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7 Interesting Pizza Trivias That Will Make You Want Your Own Pizza Neon Sign

When you think of pizza, many memories come to mind. From basketball games to family gatherings, there's nothing like a hot and cheesy slice of pizza to make any event better. Perhaps the most classic and all-time American food, pizza is a dish enjoyed by people of all ages and cultures worldwide. 

It's no wonder that there are numerous pizza-centric television programs, movies, contests, and even pizza neon signs for home and business aesthetics. We'll be sharing some fun trivia facts about everyone's favorite comfort food in this blog post. So pull up a chair, grab a slice, and let's get started!

#1: The Origin of Pizza

History tells that the Egyptians and Greeks are the first pizza makers by adding spices and olive oil on flatbread. Yet, your guess about pizza originating from Italy is still correct as it is the Italians who topped the dough with tomatoes. The place isn't just famous for the Italy Euro Championship but also for the Antica Pizzeria, the first restaurant to sell pizza. 

Meanwhile, the Americans have the soldiers assigned in Italy to thank as they were the ones who brought pizza to America. Even today, the US military invented a ready-to-eat pizza that can last for three years! The Lombardi's in New York is the first and oldest pizzeria. 

#2: The Weirdest Pizza Flavors

As it is famous all over the world, every country has its entry and own pizza version, but don't expect them to tickle your tastebuds as some of these flavors may raise eyebrows and even make you think twice about tasting it:

  • Japan's squid and mayo pizza
  • Cambodia's “Happy” marijuana-infused pizza
  • Scotland's fried pizza
  • Australia's egg, crocodile, and kangaroo pizza
  • India's favorite tofu-topped pizza
  • America's anchovy pizza
  • Russia's fish (tuna, mackerel, salmon, and more!) pizza
  • Netherland's shawarma pizza
  • Costa Rica's shaved coconut pizza
  • Brazil's green pea pizza
  • Finland's smoked reindeer pizza
  • Denmark's horse meat pizza

With these local flavors, tasting and checking a country's pizza can be a great way to know the place's culture and history.

#3: Various Pizza Festivals and Celebrations

Like many famous delicacies, pizza also has special celebrations in different places. For instance, the US holds a pizza month every October, a tradition that started in 1987. Las Vegas brings together various pizza makers worldwide for a pizza convention yearly. And although not formally declared, Super Bowl games are also pizza celebration days because pizza consumption is highest on these days. 

Naples, Italy's pizza birthplace, does not fall behind. They hold an annual Napoli Pizza Village, a pizza Coachella, where goers can enjoy different pizza, concerts and parties, and various pizza contests. Other localities like Long Island, London, Chicago, and Los Angeles also have pizza festivals. Meanwhile, any cheerful holiday worldwide will have pizza on the dining table. 

#4: Pizza Health Benefits

Pizza is made with various ingredients suitable for the body. You'll be surprised by the many illnesses pizza can help you stay away from. To begin with, tomatoes are rich in lycopene that wards off various cardiovascular diseases. It is also rich in flavonoids, which boost the immune system by fighting off free radicals that cause various illnesses, stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Tomatoes can boost your happiness and bring you good vibes. Lycopene also prevents esophageal, mouth, and colon cancers. All these benefits are on top of the joy of consuming tasty slices of pizza. 

#5: Pizza Terminologies

Did you know that the word “pizza” dates back to 997 C.E? You can also find many interesting words about pizza. They are the jargons pizza chefs and lovers use as secret codes. Here are some:

  • Crumb: The center part of the pizza.
  • Skin: before pizza becomes the flatbread that it is, it is first a huge lump of dough called the skin. 
  • Screamers: The regular versions or gourmet ones can be added to the pizza. Screamers are mushrooms.
  • Flyers: Pepperoni is one of the most popular ingredients topped on pizza, and chefs throw them in precision like flying saucers or "flyers."
  • Gum line: Like bubble gum, do you imagine a gooey part of the pizza? That's probably the origin of this term. 

#6: The Pineapples on Pizza Debate

Every pizza lover has their take on the debate about pizza on pineapples. This pineapple recipe originated in a pizzeria in Canada run by a Greek national named Sam Panopoulos. Today, many write-ups and videos surround the internet with Italians showing disapproval, if not dismay, on having pineapples on pizza. 

Even the Icelandic president Guðni Th. Jóhannesson can't help but chime in and was quoted that he'd like to remove pineapples as a pizza topping if he had the chance. This earned him support from the Italian people.

A UK survey was even made to listen to what the people have to say—42% liked it a lot. 

#7: Pizza-Inspired Products

Pizza is undeniably delectable, and they make great inspiration in many products. Today, you'll see many foods with pizza flavors like ice cream, chips, and even drinks! They are also a trendy fashion subject when printed on shirts, shorts, pants, and skirts. There is even a pizza museum in Philadelphia and other states like New York and Chicago with various pizza keepsakes.

With its popularity, many places have pizza as a theme of their restaurant business and home interior design. If you're a pizza lover, a pizza neon light is a welcome addition to your space because of the additional contemporary vibe and lively lighting the signs bring. 

Pizza Neon Sign Aesthetic: Get Yours at Neonize!

If you love pizza as much as we do, you'll enjoy reading about the exciting things related to this delicious food. There is always something new about pizza, from its many names to its weirdest flavors. And what better way to celebrate pizza than going to one of the numerous pizza festivals or purchasing your pizza neon sign that pays homage to this savory dish? So go ahead and indulge in a slice (or two) of trivia. Enjoy every minute of it while your space is lit by any of our pizza-inspired neon signs. If you have any unique pizza designs in mind, slide them in through our custom neon signs, and let us bring them to life. Get yours now and happy eating!

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