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Jordan Shoes and Live Broadcasts: Light Up On Air Neon Signs in Unconventional Rainbow Colors

We are so used to seeing an On Air light sign lit in either white or red colors. We often see them in studios, movie theaters, or concerts, and they fulfill the practical function of letting people know that a show is ongoing. When these signs are on, audiences know that they should have the courtesy to keep quiet and conduct their activities in the least disturbing way possible. 

Nonetheless, this practical use has crossed over to aesthetics and interior design because of people's creativity. Here at Neonize It, we are one with the trend as we create On Air neon signs with various designs that you can use in different ways. Let’s check out our collections and their uses. 

The Spotlight On Our On Air Neon Signs

We have four straightforward designs, all with simple fonts you will find truly appealing if you are a minimalist at heart. Despite their simplicity, you will still be left in awe and with a smile on your face once the signs are lit in the following colors we offer:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue 
  • Light Blue
  • Purple
  • Rose Pink
  • Light Pink
  • Warm White
  • Cool White

The usual sign you see in cinemas and concerts are now turned into a sign that stirs excitement because of the cheerful colors. These signs may be simple, but you’ll see how versatile they can be in the next sections. 

Decorating Ideas

Our neon lighting sign collections fit any wall type and add an accent to any empty wall. Here are the seven decoration ideas we recommend you try. These may be just seven of an infinite amount of designs, as you can always be creative and design your own custom neon sign. 

Home Theater

Ensure that no one disturbs you once you hit the play button for a trilogy you are about to watch with your friends or family by lighting up the On Air sign. Set a rule in the house that once the sign is lit, everybody must follow the same protocol as watching movies in a movie theater—keep quiet!

Zoom Meetings Do Not Disturb Sign

We are now in an era where people are always online, chatting, and having video calls. If only workers are in an office setup, life would be easier, but most employees have transitioned to work-from-home too. Shut every noisy person in the house up after turning on the symbol signifying that you are on a call. 

Vlogging, Podcasts, and Recording Sign

You can have these activities in special studios or a home studio. Ensure that the excitement of producing and rendering quality videos, audio, and audio-visual content will not be disturbed by having the On Air LED neon sign to keep the background noises low as the recording is ongoing.

Walk-In Closet For Air Jordan Shoes

Are you a proud and out hypebeast who would do everything to ensure you got the best and the latest kicks, including Air Jordan shoes? You see, even in these posh and fashionable themes, the On Air sign fits in. Your walk-in closet can be a reminder that you are wearing Air Jordan shoes. 

Room Decoration

Of course, we are stating the obvious here as the neon lights for rooms we have are for your haven. If you are a broadcaster or influencer, this symbol resonates with the jobs you do. If you are a sneakerhead, you can position the On Air LED sign near your well-taken-care-of shoes. 

Film, Audio, And Video Business Design

Add your film, audio, or video businesses to the list of places where you can add the On Air business signs. It would be a great complement to the records, tapes, vintage radios, and cameras, or even modern video and audio recorders you sell. Customers will wonder where you got the sign! 

Broadcasting-Themes Bar Or Restaurant

Your bar or restaurant are awesome places to have these On Air signs, especially if your interiors are inclined to antique and classic designs. You can put it in the bar or above a jukebox, if you have one. Nonetheless, even modern-looking restaurant walls are made better with this neon light sign. 

On-Shelf Designs Related To the On Air LED Sign

If you need more inspiration for a customized design, or you want a ready-made design, you can check out the different neon display signs we have from our various collections. These signs do not fall far from the On Air theme.

Movie And Famous TV Shows Signs

You will surely love all our designs that fall under movie and TV shows, and you may end up buying not just one but a couple of these trendy pieces:

  • Ant-man helmet
  • Black Panther symbol
  • Captain America’s shield
  • Ghostbuster
  • Baby Groot sign
  • Thor’s Hammer
  • Rocket Racoon
  • Wakanda Forever Text
  • Avengers logo

They are truly appealing once the LED lights are illuminated—perfect for your movie room! 

Hypebeast Neon Signs

Thinking about an Air Jordan neon sign and all the fashionable items in your closet? We have more neon lights in our collection that fit your gorgeous and luxurious possessions:

  • Kiss My Airs
  • Just Do It
  • Sneaker neon light
  • Michael Jordan logo
  • Nike Neon sign

These signs are classics, but it is their timelessness that makes them shine and fit to be seen side by side with your valuable belongings. 

Music LED Neon Light Signs

If you are into recording or vlogging, you’ll also love our music neon signs. We have classical and contemporary music LED light designs:

  • Music text
  • Guitar neon signs
  • Song lyrics neon signs
  • Famous band neon signs
  • Rihanna neon signs

These music-themed signs are great complements to your On Air neon sign. 

Explore And Create More Customized Signs

Aside from the available neon signs in our collection, the sky's the limit for the customized designs we offer, as we can create any ideas you can think of. Whether your sketches feature texts, images, or a combination of both, send them to us on our personalized neon signs page, and we’ll bring your designs to life. 

Famous TV Or Movie Quotes

What are your favorite lines from TV shows or movies? You surely can’t forget these winning lines. Be reminded of them daily through a custom neon sign! Choose a font that matches the text and send the final output to us. 

Famous Personality Silhouette

Do you have particular role models in the recording industry who inspire you to do your best? Why not allow us to create personalized neon signs for homes that feature your idol's silhouette. Let it bring light to your room and to your heart! 

Your Favorite Shoes’ Logo Or Outline

We’re sure you have a closet brimming with luxury goods, even limited edition items that are hard to find worldwide (but are definitely a part of your wardrobe). You can have a personalized neon sign of the brand logos you love if you are not into Air Jordans. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada, Ralph Lauren, or Gucci—let us bring light to these signs!

Get Your On Air Signage Here At Neonize It!

Whether you are using this neon sign for the main purpose of recording, or you are simply using it as a fun and trendy decorating piece, we’ve got you! With our On Air signs and other neon lights in our themed collection, you will not run out of choices for your interior design revamp. You also have the freedom to create your own design and let us bring it to life. Whether you purchase the On Air neon sign or custom neon signage, get what you’re looking for at Neonize It!

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