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Snap and Share: How to Make Neon Sign Photo Booths

Photos are all the rage these days. They've always been popular, but they continuously climb up the charts as one of the best ways to find excellent marketing opportunities

Neon signs fall in this category. Despite being used for decades, they're becoming increasingly popular in businesses. Companies use them in various ways, with neon photo booths being a notable example. 

Which begs the question, "How to make a neon sign an effective part of a photo booth?

If you're considering both for your next marketing strategy, we’ll show you how to do it effectively.

Reasons to Invest in Photo Booths for Business

We know photo booths aren’t the first thing that comes to mind in terms of profitable business ideas. But take it from us; as the demand continues to rise, you’ll want to be at the forefront of this booming enterprise. 

Still need more convincing? Here are the top three reasons you should invest in photo booths:

People of All Ages Like Photo Booths

Photo booths cover a wide range of target audiences, depending on how you design and market them. Even a simple setup is enough to excite customers of all ages! Its classic whimsy brings a wave of nostalgia, plus your customers get to take home an awesome souvenir! What more could you ask for?

You Can Customize Photo Booths

Photo booths create lots of room for versatility and creativity. You can decorate them to match the theme of your in-store event or a specific occasion. Choose from plenty of backgrounds, props, and other decorative pieces that say something about your brand or marketing message.

Photo Booths Increase Brand Awareness

If you're running a startup or small business, using a photo booth can help raise brand exposure faster and more effectively. Photo booths undeniably attract footfall to your store. In the digital scene, they attract web traffic to your ecommerce and social platforms. 

In fact, few people can resist pausing at an aesthetic photo booth in a specific area or on their social feed. It's a surefire way to get them curious and check out your company. Just remember to emphasize your brand logo so that people remember and feature it in their photos.

led neon flex - front view of a young asian woman taking a selfie in a space full of neon lighting

Reason to Incorporate Neon Signs Into Your Photo Booth

How about a LED neon sign? Why should you add it to your photo booth and use it as a marketing strategy? 

They don’t sound like they go together, but when done correctly, you’d be surprised at how aesthetic combining neon signs with your photo booth turns out. Here’s why:

Neon Signs Elevate the Overall Space Design

A neon sign's vibrant color and design can enhance a dull, plain space. The colorful lights create a bold and memorable statement while adding a touch of retro charm. They can also set a warm, chill, and inviting atmosphere. If you want to make a lasting impression on your business, adding a neon sign will help you do the job well.

Neon Signs are Versatile

You commonly use LED neon signs in commercial settings or personal spaces. They also adjust to fit the space rather than the other way around. There's no need to worry if you think they're too casual for a professional setting. You can find a LED neon sign that aligns with your brand image well. They also offer an extensive range of design choices, so explore to your heart's content!

Neon Signs are Low Maintenance

A LED neon sign requires minimal upkeep. You can keep it on 24/7; this way, it lasts longer without consuming too much electricity. Here's a quick preview of the maintenance process to give you an idea.

  • Use small brushes, vacuum cleaners, and feather dusters to clean them.
  • Turn the lights off before cleaning.
  • Use warm water and detergents to remove dirt thoroughly. But ensure the cleaning products DO NOT have toxic chemicals like ammonia which may damage your LED neon sign.
  • Dry it with a towel.
  • Keep your LED neon signs in safe locations. They should never be accessible to kids or pets. They should also be at a height where no one can bump against them to prevent accidents.

Neon Signs Promote Better Brand Recall

It's easy to remember something colorful. LED neon lights are perfect for that, helping consumers recall your brand better. These lights aid in emphasizing your brand's messages and connecting deeper with your audience. 

Because you're not the only business with a photo booth, don’t forget to add something that makes you stand out. Our suggestion? You guessed it: Neon signs!

neon light rope - red hashtag love neon sign

How to Make a Neon Sign Shine in Your Store's Photo Booth

Now that we've explored the perks of photo booths and neon signs, it's time to combine them and create something even better! Here's how to build a neon sign photo booth to market your business.

Neon Signs Attached to Real Objects

One of the most creative and selfie-worthy decorations is a neon light sign attached to a real object. It provides a unique, playful, and eye-catching element to your photo booth. There is a tangible connection to your message or design. It also gives an interactive and personalized experience for your customers.

Attach a flower neon sign on a ceramic vase. Light up some musical neon sign notes on top of a guitar for a music-themed booth. Add a beer neon sign on a real beer keg if you run a bar. Whether used as a statement piece or a branding element, LED neon signs attached to real objects are fun and inventive, adding character and style to your photo booth.

LED Neon Accessories and Props

How about using LED neon lights as props or accessories to snap creative, colorful selfies? Instead of simply hanging them on the backdrop, allow your customers to wear them! Neon glasses, for instance, add a pop of color and character to the people taking pictures. You can also design them in various shapes and colors to match the theme or event.

Consider using neon signs as props to add excitement to any picture, such as flamingos for a tropical-themed booth or a mic neon light for a music-themed booth. These help your customers express themselves while keeping things on-brand. Neon signs create memorable and personalised photo experiences for guests.

Hashtags on LED Neon Signs

Tap into the digital marking sphere with hashtags on your neon light sign! It's a quick and free way to advertise your business online. Look for relevant hashtags with good volumes, and ask for a neon sign company to put them on a custom neon sign for you.

Depending on your target audience and platform, there are many types of hashtags to use. These can range from branded to popular slang and wordplay. Remember to ask your customers to use some of the hashtags when uploading the photos on their social media accounts. 

Holiday-Themed Neon Light Sign

Are you building a photo booth for a particular holiday in-store event? This is a perfect opportunity to include neon signs to attract more people. There are different ways to use a LED neon light on your holiday-themed booth. Highlight a marketing phrase, light up your brand name or logo, use neon lights to guide people looking for directions, and many more!

Time-Travelling Neon Light

Do you want to take your customers to the past or the future? That is possible in a photo booth equipped with neon signs. Many decorative pieces create a space depicting a specific time period, but a LED neon sign takes it to a new level.

LED neon lights reflect both a retro and a futuristic touch. It only depends on the colors you're using. For example, pink, orange, purple, green, and yellow remind people of past settings. Meanwhile, blue and white offer a more metallic, technological, and futuristic design.

Tap on Custom Options

The ideas for neon lights are limitless. If you're thinking of something more specific, personal, or on-brand, you can bring it to real life with a custom neon sign. Many neon sign companies like Neonize allow for custom neon production. All you have to do is share your idea and watch them do the rest!

Bonus: How are LED Neon Signs Made?

How to make a custom neon sign? The production depends on the type of neon sign you want to make. The traditional ones are made from glass tubes. They produce light from a chemical reaction between neon gas and electricity running through the metal electrodes.

Nowadays, LED neon lights are more popular. These are safer, more lightweight, and more low maintenance than the traditional ones. Neon signs from Neonize, for example, are handcrafted and made from LED neon flex, PVC, and acrylic products. This eliminates the risk of mercury or neon gas.

How to make your own neon sign? Is a DIY neon sign possible? Yes, but we recommend getting one from professionals. It takes ample time and expertise to sit down and handcraft your own. A neon sign company will help speed up the process without being short of quality. Plus, you lower the risk of accidents and injuries rather than making your own.

Market Your Photo Booth in the Brightest Way Possible With Neonize

Marketing with a neon sign photo booth can benefit your company in plenty of ways. First, its eye-catching appearance attracts store footfall like no other. Second, it helps you build an online presence. It's a powerful tool to stand out in a highly competitive, fast-paced, and digitized age.

Use LED neon signs in numerous ways, from booth props to decorative pieces that make a statement. Most importantly, incorporate your branding into them so people will remember you better. 

Browse Neonize's LED neon lights collection today, and have a taste of both worlds!

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