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Give Meaning to Dreams and Subconscious Narratives With the It Was All a Dream Neon

A fascinating fact about the human brain is that it never stops working. Even when you are asleep, it remains active and goes a little extra sometimes by giving you vivid dreams. In waking, you remember bits of that vision, which leaves you wondering what it all meant. 

If you are a person of meaning, you’ll probably find yourself reflecting on why you had the dream. While you decode and decipher, light your surroundings with a neon light sign for room walls for the best feel! Let us help you give meaning to dreams and subconscious narratives in a dreamy-lit room.

Your Dreams and Their Meanings

If you read Sigmund Freud’s work, you’ll know that a dream is a representation of the desires that you want to have in reality. Nevertheless, despite the scientific takes on dreaming, there are many common known interpretations of dreams, just like what we’ll talk about here: 

Losing a tooth

Upon waking, you must be worried and in fear after dreaming about losing a tooth, as many believe it to mean the death of someone close to you. However, some dream experts say that it also means feeling powerless, lacking confidence, and losing passion—“toothless” or loss of grit in some areas of your life. 


Even if death is one of the few shared experiences human beings have, the topic is still considered taboo. Dreaming of death can be a symbolic representation of bidding goodbye not to life but to certain practices you do. It can also be a manifestation of your fear of being left by people dear to you, like parents letting go of their grown-up kids. 

Being chased

Dreaming of being chased can feel so real, and there will be versions when no matter how much you run, your efforts are worthless: you are still in the same place. Dream interpreters say that monsters or wild animals chasing could mean that there are negative emotions and experiences you are running from. It could also be a sign of trauma—running away from incidents and individuals that hurt you. 

A deceased loved one

In many cultures, dreaming about a deceased loved one is believed to be a way for them to communicate to the people they left behind. Some cultures think it is their loved one visiting. Nevertheless, some dream readers believe that people dream about their dead loved ones because of their strong desire to bring them back to life, as usual. 

Up close with a celebrity

Have you recently watched a series or a movie you truly resonated with? If the character's theme or personality truly hits you, it must be the reason you are dreaming about them. Being part of a huge fandom and having a great admiration for your favorite celebrities can also be the reason why they also appear in your dreams. 


Do not panic just yet or storm your partner when you dream of them cheating. Do not feel guilty of infidelity, too, if you’re the one cheating on your partner in your dream. Most of the time, cheating is just a representation of a key ingredient absent in your relationship, like time, effort, or more love. Allot more couple time and see if infidelity dreams still occur. 


Pregnancy dreams can be an excellent subconscious thought or a scary one, depending on the real-life sentiments of the dreamer. Pregnancy dreams can occur if a person is scared of being a parent or excited to be one. Aside from literally bearing children, this dream can also mean venturing to new horizons that will give new hopes and adventures. 

Being Naked

In your dreams, you must feel embarrassed and have a strong urge to get dressed when you dream of yourself naked. The same feeling of embarrassment and not wanting to be exposed could be why you dream of nakedness. In real life, you have a strong desire to hide something about yourself that your dreams consist of feeling remorse when exposed. 

Decorating Your Bedroom With an It Was All a Dream Neon Sign

As you slowly decipher the meaning of your dreams and feel a mix of emotions, remind yourself that those vivid images are just a figment of your brain through the It Was All a Dream neon sign. Aside from taking you back to reality, you also have an additional delightful decoration for your bedroom. 

Achieving a Dream-like Decoration

To have a dream-like decoration, lighting is everything. It is best to keep the lights dim and use neon sign wall art as a source of light. Instead of a bland white bulb, you can fill your room in hues of pink, blue, yellow, orange, green, or purple, bringing you into a beautiful dream even when you are awake.

The design of your LED neon sign will also matter. If you are into minimalist ones, you can have a neon star sign and other simple symbols. But if you want to add depth, choose quotations that will inspire you to dream, not only when asleep but also in life, when you are awake.

Dreams and Reality

If you choose customized LED neon signs, you can add meaningful messages and symbols to the LED neon light in your room. They add beauty and serve as inspiration. For instance, you can hang the following messages to keep you motivated:

  • If you can dream it, you can do it.
  • The best way to make your dream come true is to wake up.
  • Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.
  • The distance between your dreams and reality is called “Action.”

Dreaming is a natural human experience, but remind yourself not to be stuck in interpretations and live your life to the fullest through encouraging neon signs. 

Get Yours at Neonize!

There are dreams you wish would come to life, and there are those that are too scary, you want them to remain in your subconscious. Bewildering concepts will sometimes visit the mind, pushing you to dig deeper and understand its meaning. Regardless of your dream narratives, what matters is that they will not control your real life, and remember that they are just dreams. Let the LED neon signs or a custom neon sign from Neonize remind and inspire you to focus on reality and achieve the best in your life. Our neon LED sign collections are complete with a plug and drilled holes, dimmer, and remote control. You won't have any problems with installation. We accept standard and rush orders right here on our website. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

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