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Here's What Your Anime Neon Sign Pick Says About You

Are you a devoted anime fan who enjoys gathering anime merchandise and clothes? You probably have a giant poster of an anime character in your gaming room or have that one anime neon sign that you love staring at. 

But have you ever wondered what your neon sign picks tell about your personality? 

Well, wonder no more—we're breaking it down in this blog post. Keep reading to find out exactly how your favourite anime neon signs reflect the kind of person you are!

Which of These Anime Neon Signs Matches Your Personality?

Are you looking for a taste of Japanese pop culture like no other? Set your sights on Japanese neon signs! These glowing signs will transform your favourite space instantly. Aside from the aesthetics they bring, your choice of neon sign reveals something about you.

Check out what these classic anime neon signs say about your personality:

Pokemon Neon Lights

It's not easy to pick a favourite from the vast, diverse world of Pokémon! From Pikachu to Gengar and more, the world of pocket monsters has enough options that it may take decades for any fanatical trainer to find their absolute favourite. 

If you pick one of these Pokemon neon signs, here’s what they say about you: 

Gengar Neon Sign

Gengar is known for having a naughty personality in the Pokemon franchise. If you have a Gengar Neon Light Sign with you, you're someone with a naughty personality. You could be someone who likes stealing your friend's jokes and making them viral on your Twitter account. 

Aside from being mischievous, you love the company of people because you are full of energy and enthusiasm. You also don't hesitate to fill in leadership positions

Eevee Neon Sign

If you're a fan of the Pokemon franchise, it's impossible you haven't seen Eevee. Even if she has a determined personality, her evolution shines through. This is likely one of the factors why Eevee is one of the most popular among 800 other Pokemon. 

Your unique talent is evolving into any role required of you. You're also fearless in embracing every step you take in life. If you have the Eevee Pokemon Neon Sign on your bedroom or gaming room, that could symbolize your ability to evolve through challenges

Pikachu Neon Light Sign

Are you proud of that Pikachu Neon Light Sign on your wall? You should be! If Pikachu is your all-time favourite Pokémon, then you're someone who embodies and values loyalty

You're reliable, especially in critical situations. You also tend to surprise people with your strength during tough times. And most importantly, you pack a pretty mean punch when the moment calls for it. 

Kirby Pokemon Neon Light Sign

Kirby is not a Pokemon. But if you've got a Kirby Pokemon LED Neon Light Sign, you're someone with a cheerful attitude. You love to explore the world with curiosity. You're also happy to try new things, even embarrassing ones. 

Naruto Neon Signs

Now let's head to another timeless classic, the beloved anime series Naruto! The show delivers inspiring messages of perseverance and strong relationships that resonate with its fans. It's no wonder why Naruto characters are always part of every otaku's favourites

Here's what your favourite Naruto neon signs say about you:

Naruto Neon Light Sign

Are you still thinking of which Naruto character-inspired neon signs you'll get? If your first choice is none other than the main character, Naruto, you're an idealist

If you're after the Naruto Neon Light Sign, you are daring and value spontaneity rather than routine. You also have a knack for helping others uncover and nurture unique talents.

Sakura Naruto Neon Sign

Heads up, Sakura Haruno fans! If you've got a Sakura Naruto Neon Sign in your home, you love spending quality time with your friends. You also have an innate ability to connect easily and deeply empathize with others. This is proof of how much human connection matters to you

Sasuke Naruto Neon Light Sign

Have you been thinking long about purchasing the Sasuke Naruto Neon Light Sign? Well, that's not surprising, though. You're channeling your inner Sasuke

Choosing Sasuke suggests that you are a thoughtful and realistic person. You are also overflowing with productivity and focus. 

luffy one piece anime neon sign

One Piece Neon Signs

Now, let’s explore one of the best anime series. With its captivating characters, imaginative settings, and never-ending epic storyline, it's no surprise why One Piece has been stealing hearts for years!

Here’s what your favourite One Piece character says about you:

Luffy One Piece Neon Sign

Luffy has always been part of anime fans' favourites! If you've got a Luffy Neon Sign, it symbolizes your adventurous spirit and ability to solve problems creatively. You're also a cool leader with ambition, fun, and wit. 

One Piece Chopper Neon Light Sign

Have you got a One Piece Chopper Neon Light Sign? Then, you're a complex individual with a rich inner world. You are loyal, and you stick true to your values. Even though it can be hard for you to open up, you express yourself the most through creativity.

Not on the List? Customize Your Neon Sign!

Are you a diehard anime fan who dreams of the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your favourite shows? Showcase your personality by choosing one of the anime neon signs in this article. 

Can't see your favourite anime character?

Neonize offers anime-inspired neon lights, perfect for your bedroom or gaming room. If you can't choose from our collection, you can have a customized neon sign version.

Get a custom neon sign and channel your inner anime character today!

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