Your Logo in Neon Lights

At Neonizeit, we pride ourselves on being able to transform logos and personal designs into truly unique neon lights.

Many of our customers approach us with their own design ideas or company logos, and ask our advice on making them into a neon sign. We work very closely with our customers and always give our honest opinion as to whether something will look good or not in neon. Please take a look at these examples of the original design that we were sent, and the finished sign:

Because of the nature of how a neon sign is made, there are some limitations as to what can or can’t be achieved and replicated. A neon sign starts its life as straight pieces of glass tubing, and is bent by hand into shape over a hot flame. Because of this, there are limitations on how small the letters or shapes can be made before they start to lose their definition.

As in the Friendz store example below, on the original drawing there are more words and two line breaks. Unless this sign had been made really big, then it wasn’t possible to make this part of the design. As you can see from the finished sign, we modified the design slightly, but this didn’t detract from the overall look of the sign.

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