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Crypto Neon Sign

Stocks? Forex? Forget those prehistoric fossils. Our bitcoin neon signs are the new rage, a decor you can stare at with awe, melancholy, and hope while the real bitcoin is going to the moon. Let these trendy and hipLED neon signs light up your bank accounts!

Did Satoshi Nakamoto ever think a bitcoin neon money sign would someday be hanging in your bedroom or office, its neon lights glowing in the dark? I betcha he did. The revolutionary bitcoin has shifted the balance of the financial world, introducing a currency that transcends nations and leaders, a currency available to everyone, everywhere. Who knew the same 10,000 bitcoins used to buy two boxes of pizza years ago would be able to buy an entire island in the Philippines today? You do the math.

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Do you have friends visiting over? Let them think you're big money when this bad boy money neon light flickers on. Over dinner, have them wondering whether it's litecoin, ethereum, or bitcoin you have in your portfolio. With our LED neon lights in action, you won't ever have to talk about boring mutual funds and life insurance again!   Way back in 2009, banks didn't give cryptocurrencies much weight because they were seen as scams and would never possibly replace cold, hard cash as a legitimate channel for serious business transactions. Nowadays, you'll see bitcoin money neon signs in your corner-street convenience stores taking in cryptocurrency as a valid form of payment. Cryptocurrency has also made it big in investment platforms, where fortunes were literally made and lost overnight, proving the fact that our currencies are really nothing more than a widely accepted social concept.   Compared to other long-established, traditional investment and trading platforms, like forex and stocks, cryptocurrencies are active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making every day seem like party central for full-time crypto enthusiasts like you! Just like our custom-made neon signs that will light the way, through night and day, and provide an ambient background as cryptocurrency predictions take you to the edge of your seat! With our custom neon signs, everything is possible! So hop on the cryptocurrency rocket and get a bitcoin neon sign made by Neonize!

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