Every time we pass by some stores, we can see neon lights being used outside of the shops as signages or even as decorations inside our favorite cafés whenever we are reading a book while enjoying that cup of coffee but all of that has evolved! Neon lights are not just used anymore as attracting customers but also as a decoration for your wedding day; talking about getting that perfect newly-wed couple shot with a neon light backdrop. It has become the classiest backdrop in weddings and the ultimate instagram worthy decoration. 

Wedding Season ain’t that far away and the preparations are in every corner. It’s time to spice up an important day and add more glow to it! Having a hard time deciding what kind of style to use? Worry no more ‘coz here are some of our favorites inspirations compiled by our team to make your search easier and faster to give you more time for that memorable occasion in your life! 

Even after the wedding, you can keep it inside the house as a symbol of two becoming one and help you remember one of the most unforgettable days that has happened in your life. Want your own wedding neon light backdrop? Customize one for your wedding here!

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