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Make Your Own Barbie World with a Barbie Neon Sign

Hey, Barbie girl—or boy! 

No other doll can do anything and everything like Barbie. Having represented 2000 professions and many ethnicities, Barbie continues to be socially aware and adapt to culturally appropriate representations. She will have had 39 films by 2021, along with a blog, a TV show, and about 45 doll categories. 

How can this girl do it all? Well, she has been hustling to be the best role model she can be since March 9, 1959. This Pisces queen is a smart, hard-working, well-mannered, and well-spoken fashion icon. She’s fun to watch too. 

So many girls and boys grew up looking up to her. Although we can't replicate everything she does, we can make our wardrobe and house Barbie-inspired with neon lights.

What else can say that you live in a Barbie world than a Barbie neon sign? Here's a short guide that can help glam up the collection of new and veteran fans alike.

The Power of Barbie and Her Squad

Barbie will have officially been around for 63 years on March 9, 2022. She may be as old as a grandmother, yet she is still ahead in the doll industry. She is a known fashionista and multitalented gal. 

Barbie participates in many areas beyond the toy industry. Unfortunately, we do not have enough time in a day to know everything about her, so here are some fast facts about Barbie.

  • Her real name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.
  • She debuted wearing a one-piece black-and-white striped bikini.
  • Her signature color is Barbie pink. Its hexadecimal color code #e0218a (Pantone) is a shade of magenta pink.
  • Barbie traveled to space in 1965, four years ahead of Neil Armstrong’s stepping foot on the moon.
  • When very few women were allowed to work in an operating room, Barbie began her career as a surgeon in 1973.
  • When the Barbie Dreamhouse was first sold in 1962, fans bought it every two minutes.
  • Barbie dolls are the number one fashion dolls in the United States.
  • The Barbie YouTube Channel has almost 11 million subscribers as of September 2021.
  • She has a strong social media following. She has nearly 300,000 followers on Twitter under @Barbie, about 4.2 million followers on Instagram under @barbie and @barbiestyle, and around 15 million Facebook followers.

This list shows just the tip of the iceberg that is Barbie’s power. She has more achievements that cement her overall status as a doll and female icon.

How to Be a Barbie Collector

Collect the dolls.

Don't take this literally and collect every doll. Mattel sells thousands of Barbie dolls, and they’re still increasing to this day. Instead, collect the ones that are close to your heart.

Barbie now has dolls for different skin colors, ethnicities, and body types. If Mattel doesn't have the figure that represents you, don't worry: they are probably in the process of releasing it! 

You can also look out for classics sold in the market. The market value of authentic old models increases over time, so you can even earn while collecting! Just keep them inside their boxes and store them in a safe space, away from rodents and pests.

Collect Blu-ray versions of the movies.

Currently, streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu don't have the complete collection of Barbie movies. 

Don't wait for them to update their streaming lists. Get your DVD collection so that you can binge-watch Barbie movies all day long, anytime you want.

Follow Barbie on her social media accounts.

She is quite active on all her platforms. We stan a hard-working girl! 

She posts videos every other day on her YouTube account and even conducts livestreams. In addition, she posts every day on her Facebook account. Lastly, she tweets almost every day on Twitter. So follow her social media accounts to keep yourself posted on her next adventures and latest fashion styles!

Collect other Barbie merchandise.

The Barbie brand is not only known for making dolls, but they also sell designer bags, apparel, games, and toy vehicles. Your collection doesn't have to stop within the four corners of your room. Bring Barbie everywhere you go with other official merchandise.

Put up Barbie neon lights!

Even without dolls and merchandise, you can show Barbie some love by putting up her name or likeness on your wall with a Barbie neon sign. The bright “Barbie” text in pink light is eye-catching and simple, and it is an item Barbie herself would have in her house!

Where to Put Your Barbie Neon Light Sign

Above your bed

Have a pretty pink night light by putting it above your headboard. You can also place it in any location near your bed where you can access the receiver to turn it on and off anytime you want. 

Between your trophy cases or collector’s shelves

Make your collections pop by adding a light beside the trophy case or shelf. No collector's shelf yet? No problem! Put it anywhere around your growing number of collectibles or decorations!

In your closet

Dress in your best OOTD with Barbie's name illuminating the fashionable clothes in your closet. Do you have a walk-in closet? Even better! Display it near your closet mirror to get that perfect selfie!


Too much Barbie stuff inside your bedroom? Why not install it on your kitchen walls or place it on your dining room wall? You can then embody chef Barbie while you cook as her neon signs inspire you!

Customize Your Barbie Neon Light

Being a Barbie girl or boy in a Barbie world means empowering yourself and seeing the world with love and grace. Barbie stands not only for fashion but also for feminine empowerment, self-growth, and kindness. 

Let her inspire you by putting up Barbie neon wall lights. Starting from your room, build your real-life Barbie dream house with Barbie neon wall signs and other neon signs from Neonize! 

The best thing about Neonize is that we make customized neon signs, including your personalized design. Are you a fan of Barbie's sisters instead? Get Skipper, Chelsea, Stacie, and Kelly neon wall signs! Or maybe you prefer putting up the name or likeness of Ken, Barbie’s boyfriend. 

You can also have famous Barbie lines and catchphrases on your wall! It takes only a few minutes to have your personalized Barbie quotes turned into neon light designs! Regardless of the design you choose to send, have these custom design lights made in Barbie pink because everything is fabulous in pink! Other colors are available too! 

Just like Barbie, we at Neonize can do anything—including magically turning your designs alive in bright colors! So what are you waiting for? Create your neon signs with us today!

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