Central Perk’s Christmas Holiday decorations aside from Friends Neon Sign.

Bring Central Perk To Your Cafe with Our Friends Neon Sign and 8 Other Decorations

So no one told you life was gonna be this way… but your cafe will be iconic when you decorate it with Friends-inspired decor! If you’re a fan of the classic comedy Friends, then why not bring a bit of the Friends Central Perk cafe vibe to your own space?

Create the ultimate hangout spot for friends who are on a break! With Friends-inspired decor, including neon signs, furniture, and accessories, it’s easy to turn the simplest cafe into something special that everyone will love!

Read on to know how a Friends Neon Sign and other decorations can bring the Central Perk Vibe into your coffee shop!

9 Decorations for a Central Perk-Inspired Cafe

Tv show Friends neon sign and other Central Perk decorations.

It's time to give your café a facelift and personalize it with details all your coffee buddies will love! Here are the Friends-inspired decorations that can be a fun way to spice up the atmosphere of your coffee bar:

Central Perk Menu Board

Central Perk's menu board is renowned for being central to the cafe's charm. Adding your rendition of this classic item to your cafe's decor is an easy way to capture the same welcoming vibe, showing customers you sell more than just delicious drinks and food.

Show off all your cafe has to sell with a magical Central Perk Menu Board. It will demonstrate what dishes your business offers and create a cheerful atmosphere that customers will love. Plus, it looks great as it uses fun fonts and colors! 

Wooden Counter

A great idea to decorate your cafe with is a wooden counter reminiscent of Central Perk. It can add helpful functionality and a decorative touch that will make all the customers feel like you’re meeting up with Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, and Joey!

You can express your love for the iconic sitcom with subtle nods or go full-on with every color and pattern, creating an unforgettable atmosphere that captures the spirit of Friends. Whatever route you choose, a wooden counter will help bring the nostalgia alive.

Red Brick Wall 

The iconic Central Perk red brick wall could be a great addition to spice up your wall and bring life to your cafe. This wall provides a nostalgic experience for Friends fans while creating an attractive visual aesthetic even for those unfamiliar with the popular show.

Bring the best elements of the iconic show into your cafe today with this one-of-a-kind wall that adds character to any space. To evoke that classic Central Perk feel, add a foosball table and an oversized couch with cushions in bright colors. Get creative by adding some custom touches, such as small candles or wallpapers featuring characters from the show.

Phoebe's Guitar

Of course, who would forget Phoebe's superstar era? Materialize Phoebe's era with a guitar decoration. You can put it above the bar, where everyone can see and appreciate it, or create a mini platform where anyone can sing and play. 

Because a Central Perk-inspired coffee shop isn't just about the coffee and aesthetics but the comfortable feeling you want your customers to feel. Plus, they can hear when you, or anyone else in your cafe, strums out a few of Phoebe's classic hits–like 'Smelly Cat'!

Orange Sofa

The iconic Central Perk orange sofa is a fun furnishing that will bring back memories of Chandler, Monica, and the rest of their gang while boosting the atmosphere of your cafe. It will garner some long conversations between visitors as they reminisce on their favorite moments from the iconic show.

Get your customers talking the same lingo with a Central Perk orange sofa today! This eye-catching piece will look great in whatever style cafe you run–retro-chic, modern elegance, or simply cozy and comfortable and turn your cafe into a Friends Insta-Worthy spot!

Traditional Rug/Carpet

Next up is the traditional rug at the center of the Central Perk. This will enhance the ambiance and completely change the game. A traditional rug or carpet is a great way to use home decor or even bring that Central Perk vibe to your cafe and make it stand out. Shopping for the perfect rug is an adventure with numerous sizes, shapes, and colors available.

The right rug will complete the atmosphere you aim for and add a touch of warmth and coziness to any space. Be imaginative and innovative with texture, patterns, and color, or even go vintage! Adding this definition as decor will complete your look like no other addition!

Central Perk Sign

The iconic Central Perk sign is a  classic sign that will remind your customers and employees of the comfort and relaxation of being part of a warm, friendly community. It is a great way to bring that unique Central Perk vibe to your cafe by giving off a nostalgic, cozy, and inviting atmosphere.

What’s more, the sign will let everyone know they are in a place of friendship and love by understanding its significance and enjoying its simple yet stylish design. Consider displaying the Central Perk sign as your decoration if you want to capture that comfortable feeling in your cafe.

Friends Neon Sign

A Friends-inspired cafe without the iconic F.R.I.E.N.D.S. logo doesn't seem right. So how exactly will a Friends neon light bring that fun element to your coffee shop? 

With a bright Friends tv show neon sign, you can add an elegant lighting glimmer, instantly brightening any room. It’s a stylish piece of decor that pays homage to the beloved sitcom. Each time customers walk into your cafe, they’ll be greeted by this classic Friends logo.

Custom Neon Light

Do you have a Friends neon light design in mind? When purchasing your custom neon sign, go for something of high quality that will suit the vibe you're aiming for, and have little fun with it! Try crafting custom neon lights for your cafe for unique lighting and signage. 

You can create coffee slogans, unique Friends neon light sign designs, or hang multiple colors playing off iconic images from the series. Incorporating a neon sign into your decor will guarantee an unforgettable setting for you, your friends, and your customers!

Bring the Perk to Your Coffee Shop with Neonize

Bring the best of everyone's favorite show's hangout spot to your café with the help of an iconic Central Perk neon sign! Amidst the world's chaos, create the ultimate hangout spot for coffee and conversation for your customers. Choose the perfect neon light to achieve the Central Perk vibe for your coffee bar that will bring back memories of the 90's iconic friendships.

Our extensive collections have something from movies and tv shows to your business decor. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, no need to worry–we can craft custom signs for you, so you don't have to settle when it comes time to pick out a neon sign.Come experience high-quality and stylish at the lowest price options today with Neonize!

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