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Hakuna Matata Neon Sign Collection

Hakuna Matata Neon Sign

Are you a big fan of Disney’s The Lion King? If you are, then put up this “hakuna matata” neon sign in your room to honor the artistry and depth of the animated movie and 2019 remake. The musical drama boasts comedic, flawed, and honorable characters. What does the wonderful phrase mean? It means no worries! Browse our collection for these neon lights in different styles and pick one that best fits your personality!

Hakuna matata, what a wonderful phrase!

Hakuna matata is actually a Swahili phrase that, true to what is stated in the film, means “no worries” or “no trouble.” The iconic phrase rose to Western prominence after the animated film’s release in 1994. So, capture the meaning of this phrase by hanging a hakuna matata neon sign in your home, office, or business establishment. May anyone who reads the “don’t worry” neon sign feel that they are not alone and whatever problems they are experiencing will pass. 

Simple words of encouragement and actions can give several benefits to a person. A simple pat on the back or congratulations can lift a person’s spirits and give them the boost of confidence they need. It’s the same with Simba in the movie the Lion King. 

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The rightful heir to the throne was advised by his father, Mufasa, to return home and claim his rightful place. Encouraged by his friends Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa, they journeyed back to Pride Rock and took back his kingdom. However, the phrase must not be taken as ignoring major issues and running away from them.    Simba chose to live with Timon and Pumbaa after the death of his father to run away from the guilt. Running away from your problems is not always the answer. Take a short break, collect yourself, and confront your fears and challenges when you’re ready.    So, every time you see this hakuna matata neon lights song lyric, remember that you must be brave like Simba. May this neon lights music collection project a message of confidence, repentance, and responsibility. It teaches everyone to stop running from problems and not letting the past rule our lives. No wonder both the movie and phrase have gained worldwide recognition! As a Lion King fan, your collection of posters and collectibles wouldn’t be complete without a neon movie sign.   If you wish to have your own favorite phrases “neonized,” feel free to avail of our custom neon signs service. Our LED neon signs will allow you to be as creative as you want; you’re free to express your own personality in customized wall art.   The great thing about LED neon lights is that they are easy to assemble and incorporate into your space. These neon wall signs don’t overpower the elements and colors of your interiors. Instead, they just add a small pop of color, complementing the usual monochrome and neutral tones of the living room or bedroom. To shop for more neon lights, browse through our website.

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