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Creative Ways to Compliment Someone, From Candies to a Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign

Hey gorgeous! It seems you're looking for a way to start a conversation with someone you like. Say, why not try complimenting them? Or are you too shy to say anything because you're afraid it'll come across unfavourably? We understand.

If you ever find yourself at a loss for words when complimenting someone, know that you're not alone! So many people feel shy or uncomfortable when giving or receiving compliments. But did you know there are other wonderful and creative ways to do it? 

This blog post will look at six ways to compliment someone without directly saying it. Don't worry about breaking a cold sweat or stuttering; you can avoid embarrassment with a hello gorgeous neon sign, some complimentary candies, and other equally fantastic alternatives on our list!

5 Creative Ways to Give Genuine Compliments Without Actually Saying It

Saying "you're so pretty!" or "you've always been the best part of my day" is as easy as ABC for most people. However, there will always be that shy person in the group who struggles, and you could be one of them. Well then, let's put an end to your dilemma with these five fantastic complimenting alternatives! 

1: Give Them Complimentary Candies

Who doesn't like candy? Perhaps some, but few people can resist it, especially if it's accompanied by a compliment! Have you tried a "complimentary candy"? If not, now's the time to discover this creative snack idea.

These are candies with one-word prints on their wrappers, which we think is an excellent packaging strategy. Not only do they put a sweet taste into your mouth, but they also make your day better with a compliment. So get your hands on these candies and give some of them to your favourite person!

2: Take a Candid Photo and Write Something About It

A person does not always notice all of the good aspects of themselves. However, some shy, quiet, and observant people would often notice them. Perhaps you're one of them and have proof of those traits saved in your camera's gallery. If you do, now is the time to put them to use and write about how lovely they are!

The picture doesn't have to be of professional quality. Simply choose the photo that best represents your favourite person, whether it's one of them staring at the sky, laughing, eating, or walking beside you. Then, write what you admire about it. Again, it doesn't have to be a masterpiece but should convey what you want to say.

3: Make a Custom List That Reminds You of Them

What songs, movies, or books does this person remind you of? If you've known them for a while, answering this question should be simple. If so, we'll begin there. Create a personalized list of things that make you think fondly of this person. It's a wonderful and effortful way of saying, "It reminded me of you."

Be creative and use every possible option available to you. Some examples are a Spotify playlist for songs, a YouTube playlist for videos, a Goodreads list for books, a cloud-based gallery of paintings or nature photos, or a Letterboxd list for movies.

4: Level Up Your Language Skills

Maybe you're not really afraid to speak up. Perhaps you just don't prefer straightforward compliments and want to put more effort into your words. Moreover, you are aware that your special someone enjoys poetry. In that case, try levelling up your vocabulary skills!

Take some time to learn about creative writing and fill your words with idioms, riddles, or even language translations. Then you can either say it to the person directly, send it via chat, or even make an effort to write a letter about it. Your efforts will perfectly demonstrate your affection.

5: Get Them a Hello Beautiful Neon Sign

Finally, you can go the aesthetic route by purchasing or displaying a hello gorgeous neon light! This is a great idea if you want to make an impactful but fun and creative compliment. It's a fantastic way to light up your favourite person's day (quite literally).

You can give this complimentary LED neon sign as a birthday gift or place it in a special spot where they can easily notice it. What about waiting for them to finish school or work before taking the lead? If you can go this far to tell them they're beautiful on the inside and out, your efforts will be greatly appreciated and remembered.

Can't Get the Words Out? Worry Not! Visuals Can Speak for You

The thought of complimenting someone when you're shy can make you anxious. What if they're uncomfortable about it? What if they think I'm strange? But there is no need to fret! On the contrary, a genuine compliment can often, if not always, brighten someone's day (and yours).

So take a deep breath and consider our six suggestions. They can save you from feeling embarrassed, and who knows? You might even enjoy the creative and entertaining process of preparing them!

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