The BLM movement can be revitalized with Black Lives Matter Neon Signs

Moving Humanity Forward: Keeping the Movement Alive With Black Lives Matter Neon Signs

In 2020, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement trended worldwide after the world mourned the unfortunate death of George Floyd. For a long time, the global movement has unified the world to stand up for racial injustice and other issues surrounding it. But a few months after the worldwide protests, the support for the BLM movement slowly faded, especially among non-African-Americans.

Keeping the movement alive, especially to non-African-Americans, is a huge deal. And as someone who believes and supports the BLM movement, here's what you can do to keep the fire burning.

Self Education

If you're not born of an African-American race, you'll need education about what's going on. This isn't only exclusive to what's happening on the outside— you'll also need to get educated about what's happening behind the curtains.

You can start by reading about African-American history or searching Google for literature you can read to know the backstory of today's African-American situation. Once you've gained enough knowledge about their history, it's time to read through non-fiction pieces and literature that discuss the issues related to African-Americans. Issues such as institutional racism, racial injustice, and violence towards people of color are pressing subjects you need to get educated on.

Reading and learning on your own is great, but you need to engage in discussions for your learning to come full circle. Tap friends that also subscribe to the story and plight of people of color. If you have an African-American friend, it's better to engage him or her in a discussion and let them share their stories. One essential goal from self-education is gaining true empathy towards African-Americans and their struggles.

Spread Awareness

Part of keeping the Black Lives Matter movement alive is to continue spreading awareness. Unfortunately, events that popularize movements tend to be a one-off wonder. And what eventually pushes the movement to the curb unnoticed is the lack of sustenance from the people who joined the movement.

Awareness is the gasoline that feeds the fire of movements such as the Black Lives Matter. And awareness can only be given one way–information.

The best place to start sourcing information to share is from the Black Lives Matter website. It contains the latest news on what's going on with the movement. Share links of news articles to your social media accounts and let your friends and followers know the movement is still ongoing and support is needed to help invigorate it. Information from the BLM website is a reliable source of facts and information.

Second, you can share articles that reflect what you've learned through self-education. Articles that help educate people about the injustice, violence, and inequality toward African-Americans will help raise awareness of the situation and, hopefully, influence others to take action and join the movement.

Volunteer and Donate 

If you want to go further, you can volunteer and donate to augment the movement and its efforts.

Your donation will be used to fund the movement, its operations, and activities such as organizing protests and events, covering news and stories related to the movement, and developing resources for movement stakeholders. The funds donated can also be used as part of a bail fund that keeps protestors out of jail.

If donating isn't your thing, try volunteering your efforts. You can use your skills and knowledge and propose to help. For example, if you have a background in project management, you can volunteer to organize one of the events lined up. You can even volunteer to support active protesters joining a rally by covering for their needs such as food, water, or safety gear. There are plenty of opportunities for you to volunteer your talents, time, and labor.

Peaceful Protest

Protest is the best way to keep the Black Lives Matter movement burning and alive. So if you can, join an organized peaceful protest that cries for racial justice, equality, and the end of racial abuse.

You can also choose to do it in the comfort of your own space. One of the methods of non-violent protest is the use of symbols and displayed communication. And one way to get noticed is through the use of neon LED lights. There are plenty of neon light signs for wall mounting that can serve as your protest symbol in any space you wish, such as the Black Lives Matter Neon Signs.

You can also select a variety of neon light sign for rooms to make it convenient for you to use as a backdrop for any social media protest you intend to make. The neon sign for bedroom can also serve as an awesome night light right in your room before you go to bed.

Symbols can also be turned into customized neon LED lights of your choice. If there's a particular protest symbol you wish to display, you can get it done and shipped at a reasonable price.

The Movement Lives On

Participating in movements matters. It gives people an opportunity to change the world without violence. Movements can be big or small, but one thing that movements should be is sustained.

Black Lives Matter started out small in 2013 because of Trayvon Martin's unjust shooting and the acquittal of George Zimmerman. The movement started out as a simple hashtag. But the fire of the movement kept burning until it found its opportunity to rage wildly in 2020 during George Floyd's death. You're also in the position to keep the movement going. The actions you do today sustain it and give it another opportunity for a shining moment. Keeping it going can be as simple as putting up Black Lives Matter neon signs– a symbol that passes on a message: the movement lives on.

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