7 Ways to Create Magical Home and Business Spaces Using Neon Unicorn Lights

There's no doubt that unicorns are a popular theme everywhere. From Starbucks putting out a line of artfully designed unicorn frappuccinos to small businesses using the mythical creature to market their products, the trend doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. 

But what sets these creatures apart from other fantasy animals like dragons or fairies? And how can you use the power of the unicorn to your advantage, whether you're running a business or just looking to add some fun and whimsy to your home décor like a neon unicorn light? 

We have compiled a few answers here and some design ideas you can do at home and for your business, so keep reading!

Behind Unicorn's Popularity

Unicorns today are portrayed resembling a horse filled with elegance and purity because of their white color and rainbow-colored mane. Its dominant feature is the single horn on its forehead, which is believed to be the source of its magical powers. Behind its popularity are stories of its origin and the tale of how it became so famous. 

Popularity Backed by Culture and History

Unicorns originated in Greek mythology and are portrayed in the same way as they are depicted today—elegant and magical. Even the Hebrew Bible mentions a bull or buffalo with a single horn. If you are a lover of culture and history, you'll remember these allusions whenever you see today's colorful unicorns. 

A Character in Popular Shows

Television shows were not far left behind with the unicorn trend. A good example is My Little Pony, which pushed every parent to get lunch boxes, bags, and accessories designed by it for their kids. The unicorns in Harry Potter also have their entry appealing to children, teenagers, and young adults. 

Product of Innovative Minds

The unicorn figure further got its popularity because a pastry maker thought of using pastel colors for her toast's cream filling. Like an unexpected storm, people supported the creation and gave it the name “unicorn toast.” Like anything that became popular, the pastry maker shied away from what was currently available and created something no one else had thought of. 

Marketing Channels Piggybacking on the Trend

From the unicorn toast branched a thousand more ideas revolving around creating unicorn-inspired products. The unicorn image or items and products with unicorn colors like purple, yellow, pink, blue, and orange hues became common. You can now find unicorn-inspired food, drinks, clothes, makeup, fashion items, and many things everywhere. 

A Sweet Escape From Reality

Generally, when creatures are not present in reality, psychology will always say it's the generation's sweet escape from reality. And even if it is, the unicorn is a welcome one because of the cuteness and light it provides to any space. They are visually pleasing and happiness-triggering symbols, for sure!

neon unicorn

Ways to Use Neon Unicorn Lights at Home

Bring these magical creatures into your home and radiate positivity and enchantment in your haven. There are plenty of ways to use it—your imagination is a deep well you can get inspiration from. Here are some unicorn-inspired home decoration ideas to get you started!

Delightful Room Decoration

Begin by decorating your room. Add a spark of magic to a rather boring interior design using a neon unicorn sign. You can add a unicorn symbol with a single-colored light or go all out and fill your room with rainbow hues. Every day will be more delightful. 

Fun Emblem for Your Home Bar

Whether you have a contemporary or rustic home bar, a neon LED unicorn sign is a beautiful complement to the theme. The lighting adds fun to the space on top of the magical mixes you will be serving, which are also unicorn-inspired. Shakes and pastries with rainbow hues? Why not!

Kitchen Corner Lighting

Does your free time include spending moments in the kitchen perfecting your colorful and tasty pastries and dishes? Add fun lighting in your pantry or even the kitchen corner to give you the feel of a real chef. Instead of a tote, make the preparation fun by wearing a unicorn apron and headband. 

Workspace Icebreaker

When the pandemic hit, a good portion of the working population shifted to working at home. So add a joyful glow to your workspace through a colorful LED unicorn light. Before tasks take a toll on you, plug in the sign and get an instant good vibe ready to tick off assignments one by one.

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