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8 Daily Freedoms You Take for Granted and How Neon Aesthetic Signs Can Remind You of Them

Is your day-to-day routine only about waking up, going to work, returning home, and resting on weekends? Do you find this little cycle of your life boring? If so, think again.

In this fast-paced, demanding, and constantly-connected world, it's easy to take the simple, daily freedoms we experience for granted. Things like having enough time to go for a morning walk or making a phone call without waiting in line. 

Sure, they're not as phenomenal as winning an award or earning a huge sum of money. But to some people, these small things make life so great! Today, we will talk more about these little freedoms and how neon aesthetic signs help you appreciate them.

Neon Aesthetics and Mindfulness

Aesthetics is a philosophical principle of beauty. Mindfulness is being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and surroundings. So how are these two connected?

Simply put, aesthetics is a product of mindfulness. When you can fully sense the world within and around you, you can appreciate its beauty and learn to enjoy life in simple ways. On an emotional level, aesthetics also make us happy and calm.

Now, if we add neon to the discussion, it takes everything to another level. Anything neon (especially neon signs) is eye-catching. They have a flashy, intense, yet chill color scheme that captures the hearts of many. For this reason, they are timelessly popular in both personal and professional interior design.

8 Daily Life Freedoms You Take for Granted and How Neon Aesthetic Lights Can Help You Appreciate Them

When you think about it, we may take many things for granted, from the moment we wake up until the time we go to bed. An ordinary day can offer countless freedoms and luxuries, but we often fail to appreciate them.

So if you're having a hard time figuring them out, below is a list of eight little freedoms of daily life. In addition, we'll discuss how vibrant neon signs can help you appreciate small things and make the journey more enjoyable.

You Are Alive

The first thing you do in a day is the first thing you often take for granted: waking up with healthy and stable breathing. This may seem like a small thing, but many people don't even get the chance to see another day again. So before anything else, be grateful that you get to see another sunrise. 

Recommended neon sign: A quote or symbol about life or breathing can serve as a gentle reminder to realize how fortunate you are for making it to another day.

You Have Access to Basic and Convenient Necessities

You live in a warm and sturdy home. You can run the shower in hot or cold water; you get a bed to sleep in and access the internet for instant information and entertainment. All of these are accessible in the comforts of your home, but sometimes, you don't appreciate them until they malfunction.

Recommended neon sign: A neon sign with phrases like "be grateful" or "be thankful" helps you realize how much you rely on these necessities and remember not to take them for granted.

Your Five Senses Are Working

You can see, touch, smell, taste, and hear the world around you. This might come to you as basic, but it is an incredible gift that many people do not have the luxury of experiencing. Some people may lack one or two of these; imagine struggling to smell your favorite scents or hear your favorite songs.

Recommended neon sign: It might be a little difficult to find all symbols of the five senses in one signage. So you can either get individual neon signs for each or find a quote related to the senses (e.g., see the good in everything).

neon aesthetic lights  - female traveler in a tent enjoying the moment with a cup on hand

You Can Bask in the Beauty of Nature

Nature is a vast source of beauty, from the trees and flowers to the bright sun and moon. You are free to witness their allure at any time and any place. And if you're lucky enough, you don't have to travel because nature is just a few steps away from home. Nothing beats the healing effect of our planet earth!

Recommended neon sign: Choose from a wide collection of nature neon signs: there are flowers, leaves, trees, clouds, the sun, and any other nature-related symbol you can find! When you're too busy to spend time under a tree, these glowing lights in your room can be an alternative source of comfort.

You Can Afford to Travel

You have enough money and good health to visit some of the best places in the world. How wonderful is that? Some people can only dream of traveling, so you should be grateful for this opportunity. You can learn and experience new things and meet new people—that's amazing!

Recommended neon sign: How about hanging a "wanderlust" or "and so the adventure begins" neon sign by the door? It's an aesthetic way of saying "bon voyage" to someone embarking on a journey.

You Are Free to Choose How You Spend Your Free Time

Not everyone has the privilege of having enough free time on their hands. So if you have it, use your free time wisely! You can read a book, take long walks, participate in community projects, or explore a new hobby. Even if you have certain limitations, you don't need anything grand to enjoy life!

Recommended neon sign: Get a neon sign related to your favorite free time activity. For instance, if you're a bookworm, you can hang a book-related neon sign on the wall area close to your bookshelf. The light sets a relaxing atmosphere that will get you right in the perfect reading mood!

neon lights aesthetic glowing - back view of a man with glasses sitting barefoot on the couch while reading

You Can Do Ordinary Activities Worry-Free

Appreciate the fact that you can go outside without fearing for your safety. You can walk around at night and not think twice about it. You can go to the grocery store and interact with ease. This is definitely worth an appreciation! Some people have to gather the courage to go out and fight social anxiety, so you're lucky if you don't experience any of that.

Recommended neon sign: Purchase a neon sign that says, "I am fearless" or "live more, worry less." It is a constant reminder that everything is going to be alright. And when it doesn't feel right, be patient, keep going, take a rest, and rise again.

There Are Genuine, Kind-Hearted People Out There Who Love You

Family, friends, and even strangers can make your life brighter. Sometimes you take them for granted because you see them every day. But just like vibrant neon lights, these people also bring light and color into our lives. Even if you feel like nobody cares, the world is too vast for that conclusion. Someone out there loves you for who you are. You just haven't met them yet!

Recommended neon sign: Any neon sign related to love and kindness, be it a heart neon light, an "all you need is love," or a "treat people with kindness" sign will do. It's a reminder that there is still ample room for the good things in this world despite the inevitable downs of life.

Neon Signs Do More Than Just Timeless Eye Candies

Neon signs are unarguably pleasing to the eyes, but they're not just here for the show. They also have a message to send, and often you should take it seriously. When people see neon lights, they tend to stop and stare. It's almost like these vibrant displays are calling out to them, saying, "Hey! Look at me! I have something to say."

What better way to practice mindfulness than these glowing lights surrounding you? The aesthetic neon lights can help you appreciate the little freedoms in life. You're more likely to notice things in detail and feel grateful for living in a world where they exist.

Are you ready to get some neon lights aesthetic glowing at your home? Light up your favorite space today with Neonize! We offer a wide collection of inspirational and motivational signs to help you appreciate this world a little more. But what if your ideas exceed the designs we currently have in store? No worries! You can try our custom neon service to bring your dream neon lights to life!

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