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A Honeymoon to Remember: Deepening Your Bond with a Red Neon Sign

The honeymoon phase is a magical time for new beginnings. It’s when your love grows, and you constantly discover more of their personalities; nothing seems old or boring. 

During this phase, celebrating your love for each other is priceless. But it’s not necessary to go overboard or get expensive. Instead, something as simple as reimagining your first date together or the day you got engaged can be just as remarkable.

Keep the spark alive with red neon signs! This creative addition to your celebration will not only increase the romance and excitement, but it may also strengthen your relationship with your significant other. 

Can this popular color neon sign really jazz up your special day? Let’s find out! 

Red Neon Sign: Why Is It a Must-have for Your Honeymoon?

Even though some couples decide to go out on their honeymoon, staying in can actually be much more romantic. There are plenty of ways to make the atmosphere more romantic and sexier, and red neon signs are one of them. 

When there are red neon signs around the room, everything seems a little bit one of a kind. Maybe it’s the dazzling, fiery light they emit or how they constantly seem to bring a dash of opulence and grandeur. Whatever it is, we all know that hanging a red neon light should be on every honeymoon bonding. 

Here are three reasons why a red neon sign should be at the top of your list for your post-wedding getaway:

Red Neon Signs Add Passion

The glowing red lights of this neon sign create a special intimacy that makes couples feel like they’re in a secret hideaway. It’s like having your private love nest illuminated by a vibrant sign. 

Red Neon Signs Set the Mood

A red neon sign sets the mood for a romantic evening. The pulsing energy and vibrant hue create an inviting ambiance that encourages couples to enjoy each other’s company. In addition, the red light stimulates passion and desire, making it the perfect way to ignite the flames of love.

Red Neon Signs Are Memorable

A red neon sign is not something you see daily, so it will help make your honeymoon more memorable. And when you look back on your honeymoon photos years from now, the bright red neon sign will be a lovely remembrance of the most romantic time of your life.

Use These 4 Ideas to Spice up Your Indoor Honeymoon Date

Once you’ve said “I do” and the confetti has settled, it’s time for the honeymoon! But how will you make your honeymoon time together unforgettable? Below are a few romantic tricks to get you going.

#1: Stream a Bunch of Movies

Are you and your partner movie buffs? Why not arrange a movie marathon on your next honeymoon date night? So prepare some popcorn, sit on the couch, and watch your preferred Netflix movies. You can even make it into a competition by seeing who can predict the most plot twists or name the most actors in each film. 

If you want to enter the movie marathon spirit, set up a red neon sign in the room. This color will create an impression that you are at your private cinema. So grab some snacks, cuddle up next to your loved one, and enjoy a night of great movies.

#2: Get Cozy by the Fire

Make use of the fireplace in the living room! Cuddle on the couch with your better half and enjoy a wine or hot cocoa while the fire cackles. Feeling inventive? Roast marshmallows over the fire for a fun dessert. S’mores, anyone? Go ahead and enjoy the simple pleasures of an indoor campfire.

#3: Prepare a Gourmet Meal Together

Spice up your honeymoon date by cooking a gourmet meal together. There’s no need to be a master chef to whip up something delicious. Just pick a dish you’ll enjoy and get ready to have some fun in the kitchen. Make it even more special by hanging an aesthetic red neon sign to set the stage for a night of cooking and romance.

#4: Get Creative

Instead of sitting on the couch, try moving to the dining room table or setting up a picnic blanket in the backyard. You can also create a Spotify playlist of all your favorite love songs and light up your neon sign to add a bit of zing to your night. 

Save Your Honeymoon Night and Neonize It!

You’ve tied the knot and are ready to celebrate your love with a special evening. But what’s a wonderful night without a little neon light to add flair? That’s where Neonize can brighten up your honeymoon quick escape!

We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind, custom neon signs to make your honeymoon suite pop. So whether you want your initials in lights or a glowing sign that says “Just Married,” tell us what design you love, and we’ll take care of the rest.
Add some extra romance today with Neonize! We’re certain you won’t regret our amazing set of exquisite neon wall signs.

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