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Better Together Neon Sign Collection

Better Together Neon Sign

Everything’s just dandy with our “Better Together” neon signs! Admit it; nothing feels the same without your beloved partner. Everything just seems to be happier when they're around. Say those feelings out loud with our custom neon signs! Make your home cozier and less lonely with these truly unique wall decorations that also offer function and practicality.

Fun fact: Did you know that LED lights use less power compared to traditional light sources? Get a cost and energy-efficient neon light now and celebrate the power of love while you’re at it!

Let love reign with these unique neon signs that will surely add a great accent to bare and empty walls or level up any event, instantly brightening up the place and lending a retro aesthetic to everything the light touches. Feel free to choose from any of our collections, featuring simple yet cute love neon lights that will inspire great conversations wherever the vibrant décor is hung. Our LED neon signs sport a cool aesthetic your ordinary light bulbs could only hope to achieve.

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Jack Johnson couldn’t have worded the feeling any better when he wrote "Better Together." After all, what do all the wonders of life mean if you're not cherishing it with someone you love? Moments are always better shared, better lived, and better felt when you're in great company. So show your soulmate what it's all about, say it better with our custom neon lights.

We’ve designed our LED neon signs with you in mind—free-spirited individuals who want décor pieces that speak for themselves and take on special meanings to different people. We know how it feels to want to say something but prefer to communicate through visuals and actions. This is why we designed our neon lights in various shapes and colors so it will find a perfect home with the right person. Relax and browse through this precious collection, perfect for newlyweds and cozy households.

If you’re currently in the process of planning your own wedding, why not make it even more special and vibrant with a wedding neon sign or til death neon sign that echoes your marital vows? You can either choose a design from our presets and pick a color that matches your motif or have one custom-made for a unique wedding day souvenir. After the wedding, you can hang the decorative light up on your bedroom wall for sweet nights and sweeter mornings. 

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