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Low Sales on the Holiday? Hang Your Neon Bar Signs on Canada Day to Get More Customers!

It's that time of the year again. Canada Day only happens once every year, but your bar will be around indefinitely. Because of this, your customers will choose to celebrate Canada Day outside, leaving your bar with stale two-fours and uncooked poutines. 

Don't lose hope! There's still an opportunity for your bar in this short-lived business adversity. It starts with knowing what your customer would rather do on Canada Day to adjust how you will best serve their needs.

How Do Canadians Celebrate Canada Day?

Parliament Hill

For Canadians, it's a tradition to celebrate Canada Day at Parliament Hill. Of course, that can be the situation with all your regular and newfound bar patrons.

On the other hand, the 2022 Canada Day will be celebrated with a slight change. It will take place at LeBreton Flats Park. This may be good or bad for your business, depending on where you are located within Ontario.

Watch Parades and Concerts Nearby

Perhaps the LeBreton Flats Park is far from your community, but parties and concerts are happening everywhere in Ontario, not just in Ottawa. They'd be inclined to go there. Primarily because of the celebratory energy. But there can be public safety concerns, too.

Go Out of Town

You'll have some customers who love the great outdoors. Those who normally go to your pub in the afternoon will choose hiking or sunbathing by the beach. They can spend time with their family and go on a picnic at a park as they wait for the fireworks display. 

But while these activities can be a fun and intimate experience, they can also be stressful. At the end of the day, they'll want to go somewhere to relax and unwind.

Your First Order of Business: Hang that Neon Sign

One way to address this potential sales decline during Canada day is to put up custom LED neon signs. Here's why it should be your first order of business when planning to gain profits on Canada Day.

It's a Fun Way to Attract Customers

You want to keep your regular customers coming in, and you also want to attract new customers. Signs are just a simple way to do it. And a custom sign hanging in your pub will make heads turn, especially with the colorful and vibrant lights stealing their attention.

A Cool New Look to Match the Occasion

Getting a LED neon sign for your bar will give the impression that there's something new. This lets your business be seen in a new and cool way. Match this with the Canada Day occasion, and you'll have a flawless new look for your bar.

It Sends a Clear Message

A bar must communicate what they offer. It has to be out there for every passerby to see. Having a personalized neon sign for your bar sends a message that you offer drinks and good times for those in need of it during Canada Day.

It Makes Your Bar Look More Lively

People want to party during Canada Day. So bring that party vibe to your bar with a neon light!

You can purchase a pre-made neon bar sign in Ontario, Canada, and have it in a few days. You can also customize your own design if you want to convey your energy into it. Remember: a lively bar attracts lively people, and lively people attract their kind.

Additional Tips for Attracting Customers to Your Bar This Canada Day 

A LED neon light sign is a start. But to really get your customers flocking to your bar on Canada Day, you need to follow through with these things. Use several or all of them on your good judgment.

Donate a Percentage of Your Sales

A lot of people support businesses for a good cause. Advertise on your social media about your Canada Day donation sales. Communicate that a percentage of your Canada Day sales will go to your selected patriotic or charitable organization. You can encourage your customers to come by and help out by purchasing your products.

Let Your Customers Experience the Ontario Craft Beer Culture

Some people love celebrating Canada Day with a touch of their homegrown products. And if you're a bar owner in Ontario, there's nothing more homegrown than those craft beers! So be sure to pre-order some barrels and let your customers know: Ontario craft beers will flow on Canada Day.

Offer Discounts for Your Walk-in Customers

Day hikes, parades, and concerts can be tiring. They'll want to blow off steam afterward. So offer discount coupons to your outdoorsy and party-loving patrons so they can have a reason to drop by for some "refreshments."

Encourage Canada Day Reservations or Pre-orders

Perhaps you want to make going to your bar a better option than sweating it outdoors or rubbing shoulders at the event. Give them an incentive to make reservations days before Canada Day by offering them special discounts upon reservation or pre-orders.

Stream Canada Day Celebration Live from the Capital

If your bar has a widescreen TV, why not stream the festivities? Advertise in advance that there will be live streaming in your bar to attract people who don't want to travel far for safety or convenience reasons.

Drive Your Sales Higher With Neon Bar Signs on Canada Day

Every business around the world needs sales. So it's only right for a bar owner residing in Ontario to keep their share of the pie and perhaps get some more, especially on a memorable day such as Canada Day.

Make sure you own a neon bar sign in Ontario, Canada; used or brand new will still help you attract customers to your pub. But it will be an excellent sign if you get it from Neonize.

Celebrate Canada Day and have fun serving orders until nighttime. We hope your pub reaches the coveted standing room scenario. Get your bar a neon sign today.

10% off on all Canadian orders; use code CAD22.

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