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Give Meaning to the Secrets of Your Mind with an It Was All a Dream Neon Sign

The human brain is complicated. After all the studies that scientists have conducted, they still haven't come up with a solid interpretation of human thoughts and dreams. Maybe it is because people have different feelings and thoughts that remain unspoken. And these suppressed feelings often come up in our dreams. 

If you're feeling a little confused about nighttime fantasies, how about a bright representation of them on your bedroom wall while you sleep? Then, ponder on your dreams until the meaning resonates with you. In this blog post, we'll give you some common dreams and their interpretations. 

7 Dreams and Their Interpretations 

Many people dream, yet no one can explain what they mean. Is it a sign of what’s to come? A warning? Or your subconscious manifesting itself? The answer to these dreams lies beneath our minds. We have collected some of the most common dreams, and have given meaning to them. 

  1. Falling 

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night catching your breath with your heart leaping out of your shirt because you thought you fell from a high place? Many people dream of falling from a tall building or a high place, and others interpret this as taking a big risk. 

But according to some studies, dreaming about yourself falling means that there is something about your life you are not sure about. There can be a decision or an action you feel you will regret or go wrong with. Experts say that when you fall in your dreams, maybe it's time to consider going on a new path: a direction that will affect you positively. 

  1. Birds

Odin, the King of Asgard, ordered his raven to fly for information in Norse folklore. So, long ago, it was said that a raven meant that Odin was with them throughout their journey. 

According to experts, when you see birds in your dreams, you are waiting for crucial information in real life or waiting to hear from someone really important to you. Maybe a family member, your boss, or even a loved one. 

Have a custom neon sign for your favorite bird hanging on your bedroom wall, and maybe you'll wake up every morning with good news. 

  1. Water 

A neon light sign of a wave or palm trees and flamingos makes you feel like you are relaxing and having the time of your life on a beach. Similar to dreams, when you see water, it means that you are finding a sense of calm in your life. 

If the water has crashing waves or is accompanied by a storm, there's something in your life stopping you from achieving the inner peace and calm you need. Water has a lot of interpretations. Don't dwell too much on your dreams. Remind yourself of that with an It Was All a Dream neon light and just go with the flow of life. 

  1. Being a superhero 

Who doesn't want to be a superhero? Sometimes people find themselves superheroes in their dreams, flying, fighting crime, and saving people around town. People who dream about this often mean that they want to be in charge or to be powerful. 

It can also mean that you want full control of every aspect of your life. Adding your favourite superhero custom neon light by your bedside can help you channel their hero traits, and it could lead to great things. 

  1. Fire 

Fire has different interpretations. It can mean a feeling of anger and destruction. It can also be an expression of passion. Dreaming about fire doesn't mean you're a destructive person. These can be feelings you are trying to suppress and does not mean you want to hurt another person. 

The expression of passion you feel can be towards your craft, work, or relationship. Dreaming about fire as an expression of passion may mean you are having a hard time showing affection. These dreams don’t define who you are. In the end, it is just dreams. Remind yourself of that with an It Was All a Dream neon sign. 

  1. Being rich 

Who doesn't want to be extremely rich? What's a more pleasant dream than swimming in a pool of money or dollar bills raining down on you? But dreaming about money doesn’t always mean something related to finance. Money is associated with freedom. It may be about finances or any other aspect of your life. 

  1. Climbing mountains 

If you see yourself climbing a mountain in a dream, there can be two interpretations. Generally, a mountain in someone's dream means a huge obstacle ahead. On the other hand, if you see yourself at the peak of the mountain, it means that you are confident about the job ahead. No matter how difficult the challenge is, you can see yourself coming out on top. 

Other dreams of having difficulty finishing a hike can mean that you lack confidence in the job, or the job can be too difficult to handle. A famous mountain LED neon light like the peak of Mt. Everest, or the cone of Mt. Fuji on your wall can remind you that no matter how big your obstacles are, you can reach the top by taking it one step at a time. 

Catch Your Dreams with It All Was a Dream Neon Sign 

Many people believe that dreams are the thoughts of our subconscious: things that we suppress or try to hide that slip out when we sleep. But there is no definite study that perfectly interprets dreams. So when you wake up in the morning, it's all up to you to interpret how you want your dreams to affect your daily life. 

Wake up to the It Was All a Dream neon sign, and remind yourself that only you can shape what lies ahead. Get your sign at Neonize now!

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