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Channel Your Inner Simba: Light Up Your Life With A Hakuna Matata Sign

Movies are a great source of inspiration. The most appealing ones last for generations—just like the movie The Lion King. Produced in the early 1990s, one of its famous lines, “Hakuna Matata!” is still recognized even by the new generation of today.

There are plenty of valuable lessons one can acquire from The Lion King which can be applied in real life. The characters have unique personalities that individuals can channel from in facing life challenges and worries. Let us go through the main characters one by one and check how we can learn from them and truly live life like Hakuna Matata (no worries)!

Lion King Characters Emanating Hakuna Matata


The fear of going back to the past and facing the worst memories of his life are the worries of Simba, The Lion King’s protagonist. Like you and me, Simba also struggled to let go of the past. The baggage has almost hindered him from becoming a king. But thankfully, through the help of friends, he was able to turn his story around, reconcile with his former life, and try his best to be a good king of Pride Lands


Mufasa is the wise and loving king and father of Simba. Being a king did not make him a harsh ruler with an iron hand. Instead, he governed with compassion and respected the Circle of Life. His gentleness and care for the subject around him are something to look up to. Have you noticed that if there is a person you care for, you are more focused on that person instead of your worries? Care more, worry less. 

Timon and Pumba 

These two friends of Simba are the epitome of Hakuna Matata. They do not care about anything and live their lives according to their happiness. Just like these two, you should also try your best to let go of worries, whether in work or life in general. Remember that nothing lasts forever. So let yourself take life as it comes every once in a while. 


The wise baboon Rafiki, with his endless metaphors, is always there to guide Simba. Rafiki isn't afraid to show his eccentric self despite the obvious impatience of his students. He is friendly and always aims to achieve balance in the Circle Of Life by giving wise counsel to kings. Just like Rafiki, acquire the same positive energy and the love for learning and fill your mind with knowledge instead of negative thoughts.


Nala is Simba’s friend and, later, his mate. She was not afraid to show who she is despite being a princess, proving that Hakuna Matata also applies in the world of love. Nala has her own share of heartaches, but time after time, she stood up and used her wisdom to push Simba to be the king that Pride Lands need. 

Shove the Worry Away With A Hakuna Matata Sign 

Let Hakuna Matata remind you that life is too short to be worried about things. Worrying will only make your thoughts negative, thus affecting the way you see life. Shove the worry away by lighting up a Don't Worry neon sign. You can also send in your design of Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Rafiki, Timon, and Pumba's silhouettes to design your room. 

If you have any The Lion King quotes in mind, you can also pick customized neon LED light signs. Here are some of the movie's unforgettable sayings:

  • A true king searches for what he can give. -Mufasa
  • Remember who you are. -Mufasa
  • Everybody is somebody. Even a nobody. -Rafiki
  • Change is good. -Rafiki
  • The Great Circle Of Life
  • I am Simba, son of Mufasa. -Simba

Get Your Neon Sign At Neonize!

Worries prevent you from enjoying all the good things in life to the fullest. They keep your mind busy with negative thoughts, and you end up with a depressed face. 

Channel your inner Simba and be unafraid to face the past. Embrace your uniqueness like Rafiki and drown others' opinions about you. Be like Mufasa, whose tenderness came out to be his strength rather than a weakness. And, of course, bring out your own Nala, who is encouraging and supportive to a loved one. Remind yourself of these traits to model through our neon signs here at Neonize. We have a Hakuna Matata sign, but our collection of neon LED light signs are endless. Plus, you can even customize! Light up your life with neon lights song and neon lights music. Let worries fade away. Get your neon signs now!

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