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Brand Neon Signs

Brand neon signs put your fledgling business forward and about in the market. Brand identity is so important as it sets you apart from your competition. You have to be creative, yet unique. Your brand name or logo must be memorable so everyone can easily recognize it. Starting from the lines, strokes, design, graphics, font size, up to its color; everything must be put together cohesively to accurately represent your brand and company. Here in Neonize, we make sure that each line, stroke, and style of branded LED neon signs are followed to a tee. Rest assured that you’ll be getting a perfectly designed, high-quality brand neon light logo of your choice. 

Branded or vintage neon signs are perfect for collectors and business owners. LED neon lights like Adidas, Air Force, Nike, Under Armour, Vans, and Yuengling can help shop owners selling these brands attract more customers and increase sales. With the bright colors and flashing lights of custom neon signs, you will surely make an excellent first impression and leave lasting impact on passersby. 

Brand neon lights are also a powerful customer motivational tool as it advertises the brands of the products you sell. What more if your shop is not inside a shopping mall but a standalone kiosk at a dimly-lit block? By installing bright, blinking neon signs on prominent areas of your shop, you can get more visibility, foot traffic, and maximized profit potential as customers would be able to see your store from afar.

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Besides being a marketing tool, branded LED neon lights can be a unique wall decor in the bedroom, man cave, game room, entertainment room, and any part of the house. If you have a dedicated space for your shoe collection, you can install one or two of these neon signs to create a futuristic appeal when you turn off the lights at night. How awesome is that?!    How about social media neon lights like TikTok and Snapchat? Business owners of restaurants, cafes, diners, and ice cream shops can turn their establishments into an Instagram-worthy spot when they put up one of these two. Imagine the hordes of social media savvies that will flock to your shop because of your trendy neon sign—it’s all the rage these days. A TikTok influencer using your neon sign as a backdrop while they film inside your store? That's free marketing right there!    For a personalized touch, Neonize can even transform your brand logo into a neon sign! Check out our cool neon lights collection above, or navigate through our website for more designs.

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