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Radiate Beauty Inside and Out: The Charm of Neonize It’s Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign

Filling the world with love, light, and beauty is highly possible despite the seemingly bleak state of our surroundings. Amid not-so-positive events, our determination to find the things that make us happy strengthens even more. 

As the saying goes, the light shines brightest in darkness, and sometimes, the light you are looking for need not be a grand one. It sometimes comes from the slightest kind gestures, a simple encouraging message, or, for us, a Hello Gorgeous sign.

Walk with us as we show you the different designs of this beauty neon sign and how you can radiate its charm by hanging it in places where many people can see it. 

Let’s check it out!

The Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign Designs

If you’re frowning for one reason, shake off the negative feeling by thinking about ten more reasons to smile. 

We cannot give you ten, but we can give you seven through these seven gorgeous Hello Beautiful neon sign designs. Each has unique characteristics you’ll love. Just a heads-up: you may have a hard time choosing among them!

Design Variations

You can choose from a total of seven high-quality design variations at the moment. Some of the signs feature playful cursive fonts that will channel the same jolly feeling to viewers.

The cursive font also gives off a natural feel as if someone wrote the message. Do you remember when someone wrote you a letter, and you opened the long message with the greeting, “Hello, Gorgeous!”? This neon art sign will make you nostalgic at a glance. 

We also have designs with simple fonts that allow the message “Hello, Gorgeous” to shine. If you are into minimalist depictions, you'll love these! They will add accent and light to your room or store while maintaining a merry vibe. 

Picture a plain bar or your room with simple white, black, or gray walls decorated with a custom LED neon sign lit in cheerful colors. Aside from the uplifting message, the light brings life to the place. 


More about the colors: you can light the Hello Gorgeous neon sign in different shades, just like many of our designs.

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Lemon yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Light blue
  • Purple
  • Rose pink
  • Light pink 
  • Warm white
  • Cool white

All the happy colors match the positivity the neon sign’s message radiates, but which shade is the best?

Consider the color of the wall in which you’ll be hanging this design to pick the best LED neon light color. It is best if you match dark walls with light hues of white, pink, yellow, or orange. On the other hand, white- and light-painted walls are better with dimmer shades of blue, green, or purple for a mysterious glow. 

Still, it depends on your taste and what color makes you happy. You can pick your favorite color so that whenever you light the sign, its message can quickly stir joyful vibes in you. 

If you give this as a gift, you can also consider researching a bit about the receiver’s color preference. The effort makes the holiday or birthday token even more meaningful. 

Which to Choose?

Now, here’s a tough question. In a sea of gorgeous designs, which would you choose? 

It depends on your interior decoration goals. The uplifting message is there, but you’d also want the final look to be as visually pleasing as possible. 

Here’s something to help you: the color combination guide!

First off, check out the color of the room you are placing it in. How many interior color shades are there? This information will help you decide among the complementary, triad, analogous, split complementary, tetrad, or square combination of the color combination wheel. 

Then, remember the available colors of Neonize It neon LED light. The samples on our website currently show a neon sign posted on black walls, but you can look for an application or visualize how the design would look on bright or colorful walls. 

The key to choosing is really whether the light color matches your interiors. 

Spread the Charm to Others

The areas where you can put this lovely and empowering neon sign are limitless and dependent on how creative your mind is, but we recommend that you position it where other people can see it. In doing so, you bring literal light to the area and the hearts of the beholders. 

Visualize a relative or friend visiting your home welcomed by the message “Hello, Gorgeous!” The optimistic and delighted feelings will surely overflow. 

You can also turn on the cheery vibe in your business establishment or office for your employees and clients through the jolly greeting neon sign. 

In Your Room

After a long day at school or at work, your energy is surely drained. With the feeling of physical tiredness comes a drop in self-esteem. Ensure that before you go to sleep, your mind is filled with good thoughts about yourself. Drift into your sweet dreams as your room is lit with a neon sign affirming how great you are. 

As the sun rises, the chances of you waking at the wrong side of the bed will go down if Hello, Gorgeous! is the first message you’ll see. 

Everybody’s Haven

If men have their man cave, everyone should also have a haven, regardless of gender. It’s where you can convene with your circle to share some hearty laughter, awesome times, and every good thing about life. 

Dim the light a bit so that the Hello, Gorgeous message can shine. No matter what activity you have for your squad—movie marathon, a chill in your home bar mixing your signature cocktails, or an exciting day filled with out-of-the-box games—the neon sign will set “positive vibes only.” 

Whether you’re with your support clique or you need some time alone, your home wellness corner is better with this posh sign. 

Wellness and Relaxation Business

From an attractive corner in your home, let us move to bring light and style to your business establishment or work building. 

Your tasks and routines are monotonous enough; the decoration of your workplace does not need to have the same vibe. These days, innovative office interiors are trending, with employers aiming to create an environment for their employees to think creatively. Do the same in your company and have people work with happy hearts!

Not unlike the office is your store, which offers chill time for professionals or young people trying to savor the moment. Do you have a food or cafe business? Hang up this sign to keep the minds of your visitors in an optimistic state. 

As a Gift

Last but not least, ensure that your gift wrapping is as gorgeous as the neon sign inside. It will sustain the receivers’ joy and excitement when they receive your gift and discover the goodness inside. 

This traditional neon sign is a perfect gift for your special someone, especially when the term of endearment you share is Gorgeous. 

Also, if you want to boost your family or friend’s level of confidence and self-love, this neon sign is an excellent surprise. With it, you share a simple yet heartfelt message more than once. Every time your loved ones light up the sign indoors or outdoors, you know the message will uplift their feelings. 

You do not need a special installation to put up your chosen sign. You can just pop the holes on the acrylic board into the pre-drilled holes and plug it into the power supply, and the brightness of it will shine. 

Beauty Inside and Out

Beauty outside through the decorations of your home, office, or store and empowered feelings of self-love and thoughts of personal worth within—these are what the sign will bring. 

Just getting and lighting the Hello, Gorgeous neon sign bring immense positive results because you’ll never know who among your coworkers, customers, or loved ones are touched by the message. 

This sign is a classic example of goodness in a small package. In just two words, you can change someone’s day.

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