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Romantic Bucket List: Say "I Do" with a Dazzling Neon Sign For Wedding

Have you ever dreamed of a stunning, romantic wedding that sets up the ideal backdrop for saying “I do”? 

If so, why not make it extra special by choosing a dazzling neon sign to be part of your celebration? 

From small and intimate to artfully glamorous, custom-made neon signs are quickly becoming the hottest wedding trend. These exquisite illuminated decor pieces add an elegant touch of timeless beauty to any venue, making it an unforgettable day for you and your significant other.

So why not step into your perfect day and bring out the best with a radiant wedding neon sign? With the right display, you can add some serious sparkle to your ceremony and make that long-awaited moment magical. 

Check out this blog post for tips on creating a unique atmosphere for your momentous occasion.

7 Custom Neon Wedding Signs You Won’t Certainly Forget

Just Married wedding neon sign

Custom neon wedding signs are the way to go for those happy couples who want to make a lasting impression on their big day. From classic romantic sentiments to contemporary and quirky designs, these eye-catching neon LED signs will definitely give your wedding ceremony a one-of-a-kind impact on the setting or theme you’ve always dreamed of.

You can also set the tone for your wedding day with mesmerizing neon lights capturing everything you and your partner have been through. These heartfelt words and personalized neon quotes will awe guests as they witness a new chapter written in your love story.

Such beauty is worth its weight in memories. So, now is the time to capture experiences worth cherishing with uplifting wedding neon signs. Below are the best custom neon decors you can hang on your special day:

#1: “And So The Adventure Begins” Neon Wedding Sign

Your wedding day is a huge adventure. It’s full of emotions, joy, and sometimes even the unexpected. It can be daunting to transition from daydreaming about this time to embarking on one.

But believe it or not, this “And So The Adventure Begins” neon wedding sign will remind you that encountering this breathtaking transition is a priceless opportunity. With each second that passes, you’ll know that it brings new chances to create something extraordinary together. Above all, there’s a shared experience awaiting you and your beloved. 

#2: “Forever Be My Always” Neon Wedding Sign

The beauty of this “Forever Be My Always” custom neon sign comes alive with the captivating idea that love can last forever. It's a heavenly declaration of commitment and fidelity, pledging never-ending devotion no matter what life brings them.

The timeless phrase also expresses innocence and romance so sweetly relatable to partners taking the big step into matrimony. It may seem mere words for some, but these are proof that vows will be honored forever—an assurance you’ll make to each other time after time.

#3: “I Like Where This Is Going” Neon Wedding Sign

Sometimes “I do” might be the longest three-letter sentence we fear. Thoughts of marriage can bring uncertainty and panic about the unknown that can linger in the back of your mind. 

But when you approach the altar, you realize that loving someone fills a more profound purpose that creates unimaginable happiness for many years. Embarking on this journey with no plans of turning around is virtually an assurance of bliss. In that brief moment before sealing the future, there’s a reassuring thoughtI like where this is going.

#4: “Spending All My Sunsets With You” Neon Wedding Sign

This “Spending All My Sunsets With You” neon wedding signage is worth considering for couples looking to set their wedding apart. From the soft, warm glow of a sunset to the energy-filled night sky that follows, there’s something positively magical about this neon sign that tells you to seize the moment together as partners in life.

The sun sinking below the horizon’s edge reminds you that your bond will deepen each day. Indeed, nothing could be more precious than watching the sky at dusk and treasuring those seconds together.

#5: “Till Death Do Us Part” Neon Wedding Sign

Marriage is a beautiful and profound commitment that celebrates not just the joys of life but also its challenging times.

By uttering Till death do us part, couples are pledging an unconditional bond to last throughout whatever may come their way. 

This custom neon wedding sign is a luminous reminder of a promise—a tribute to courage and strength for them to carry out through all tides. This symbol glows as reassurance that marriage is a journey worthy of both celebrations and tears, yet strong enough to withstand anything life throws its way until eternity.

#6: “Shut Up and Kiss Me” Neon Wedding Sign

Transform traditional wedding portraits and capture those romantic moments between you and your soon-to-be spouse by including a bright “Shut Up And Kiss Me” neon sign in the photo shoot.

Before you say “I do,” strike a classic pose with your beloved, then twirl them upside down as you whisper these words into their ear. This neon sign will set the stage for your special day, creating remarkable wedding memories that everyone will nurture for years.

#7: “Happily Ever After” Neon Wedding Sign

We turn to the comfort of a storybook ending that is so well-known in our fairy tale culture. “Happily ever after” has become an iconic phrase, providing hope and courage as we aim to live out the same beautiful transformation in our own lives.

This neon sign tells you that the same hope of “happiest endings” is possible too. As soon as that first chime of wedding bells fills the air, joy and anticipation start to flow, inspiring you to begin crafting a "happily ever after" in your world.

More Neon Signs to Use for Your Wedding Day

Marry Me white neon sign

Nothing compares to the elegance and stylishness of incorporating wedding neon signs into your celebration. Not only are they perfect for creating an incredible ambiance, but they’re also ideal for crafting unique keepsakes for all the happy memories together.

But don't limit yourself! There are other ways to make your day even more meaningful through neon light signs. Check these out:

#1: Hang Neon Signs on a Photo Booth

How about a custom neon sign that hangs behind the photo booth? Guests can use it as a backdrop while they take fun snaps with their loved ones. 

You could get it in bright colors like pink or blue with phrases or images that match your wedding theme. There's no better way to add some pizzazz and create fantastic memories!

#2: Use Them as Bar Signs

A striking wedding neon sign can help create an excellent atmosphere during your wedding day. 

For future newlyweds going the extra mile, you can use them to attract attention and keep your visitors hydrated by knowing where to go for their favorite drinks. After all, the visual details make a difference in any special event.

#3: Light Up the Dance Floor

A custom-made neon creation behind the stage or DJ booth will help enhance the celebratory vibe you and your guests will enjoy. 

Take a cue from The Office’s Pam and Jim's iconic wedding dance with a silly, upbeat tune like Chris Brown's "Forever!" or amp up the romance factor with Elvis Presley's beloved hit "I Can't Help Falling in Love." Whatever the setting, having this neon sign in attendance will be a hit during your wedding day.

Find More Wedding Neon Signs at Neonize It!

Neonize has the answer for illuminating your wedding day—a gorgeous selection of neon signs! Let our stunning neon lights be part of your special celebration and add a layer of brilliance.

Our vibrant colors and modern designs will add an amazing touch to any wedding celebration that ties together the rest of the decor. Whether you choose our classic “Love” and “Just Got Married” words of love or customize phrases and quotes that speak directly to your relationship, we can make this moment yours. 

Let us help you say “I Do” in a unique way. Head over to Neonize and find something that’ll bring out all the magic, sparkle, and enhancement for your wedding ceremony. 

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