Chase Happiness With A Good Vibes Only Neon Sign in Your Room

Imagine returning to your dorm room after flunking an exam you studied all night for. You’re bummed, disappointed, and beyond exhausted. Luckily, you turn your head and see the “positive vibes only” neon sign on your wall, reminding you that the world is still spinning and that test isn’t the only sole measure of your worth. 

While it may seem improbable and borderline silly, having a “good vibes only” sign and seeing other similar affirmations occasionally can turn your frown and whole life upside down! 

So where did this mindset originate from?

Where Did “Good Vibes Only” Come From?

A variation of the popular catchphrase dates back to as early as 1893 when astrologer Frank Earl Ormsby used the term “good vibrations” in his book to describe the energy emitted by celestial and heavenly bodies. However, it would take 70 years for the phrase to enter pop culture. 

In 1966, during a time of peace, love, Flower Power, and all things Hippie, The Beach Boys wrote and released their single “Good Vibrations,” which topped several music charts in the United States. The song was such a hit that it generated a new slang, “good vibes,” which describes a person’s personality and style or a place’s atmosphere.

The slang was again popularized by a new generation of teenagers in the 2010s. “Good vibes” was transformed into a popular hashtag on social media, #goodvibesonly, garnering up to 16 million posts today on Instagram alone. 

The addition of the word “only” changed the catchphrase’s usage from being a mere descriptor in the 60s to a mindset and an outlook in life today. Now, “good vibes only” is used to hype one’s self-esteem, encouraging people to find the positive moments in their day when viewing the world.

Is It Okay to Have Only Good Vibes? 

Indeed, life isn’t just rainbows and sunshine. We understand if you feel skeptical about adopting such a positive outlook. However, it’s impossible not to be curious about one thing: 

Is it really that life-changing to have a “Good Vibes Only” mindset? Surprisingly, it is!

The Science of Happiness 

It may be hard to believe, but scientists have found a way to measure happiness. In fact, they conducted a study during the 1980s on how and what makes people happy. A psychologist named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi spearheaded the research to discover the science behind happiness. 

Csikszentmihalyi theorized happiness actually arises and blossoms when we’re busy doing a challenging but fulfilling task rather than being found in restful moments. The scientist introduced the concept of “flow,” which is a productive mental state, and its characteristics, which include:

  • Total concentration
  • Clear goals in mind
  • Intrinsically rewarding
  • Blur of time
  • Balanced challenges and skills, and
  • Feeling of complete control over the task.

He believed that the flow makes us do activities as if nothing else matters. Furthermore, he claims that the state is so satisfying that it will make us work on tasks just for the sake of doing them. In other words, it’s not the activity itself that makes us happy—what generates happiness is the experience of doing these activities in a flow. 

The saying “go with the flow” makes much more sense now! 

Because of his incredible work, it’s not surprising that Csikszentmihalyi is credited as one of the founders of Positive Psychology, along with Martin Seligman. 

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is a subfield that aims to educate people on how to lead happier lives. Psychologists wish to understand what makes our lives worth living. It operates in three main levels: 

  • Subjective - deals with our perceptions of happiness, optimism, and flow
  • Individual - focuses on concepts of love, forgiveness, and hope
  • Group - involves positivity in the community and introduces altruism.

Positive psychology motivates and encourages people to practice gratitude, mindfulness, resilience, and positive thinking. Doing so allows individuals to understand themselves better and develop all dimensions of well-being. Practicing positive thinking was even scientifically proven to enhance physical health. 

Researchers Michael F. Scheier and Charles S. Carver coined the term “dispositional optimism,” which is the tendency to expect more good things across life stages. They were able to link the effect of such optimism to improved sleep quality, longer life expectancies, and healthier aging.

What about Toxic Positivity? 

While the idea of focusing on positivity and happiness has been proven to be incredibly helpful, you may still think: what about toxic positivity? 

We agree; this attitude can be detrimental to your growth and mental health but only when taken to the extreme. We advise you to practice these things in moderation.

How To Get Good Vibes: The Realistic Way

The journey to achieve true happiness and contentment may seem lengthy and daunting. The world seems bleak, but we can still find joy amidst the bleak future.

Practice Mindfulness

The first step to achieving joy is self-awareness, and you can start by being mindful of your surroundings and your current emotional and mental state. Then, stop for a moment when doing a troublesome task and check on yourself.

You can also start writing down in a journal to be more mindful and know yourself better. Begin by understanding what happiness means to you. Ask yourself:

  • What incidents make me happy?
  • What experiences make me sad or angry?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • Why do these things or people make me feel this way?

By answering these questions, you can process your emotions and experiences better. 

Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Getting good vibes doesn’t stop at changing your mindset. What you eat, drink, and do will also affect your mental health. Taking care of your physical body will also improve your mental well-being.  

Pay attention to your food and drink intake and start eating healthier meals. Adding food with vitamins and minerals to your diet nourishes your body and brain. For example, bananas and nuts can improve your mood because they contain the necessary nutrients to activate dopamine and serotonin in our brains.

Exercising and practicing meditation can also enhance your mood. Regular exercise and meditation allow new brain cells to grow and improve your focus. Exercising and meditating also reduce stress and anxiety. 

Change The Scenery

Your external environment affects your mental health and development just as much as your mindscape. So it’s wise to surround yourself with things that give you a sense of joy and contentment. 

Having a neat bedroom keeps both your space and mind organized. A well-lit, bright room with natural or artificial lighting (like neon signs) can improve your mood. Decorate your space with warm colors, plants, personal photos, and other similar items to bring up your spirit. 

Place a Positive Neon Sign in Your Room

Positive neon signs that say “good vibes only” can be used for mood lighting and can brighten your day. Shine a light against the symbolic and actual dark with your neon lights. You can use it as a reminder to take things a bit lighter as you start your day.

Why not use a neon sign with an entirely different quote? Instead of the usual “Stay Positive” signs, try decorating your space with self-affirming statements to boost your self-confidence. 

For example, have a simple “You can do it!” neon sign in your room or a customized “Believe in yourself” LED neon light as home decor. 

Stay Healthily Positive with Neonize

It’s 2022, and it’s about time we start acknowledging how we really feel. While it is arduous, you must constantly reflect on your experiences to be self-aware and achieve real happiness. 

Accept that life is a rollercoaster ride, terrifying but exciting nonetheless. Start being true to yourself and begin your pursuit of happiness with Neonize’s neon designs.  

Neonize has a wide collection of LED neon signs and lights that can illuminate your room and spirit. Our energy-efficient neon signs are made with durable and long-lasting materials such as LED Flex, PVC, acrylic, and flex rubber tubing. 

Try our “Be Kind to Yourself” neon sign in your desired color or a blue “Good Vibes Only” neon sign to get your good vibes going! You can also purchase a customized neon sign. Send your custom design, and we’ll Neonize it for you! 

Check out our collection and get your Neonized sign with free shipping!

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