all the pink books on one side of the shelf and the yellow books on the other. This way, your room can have a little color without sacrificing cleanliness.

Neonize pro tip #2: What if you don’t own that many books? That's alright! You can place small plants on the shelf to fill the space. Basically, you can display anything you feel belongs on the shelf as long as it fits the color scheme.

Working Area

It’s easy to leave your working area in ruin because your job occupies much of your energy. But the secret to keeping your working area cohesive to the clean girl look is to minimize the items on your table. The only things that should be on there are your computer, notebook, and pen. Of course, it will be much better if all these items are in the same color palette.


To have a clean girl bed, use solid colors for your bedsheets and steer clear of patterns. If you must, the patterns should take up only a small portion of the fabric.


Just because it should look neat doesn't mean it should be devoid of personality. Add a little flair to your muted walls with picture frames or neon wall signs. Make sure to buy a piece that fits the color scheme of your room.

Other Interior Design Tips to Achieve a Clean Girl Room

When it comes to ensuring your bedroom maintains the clean girl aesthetic you've worked so hard on, some things can make all the difference.

  1. Use furniture with clean lines and simple shapes. If you want something modern or contemporary, this is something you should consider using in your room. Clean lines and shapes add visual interest while remaining easy on the eyes.
  2. Fill in any bare spots with artwork or photos mounted on black frames. Even colored frames will work as long as they're not too bright. They’re a great way to bring some color into an otherwise neutral room.
  3. Use white walls and lights. White walls and lights instantly brighten up any space, making it look bigger and cleaner. You can also use light colors like soft pinks or blues to create the illusion of space.

White Aesthetic Neon Lights—the Neonize Way

Neonize offers a range of neon signs for various spaces, be they for your home, workplace, or business. In addition, we make neon lights for different aesthetic styles, so you don't need to worry about the concept.

For white lighting, we suggest the Good Things Are Coming neon light from our quote neon sign collection. It is hopeful, relaxed, and classy, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of the clean girl aesthetic.

For people who are fans of Taylor Swift, The 1975, and other artists, we have a couple of music neon signs available for you, too. 

Additionally, we offer customized neon signs if our ready-made designs don't vibe with you.


Getting a clean-girl bedroom isn't as difficult as you may think. The tips we shared should help you declutter your space and give it a polished aesthetic that looks straight out of a magazine shoot.

A white neon aesthetic light can also help do the job. It's easy to maintain, affordable, and modern; it looks great with your decor; it's an added light source for your room. Its benefits are endless, especially for the clean girl agenda.

Want to discover more design ideas incorporating single-color neon lights? Check out our blog. We have a recent post on making your room festive with blue neon signs.

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