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One Piece Neon Sign & 5 Other Gifts That Would Mean the World to Any Anime Enthusiast

From demon-slaying protagonists and characters transforming into titans to ninjas fulfilling their dreams, there isn’t a single genre and world that Japanese animation shies away from. With this enormous number of options, it’s unsurprising that the anime-loving community keeps growing. 

However, because there are too many animes with vastly different genres, giving gifts to your anime-enthusiast friend can be challenging, especially if you're still exploring the anime world.

But don’t fret just yet! We’re here to give you a list of otaku-friendly presents your friend would definitely enjoy. From a radiant One Piece neon sign to homecooked meals, let’s discover how you can make any anime lover’s day with our six gift ideas.

6 Perfect Presents for Your Otaku Buddy

Gift-giving doesn’t require a tedious shopping spree if you already know what you want. Here are six gift ideas that any anime lover would appreciate.

Outfit Check

Clothes are one of the most useful gifts you can offer to somebody. In fact, studies show that receiving clothing is the second most received gift for adults, regardless of the occasion. 

With that statistic and the fact that otakus don’t exactly have the best reputation in the fashion world in mind, it’s only fitting to give your friend a long overdue anime-themed outfit makeover. You can give them graphic tees, hoodies, and sweaters with their favorite anime as the design.

Think those are too mundane and ordinary? How about giving them a pair of limited edition anime-inspired sneakers, like the Nike x Gundam collaboration? The Nike SB Dunk High Gundam sneakers featured a unique and stylized Swoosh, reminiscent of a mobile suit Gundam’s antennae.

You can also go for a more lowkey approach and give ballcaps, jewelry, or socks with a popular anime logo.

Anime-accurate Accessories

One thing unites every avid binge-watcher, whether they enjoy action-packed animes like Naruto, Bleach, or One Piece or prefer thrilling TV shows like Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, or Squid Game: they desire to live and be part of that anime or show’s world. 

Having a prop or object from the show is one step closer to achieving this fantasy. Here are a few anime-accurate items you can give your anime-enthusiast buddy:

  • A Death Note notebook and pen
  • A kunai (苦無) or shuriken (手裏剣) blade from Naruto
  • Luffy’s straw hat from One Piece
  • A Shihakushō (死覇装) uniform from Bleach
  • A forehead protector featuring the Hidden Leaf Village logo from Naruto
  • A Survey Corps badge and cloak from Attack on Titan
  • A standard deck of Yugi-Oh cards
  • Pokéballs and Pokémon cards.

Trinkets, Charms, & Whatnots

Some people may think that the gift idea above seems too over-the-top. Admittedly, those anime-accurate accessories may be too pricey and can leave heavy holes in your pockets. How about going for something smaller, like little trinkets that can make your friend go “kawaii?” 

Anime keychains featuring various famous characters in their chibi (or cute miniature) forms are one of the most abundant merchandise in anime. Another brilliant gift option is a Funko Pop or Nendoroid of your friend’s favorite anime character, which can serve as beautiful decorations to enhance their personal space.

If your pal isn’t too fond of placing miniature figurines of their favorite characters in their room or attaching them to their keys, perhaps your friend will appreciate artistic postcards more. You can give them visually-pleasing postcards of sceneries featured in Studio Ghibli films.

Anyone up for a bite?

Clothes, trinkets, and other accessories will definitely lift the corners of your friend’s lips, but what can undeniably make their day won’t be these material things. Instead, a simple, delectable, and hefty meal can warm their stomach and heart for an entire week.

Are anime merchandise too pricey for you, but you also don’t have the craftsmanship and creativity to make anime-related DIY gifts? Try buying delicious Japanese snacks and drinks for your pal, like a pack of Japanese ramen, salty seaweed chips, sweet Pocky sticks, or a bottle of Japanese green tea.

You can also cook and prepare a cute homemade bento meal for your friend with the help of several video tutorials online. Better yet, why don’t you try recreating a meal featured in your pal’s favorite anime? Try watching the Anime with Alvin series from the Babish Culinary Universe YouTube channel to give you a few ideas.

shot of several one piece manga volumes stacked on top of each other on a white table

From Paper to Screen

If you aren’t too familiar with the anime world, you must know that the manga (漫画) typically comes first before the animation. A Japanese manga is a graphic novel that the anime is usually based on and is similar to a comic book. 

While everything in the anime generally happens in the manga, not all manga panels make it to the small screen. And it would often take months or even years before a manga gets animated.

It’s no surprise that some anime lovers prefer reading manga chapters and volumes over watching some anime. If your friend is one of these people, a volume of their favorite manga may be the most fitting gift for them. Translated mangas are usually available in bookstores and online shops.

Light it Up with LED Neon Sign.

If you’ve run out of options, it’s never too late to turn to LED technology for gift ideas. We understand that some may prefer the distinct atmospheric glare of glass neon lights, but LED neon signs are proven to be much safer and more energy-efficient than the former. Additionally, LED signs are much easier to bend and form, perfect for customization. 

If your friend is an avid watcher of Luffy and his pirate crew’s adventures, a One Piece LED neon sign may set the right mood in their space with its iconic hazy glow. One Piece neon lights can illuminate your friend’s room while enlivening their anime-loving spirit.

Find High-Quality Anime LED Neon Signs Now!

With the numerous anime available on streaming platforms, it’s complicated and confusing for unfamiliar individuals to pick the right gifts for their anime-loving friends. With our list, you now have a few gift ideas in you to decide on the perfect present for your otaku buddy.

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